Pegasus Airlines boosts Skopje service


Pegasus Airlines plans to increase frequencies between Istanbul’s Sabiha Gokcen Airport and Skopje from August, with the carrier to maintain ten weekly services. It represents an increase on the initially scheduled eight weekly rotations, as well as last year’s eight weekly flights. Operations will initially grow to nine weekly from July 1, increasing to ten weekly from August 5. As a result, the budget airline will boast a total of nineteen weekly services to Skopje, with the ten weekly Istanbul flights accompanied by four weekly rotations from Izmir and five weekly from Antalya.


  1. Anonymous10:32

    Makes sense

  2. Anonymous12:37

    They even increased Izmir. As far as i remember they planned three weekly flights on this route this summer. So on certain days of the week we will see four daily departures of Pegasus from SKP.

  3. Anonymous13:07

    how about Ankara?

    1. Anonymous16:15

      I hope we will see it in future.

  4. Anonymous16:14

    Istanbul,Sabiha Gokcen,Antalya,Izmir,Bodrum 5 routes to Turkey , what else we missing ? Maybe Ankara from Skopje? :)) would be nice I think and OHR-IST ...

    1. Anonymous17:46

      OHR-IST makes the most sense. Turks are already the most common tourists in Macedonia and it would provide a way for people of that area of Macedonia to go to Turkey. Sadly, SAW is not good as IST for Ohrid.

    2. Anonymous19:50

      To be honest both would be an acceptable option! SAW or IST, but still Skopje is more than afraid to allow Ohrid all year round flights! It still baffles me how WizzAir even was allowed to consider canceling Basel flights. Since they are heavily financed my Macedonian Tax money. I understand and know the issues of Wizz regarding the Pratt&Whitney Enigine problems, but how that happend is interesting. Ohrid back in 2018, 2019 is easily achievable, Skopje wants to have the traffic so they can compete with the big 5 airports in the Balkans!

    3. Anonymous20:16

      Official results for 2023 are that Macedonia visits 200.000 Turks and Turkey visit 250.000 people , this clearly is for sure one of the most common nationalities that visit our country. And I am sure every route will be good

    4. Anonymous21:02

      @19.50 makes no point what youre writing

      - Wizz is not massively financed with your Tax money (theres only 2 routes they are receiving 7€ per pax)
      -SKP is not afraid at all its the airlines decision

  5. Anonymous11:38

    Sun Express boost AYT to 9x as well


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