KLM boosts Split winter operations


KLM will increase frequencies between Amsterdam and Split this coming winter season, which begins on October 27. The carrier plans to maintain three weekly flights between the two cities, up for a single weekly flight during the previous winter. Services will be maintained on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The flights will be operated by a mix of 88-seat Embraer E175 aircraft and 100-seat E190 jets.


  1. Anonymous14:05

    Bravo Hrvatska!

  2. Anonymous14:07

    Split is beautiful Mediterranean city.

    1. Anonymous17:14

      Very pleased about the increase, Split needs it, would be nice if Lufthansa, Air France, Austrian and perhaps Turkish airlines add Split to year round.

    2. Anonymous17:15

      Turkish does not fly to Split at all

    3. Anonymous10:56

      Let's hope that OU route to Istambul go well this summer and that they decide to leave it for winter season. Dalmatia urges for leasure destinations during winter as most of Dalmatians go on vacation after summer season ends. And it's quite disturbing to go first 4 hrs to Zagreb to get some flight (or to take plane to ZAG or MUN to get connecting flight).

  3. Vlad14:08

    Just days ago some commenters here were making fun of me for saying BEG-SPU would work for JU in winter 2-3x weekly, because "even KLM only flies 1x weekly". Not to mention that BEG is more logical for connections to southern & eastern Europe, plus there is significant P2P demand unlike AMS.

  4. Anonymous16:10

    Everyone wants to visit beautiful Dalmatia.

  5. Anonymous17:04

    Great news, I used the service a lot in the winter 2022/23 when they were flying 5 weekly (if I remember correctly). It was always packed, hopefully they'll increase it this winter to 5 as well.

  6. Anonymous17:28

    Split airport recently published its May traffic statistics, it is very good. Growth of nearly 60 000. In June I expect airport will also do well, could do 540 000 passengers. At this trend, split airport is expected to handle around 3.7 million passengers this year.

  7. Anonymous09:51

    Bravo Croatia!


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