Adria to launch Klagenfurt charters

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Adria Airways will operate charter flights from Klagenfurt in southern Austria to the Greek island of Cephalonia, the airport has confirmed. Services will operate each Saturday, starting June 4 through to September 10. Due to its close proximity to Ljubljana Airport (just seventy kilometres) and Graz, Klagenfurt Airport has struggled to attract passengers and airlines. This year, due to low interest, passengers on chrters from Klagenfurt to Rhodes were bussed to Ljubljana instead from which they flew to their final destination with Adria.


  1. Anonymous10:58

    Bravo Adria!

  2. Anonymous12:08

    They are launching flights from Klagenfurt, which is even closer to LJU and obviously has no potencial. And forgeting on MBX, where all people must reather use the GRZ airport.


  3. Anonymous12:11

    They wanted to open a base there last year but gave up on the idea in the end.

  4. Anonymous17:50

    this is surely in cooperation w tour op who guaratees for large no. of seats out of Klu. Thats only reason for those flights to happen.

    1. Anonymous11:29

      Anyone in the know which TO is chartering?

    2. Anonymous21:07

      Name of TO is Springer Reisen.
      This TO will also offer flights from Graz to Kavala and Kephalonia (with Adria Aiways?)

    3. Anonymous21:44

      can't find anything on their website...

    4. Anonymous17:43

      In German language:
      " ... Mit Adria Airways nach Kefalonia
      Als Alternative bietet der Familienbetrieb im Sommer 2016 die größte Insel im Ionischen Meer – Kefalonia – an. ... Geflogen wird ab Samstag, 4. Juni bis 10. September mit Adria Airways. ..."

      Es ist damit vermutlich der einzige Charter-Flug, den es im Sommer 2016 von Klagenfurt aus geben wird.

      Es ist damit vermutlich der einzige Charter-Flug, den es im Sommer 2016 von Klagenfurt aus geben wird. ..."

    5. Anonymous20:50

      Thank you.


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