Air Serbia launch - rolling updates


This morning Air Serbia officially opened its brand new sales office in central Belgrade and revealed its crew uniforms. In addition, the Air Serbia website and official Facebook page will launch later today. The new modern office will set the benchmark for others in the airline’s network both at Serbia and abroad. A new promotional ticket sale has also been launched. In the next 48 hours passengers can book a ticket to any destination and get another ticket for free.

The new office was opened by Air Serbia’s CEO Dane Kondić and the Serbian Minister for Economy Saša Radulović. The opening ceremony was attended by a sizable number of journalists, accredited from across the former Yugoslavia, United Arab Emirates, Australia and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, EX-YU Aviation learns that the first ATR72 aircraft is expected to receive the Air Serbia livery soon. All ATRs will sport the new livery and are to undergo cabin reconfiguration. Despite the Boeing’s continuing to operate under the Jat brand, all on board staff uniforms, as well as the catering provided, will be from Air Serbia. In addition, the airline’s first edition of its newly named in-flight magazine called “AirSERBIA Review” has been published.

With today’s article, the dedicated Air Serbia launch page comes to an end. From tomorrow, EX-YU Aviation News will provide you with live updates of the unveiling of Air Serbia’s aircraft. The main article will be published at 08.30 CEST (on the main page) with updates beginning from 09.00 CEST. Follow the site throughout tomorrow morning as some exclusive news and photos will be coming your way. EX-YU will also provide you with a link to follow the live broadcast of the media event.

More photos from today can be found here

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Air Serbia test flight photos



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Air Serbia test flight - spotting locations


Air Serbia will today perform its first test flight in Serbian airspace. The Airbus A319 will be accompanied by military jets. In Belgrade, the aircraft will perform a low flyover and will be visible to the public from Kalemegdan, Ušće and Avala. Members of the press will be able to follow the aircraft from Batajnica Airport. The aircraft will perform the flight above Belgrade at 15.00 CEST.

Residents of Niš are also set to get the opportunity to see Air Serbia’s first A319. Media reports suggest Air Serbia will operate a flight from Belgrade to Constantine the Great Airport at 11.00 CEST.

Meanwhile, Etihad Airways CEO, James Hogan, will arrive in Belgrade tomorrow and will be present at Air Serbia’s reveal on Friday. EX-YU Aviation News also learns the carrier’s entire catering concept will be inspired by Serbian cusine while all business class passengers will receive amenity kits.

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Schedule of events


The following is the schedule events set to take place over the next few days.

Wednesday 23.10 - Test flight. Originally planned for today, the test flight will take place tomorrow. The opportunity will be used to film additional promotional material for the airline.

Thursday 24.10 - Grand opening of Air Serbia’s sales office in the Boulevard of King Alexander. It will take place at 11.00 CEST and will be opened by Serbia’s Minister for Economy Saša Radulović and Air Serbia’s CEO Dane Kondić. Major promotional ticket deals expected to be announced.

Friday 25.10 - Media presentation of new aircraft, uniforms, cabins and onboard product at 13.30 CEST at the Jat Tehnika hanger.

Saturday 26.10 - Promotional flight to Abu Dhabi departs Belgrade at 17.10 CEST. Forty VIPs expected onboard with revenue passengers.

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Test flights begin tomorrow


Air Serbia’s first Airbus A319, which was delivered to the company on Saturday afternoon, will perform its first test flight in Serbian airspace tomorrow. The aircraft will takeoff from Belgrade and fly over Novi Sad in the north before turning towards southern Serbia and later returning to the Serbian capital. The aircraft will then be stored at the large Jat Airways hanger where it will be revealed to employees and the media on October 25.

Also to be revealed on Friday are new crew uniforms. Pilots, as well as male and female cabin crew members, will have new uniforms which will differ greatly from those currently worn by Jat Airways crew. The new uniforms are navy blue with female crew members sporting scarfs and hats as well.

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Office overhaul update


Work on the first Air Serbia branded sales office is continuing in central Belgrade, as is illustrated in the photos. As was noted it was opened several decades ago during the “old JAT” and designed by JAT’s company architect. The office was the home to the first automated ticket issued by JAT on February 12, 1987. It also served as the pickup point for JAT busses transferring passengers from the city to the airport. Adjacent to the sales office was the JAT pastry shop and café. The office shut down in 1996 as the airline underwent a major rebranding exercise and was reopened on February 29, 1996 sporting the airline’s new look.

The new look office will open on October 23.

