Bulgaria Air expands Air Serbia codeshare partnership


Air Serbia and Bulgaria Air are expanding their codeshare agreement. The Bulgarian flag carrier has placed its designator code and flight numbers onto its Serbian counterpart's flights from Belgrade to Varna, Tivat, Palma de Mallorca, and Dusseldorf. As a result, Bulgaria Air now codeshares on 21 of Air Serbia’s routes. On the other hand, the Serbian carrier continues to maintain its designator code and flight numbers on a single route operated by its Bulgarian counterpart, between Sofia and Varna.

Bulgaria Air codeshare flights operated by Air Serbia: Berlin, Brussels, Dusseldorf, Gothenburg, Hanover, Ljubljana, Lyon, Nuremberg, Oslo, Palma de Mallorca, Prague, Sarajevo, Sofia, Stuttgart, Salzburg, Podgorica, Tirana, Tivat, Varna, Zagreb, Zurich

Air Serbia codeshare flights operated by Bulgaria Air: Varna


  1. Anonymous13:43

    Air Serbia taking them over in a few years :P

    1. Anonymous14:02

      That would be nice! maybe base a widebody there and start SOF-JFK?

    2. Anonymous14:44

      Some years ago SOF was lobbying JU to operate SOF-JFK flights. Of course, JU ignored it for obvious reasons.
      I think this route would struggle same like HiFly from OTP which has 25% to 30% LF per flight.

    3. Slav.Man15:27

      This flight would do well like how JÀT used to operate. Fly to JFK with a stop.
      If the flight started in SOF. made a stop in BEG to take on more passengers then fly to JFK.
      if JU and FB made a joint effort like Air France-KLM they could definitely take over the Balkans

    4. Anonymous16:18

      They would be so powerful if they teamed up. Though nobody does milk runs anymore. Flying from SOF-BEG-JFK would not work as well as it used to and regular SOF-JFK-SOF flights would be way better. I think they should team up as that way those wet leases would not even have to be wet leases😉

    5. Anonymous16:45

      What happened with GullivAir?

    6. Anonymous18:42

      Not much. Failed to launch JFK due to covid and still operate charter long haul flights

    7. Anonymous09:04

      I remember people on here claiming how Gullivair was going to be a major problem for JU etc.

      In other news, good time for BEG this winter. Air Cairo is increasing BEG from 1 to 3, Lufthansa will have 14 weekly from FRA (was less last winter) and all with A320 and Aegean is increasing ATH from 3 to 5.

  2. Anonymous13:54

    Good to see Balkan carriers cooperating. Bulgaria Air also recently did the same with Air Baltic.

  3. Anonymous14:46

    Such a fantastic code-share that FZ doesn't even sell Berlin via BEG and JU. Connections are offered with KLM via AMS.

    Good job JU!

    1. Anonymous14:54

      What are you talking about? The article is about codesharing between Bulgaria Air and Air Serbia. Not about Flydubai. Air Serbia and Flydubai do not have a codeshare. I suggest you read the article, or at least the headline, before commenting.

    2. Anonymous15:10

      I think they meant FB not FZ. Hold your horses

    3. Anonymous23:15

      Anon 14.54 that was one cringe comment

  4. Anonymous15:37

    Codeshare means nothing if JU isn't willing to increase frequencies to SOF, at least 14x weekly

    1. Anonymous15:47

      There are enough flights to Sofia in my opinion. There is a limited demand, as Bulgaria does have a national carrier plus a trillion low cost routes, so I see limited space for JU

    2. Anonymous16:42

      What us the biggest number of passengers on this route? P2p or transfers? Peoples for work/ business, bulgarian transfers to balkan destinations of JU?

    3. Anonymous09:05

      I flew a few weeks ago and the flight was fully booked from SOF. I think 90% continued their journey on JU from BEG. I think most passengers are transfers.

  5. Anonymous16:44

    ....not on lease


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