SunExpress extends Sarajevo operations into winter


SunExpress, which introduced seasonal summer flights from Antalya and Izmir to Sarajevo this year, will maintain operations on the two routes on select months over the coming 2024/25 winter season, which begins on October 27 and runs until March 30 of next year. The airline will maintain two weekly rotations from Antalya to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital until November 17 and again from December 22 until January 30. In addition, it will operate from Izmir until November 17 and again between January 19 and January 30. Tickets for the winter flights went on sale late last week. Changes remain possible.


  1. Anonymous11:14

    Excellent news. The more flights in the winter the better.

  2. Anonymous11:22

    they could launch ljubljana. antalya is one of the top destinations served only by charters

    1. Anonymous11:24

      I think there are restrictions in frequencies with the bilateral air agreement.

    2. Anonymous11:34

      They launched Ljubljana and ended it, it wasnt profitable.

    3. Anonymous11:44

      In 2020

    4. Anonymous13:00

      In 2020, once weekly, to Ankara, with 400€ return tickets

    5. Anonymous13:07

      It was to Antalya.

    6. Anonymous13:18

      And it was in 2021 and two weekly.

    7. Anonymous10:27

      They launched Ljubljana in the middle of Covid and reason was not profitability but problem with quarantine for EU citizens who are returning from Turkey


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