First Air Serbia A319 arrives in Belgrade


Air Serbia’s first Airbus A319 touched down in Belgrade today at 12.42 CEST at Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport. Upon entry into Serbian airspace the aircraft was escorted by two MiG-29 fighter jets. The A319 arrived from Dusseldorf where it has been undergoing cabin reconfiguration. It carries the registration YU-APC. The jet received a water cannon salute at Belgrade Airport. So far, Air Serbia has leased five A319s.

Currently parked at the B stand, the aircraft will be stored at the Jat Airways hanger until its first revenue flight on October 26 to Abu Dhabi.

Directorate: No objections to Etihad deal


The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate has said the minority takeover of Jat Airways on behalf of Etihad Airways is in line with European Union regulation and the European Common Aviation Area policy. The Directorate states it has informed the European Commission on details of the minority takeover, following its request from August 2 to clarify the deal. The Directorate says Jat’s successor, Air Serbia, will continue to maintain European standards and that European Union regulation on ownership in the aviation sector have been fulfilled.

The Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate notes Etihad Airways will have a 49% stake in Air Serbia over the next five years with the possibility to extend its minority share in the airline until 2023. The Directorate states that, according to the takeover deal with the Serbian government, the agreement can be annulled if the interests of the Serbian state are at risk.

In its latest progress report on Serbia, published on October 16, the European Commission made no objections to the takeover deal and commended the country’s aviation sector.

Holy start for Air Serbia


With a week left to the official launch of Air Serbia, the company has adopted some traditional values to ensure a safe and successful start to the rebranded national carrier. The airline has christened its head office in Belgrade. The christening was carried out by the Metropolitan Bishop for Australia and New Zealand Irinej Dobrijević, with the blessing of the Patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox Church Irinej. Bishop Irinej wished Air Serbia and its employees to cooperate and for the airline to fly to as many destinations as possible.

The christening, which according to tradition will ensure the company to be successful, was attended by the airline’s CEO Dane Kondić as well as members of the Jat Airways Joint Stock Assembly and other employees.

No EU objections to Serbian aviation policy


The European Commission today published its progress report on Serbia indicating it has no objections to the way the country’s aviation sector is developing. It comes following recent media reports the Commission might block Air Serbia from operating flights to the European Union due to the undisclosed Jat takeover agreement between the Serbian government and Etihad Airways.

In chapter fourteen of the progress report, dedicated to transport policy, the Commission states, “In the area of air transport, sixteen pieces of implementing legislation have been adopted. The Civil Aviation Directorate (CAD) drafted the list of air carriers that are subject to an operating ban within the European Union. There was significant progress towards the fulfilment of requirements under the first transitional period of the European Common 31 Aviation Area Agreement, especially in the areas of economic regulation and security. Transposition of requirements under the second transitional period of the Agreement is also well advanced, particularly in the field of economic regulation. A national body to enforce the law on passenger rights has been established. The area of Aviation Safety was assessed positively by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) in October. The CAD started implementing EU regulations on licensing flight crews, as confirmed by the EASA. The CAD implements corrective actions plans, in line with EASA’s recommendations. Implementation of the rules on slot allocation, ground handling and airport charges is yet to be concluded”.

The Commission had neither objections nor additional requirements when it came to air transport in Serbia and concluded that overall, Serbia is moderately advanced in its alignment with the acquis in the area of transport policy. The report lays to rest rumours the company might have operational problems within the European Union.

VIPs for Air Serbia’s inaugural flight


Air Serbia’s inaugural service from Belgrade to Abu Dhabi on October 26 will feature many VIP passengers, primarily politicians, though the general public still has the chance to purchase tickets for the flight. Some forty VIPs are scheduled for the inaugural service with Mladjan Dinkić, the Deputy President of the Serbian Committee for Cooperation with the United Arab Emirates (and former Finance Minister), confirming he, along with the Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić will be among the passengers. Mr. Dinkić commented on Delta’s recent request to the US Department of Transport to deny a code share between Air Serbia and Etihad Airways on the letters flights from Abu Dhabi to the United States. “This is good news. To me this shows that even the Americans are somewhat afraid of Air Serbia because Etihad knows how to make money”, Mr. Dinkić said. “On its own Jat was helpless but together with Etihad it has become a strong alliance”.

As EX-YU Aviation News learns early next week Air Serbia will begin a new advertising campaign, complimenting the arrival of its first aircraft in Belgrade, followed by the opening of its rebranded sales office in central Belgrade on October 23. On October 25 all Air Serbia employees will first be presented with the airline’s new image and aircraft. Later that day the media will also get its chance to see the new Air Serbia product. The day will conclude with a lavish VIP only party to celebrate the new look airline. On October 26 Air Serbia’s first flight will take off while it officially begins operations on October 27.

