Dubrovnik Airport sees record May


Dubrovnik Rudjer Bošković Airport registered its busiest May on record, bolstered by the opening of Ryanair’s base in the city in April. It welcomed 361.755 passengers last month, representing an increase of 31.2% on May 2023, and an improvement of 14.8% on the pre-pandemic 2019. During the January - May period, Dubrovnik Airport welcomed 661.288 travellers through its doors, up 25.8% on last year and an improvement of 2.7% on 2019. June’s growth is expected to be equally as impressive, with scheduled capacity levels up 31.1% on last year and 8.2% on 2019.

Dubrovnik’s largest airlines by scheduled seat capacity, May 2024


  1. Anonymous13:59

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:09

    Pretty insane capacity from individual flag carriers operating the route from only a single hub, not gonna lie

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  4. Anonymous14:54

    Yeah, massive growth at Dubrovnik Airport, it is on its road to 3.1 million passengers this year, and 4.0 million in 2025 as things stand. Pula airport however had terrible May drop in passenger figures. :(

    Zadar also had seriously good May noumbers, from looks of it, Zadar airport might hit 1.6 million passengers this year. Zagreb hasn't published its figures, but noumbers are very good, could be near 400 000. Split Airport is also lagging with posting their figures, but hopefully they had good May, I expect Split Airport will have much better June, July and August.

    All of Croatia's airports are expected to handle between 13.2 and 14.0 million passengers this year. Total scheduled seats currently stand at 16.4 million, this according to this blog, but in 2023 same data point was 13.2 million, meaning we had 3 million growth in seats offered in 2024 and potentially huge increase in noumber of passengers. As in 2023, 11.3 million passengers passed through all of Croatia's airports, out of 13.2 million seats available, this is high 85% utilization rate. 2024, there are 16.4 million seats, so I expect utilization rate of 80% is possible in 2024, 80% = 13.12 million passengers. 85% = 14.0 million.

    Projected traffic for major Croatian Airports in 2024 in 000

    Zagreb - 4300
    Split - 3700
    Dubrovnik - 3100
    Zadar - 1600
    Pula - 500
    Rijeka - 200
    Osijek - 30
    Brac - 30

    Total: 14 460 = 82% Utilization rate.

    1. Anonymous16:46

      Utilization rate is for aircraft operation hours within a 24 hour day. What you meant is Cabin Load Factor or just LF.

    2. Anonymous20:49

      Anon 16.46 You are right, but we are not pro's and we get what he wanted to say...

    3. Anonymous11:45

      Too optimistic and not reality, especially ZAG, SPU. ZAD, Puy and Rjk

  5. Anonymous21:06

    I am shocked that Volotea has more seats on sale than Lufthansa!

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  7. Wow... Dubrovnik had more passengers in May alone than in the first 4 months combined! The order of the top 10 ex yu airports in the January - May period could be quite different compared to the January - April period.

    1. Anonymous11:36

      Dubrovnik will grow, I anticipated 3.1 million passengers this year, could be 3.2 million. However Split noumbers aren't encouraging. 3,5 million for Split is very realistic now, I am hopping for 3.7 million but for some reason Split isn't attracting more pax. Could be cause of Dubrovnik and Zadar, but I doubt that is it. Split needs better year round connections or noumbers will continue to stagnate. Hope I am wrong and this is just a glitch.

  8. Anonymous17:39

    Bravo Hrvatska


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