Flydubai removes onboard WiFi


Flydubai, which maintains services to Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Tivat, and Zagreb, will no longer provide passengers with onboard WiFi. The carrier began removing the service across its Boeing 737-800 and 737 MAX fleets in January and has now completely deactivated onboard connectivity. Anuvu served as Flydubai’s internet provider. The airline has given no formal explanation for its decision.


  1. Anonymous13:30

    There is some talk about Starlink and Flydubai partnership, so that might be the reason

  2. Anonymous13:37

    The wifi on their MAX jets almost never worked anyway

    1. Anonymous14:24

      We should be happy that the MAX jets can fly. If it is boeing i am not going!

    2. Anonymous17:12


    3. Anonymous18:36

      @14:24 WORD!

  3. Anonymous14:22

    Interesting choice at a time everyone is moving towards having wifi on planes, especially considering they have 7-8 hour flights to Thailand and Malaysia.

  4. Anonymous14:27

    It's still surprising how poor internet is generally on almost all airlines that offer it.

  5. Anonymous14:30

    The writing was on the wall when they stopped installing wifi antennas on newly delivered MAXs since last year.

  6. Anonymous14:55

    The Arabs like showing off and if they cut wi-fi is most likely issues with the Max again. This plane had way many issues and only the Holy Lord knows if there will be no issues again. Like someone said above, they have really long flights and a business class and expectedly there will be business people wanting to work online. What a shame Boeing has become........

  7. Anonymous17:13



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