Adria sees strong growth

Friday, July 3, 2015

Adria Airways has recorded strong passenger growth during the first half of the year. The Slovenian carrier handled 549.272 passengers during the six-month period, an increase of 15% on last year. Adria welcomed 470.397 passengers on scheduled services, up 13%, and a further 78.875 travellers on charter flights, an increase of 27%. The airline, which has an extensive charter network to Greece, says it has not been impacted by the ongoing financial uncertainty in the country.


  1. Anonymous17:12

    Great! Congratulations.

  2. Anonymous18:27

    Well done. Congratulations!

  3. Anonymous22:53

    Looks like that JPs strategy works... like it

  4. Anonymous14:05

    Jat Airways was able to do something similar if the CEO wasn't changed in 2004.

    Good job Adria Airways, hope you will grace the skies for a long time! :)

  5. Anonymous12:47


    I believe that new routes are the key to this achievement. Also MBX - SEN.
    I think that Adria has a great strategy about development on MBX.


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