Air Serbia’s fifth A319


Air Serbia has leased its fifth Airbus A319. The jet, registered XA-VOS, is a former Volaris aircraft and is six years old. The A319 has previously operated for Mandala Airlines and Olympic Air. It received the Air Serbia livery Mexico and is now headed for Munich.

Air Serbia will receive six of its eight A319s this year, each configured to seat 128 passengers. Another two A319s will be delivered early next year and two larger A320s are expected to arrive in late March 2014. Stage two of Air Serbia’s fleet renewal will be a competitive tender for the acquisition of additional aircraft from 2016.

Ohrid offers subsidies to Air Serbia


Ohrid St. Paul the Apostle Airport has offered subsidies to Air Serbia to maintain Jat’s seasonal service to the coastal city. This summer Jat Airways operated up to six weekly flights from Belgrade to Ohrid. Local authorities recently offered subsidies to Adria Airways and Wizz Air to launch flights to Ohrid next summer. The Mayor of Ohrid, Nikola Bakračeski, says a total of 200.000 euros will be allocated for the subsidised services, with the nearby town of Struga also set to participate in funding the flights. Statistics show some 30% of passengers using Skopje Airport come from western Macedonia.

It will be up to Air Serbia’s management to decide whether the airline will return to Ohrid next summer.

Office rebranding begins


Today, Jat Airways shut down its main sales office in central Belgrade as it is about to undergo reconstruction and reopen as Air Serbia’s sales office in ten days time. It will be the first time since 1996 that the office, located at the Boulevard of King Alexander 17, will be fully refurbished. It was opened several decades ago during the “old JAT” and designed by JAT’s company architect. The office was the home to the first automated ticket issued by JAT on February 12, 1987. It was known for featuring some of the most exclusive paintings from Yugoslav artists at the time. It also served as the pickup point for JAT busses transferring passengers from the city to the airport. Adjacent to the sales office was the JAT pastry shop and café. The office shut down in 1996 as the airline underwent a major rebranding exercise and was reopened on February 29, 1996 sporting the airline’s new look. A year later the carrier opened its Airlift office adjacent to the sales office. Airlift served as JAT’s leisure subsidiary and was at one point one of Yugoslavia’s largest tour agents.

As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the refurbished office will set the standard for all other Air Serbia offices both at home and abroad, meaning all will be uniformed and mirror each other. Over the next year, Air Serbia plans to open many new sales offices, particularly abroad. In January 2014 it will reopen what was once Jat’s most exclusive sales office in central Belgrade in King Milan Street. The office was shut down and leased out several years ago as part of the airline’s cost cutting measures. However, with the leasing agreement expiring soon, Air Serbia’s management has decided to reopen the office, which will once again become the airline’s most exclusive.

Air Serbia reveal on October 25


Air Serbia will showcase its aircraft, cabins and on board product to Serbia and the world on Friday October 25, the airline has confirmed. A special media event will be held on the day in order for the carrier to promote its new product. A day later, the carrier will operate a promotional flight (for which the public can purchase tickets) to Abu Dhabi. VIPs will also be on board the inaugural flight to the capital of the United Arab Emirates.

The cabin crew team, which graduated from the Etihad Airways Training Centre on Wednesday, will operate the flight to Abu Dhabi on October 26. “We are extremely proud of our first group of cabin crew which have successfully completed their training. They have undergone extensive training in safety and service at our partner’s elite academy. With enthusiasm they now want to showcase their new skills in the sky during the presentation of the Air Serbia brand to the world”, Jat Airways CEO Dane Kondić says. He adds, “While we lay the foundations for the development of our new Serbian airline, which will provide our guests with the highest quality of service, it is important that we continue to invest in the training and development of our people”.

As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the launch extravaganza which will take place on October 25 will be paid for by Etihad. The week starting October 21 will kick off with the opening of Air Serbia’s refurbished sales office in central Belgrade. The office, located in the Boulevard of King Alexander, is set to close its doors for refurbishment at the end of this week. The week will continue with major advertising across Belgrade emphasising the airline’s imminent launch and will be followed by the media presentation on October 25 and inaugural service on October 26. The airline’s winter season changes come into effect on October 27.

Air Serbia extends promo sale


Air Serbia has extended its promotional ticket sale until October 14. The promo ticket sale for its European and Middle East network was launched on September 30. Those that buy the tickets by October 14 can travel until March 29, 2014 (with exception between December 18, 2013 and January 12, 2014). The promotional return tickets with all taxes included start from as low as 79 euros to Banja Luka to 393 euros to Abu Dhabi (or free bus transfer to Dubai). A limited number of seats are being offered at these prices.

As EX-YU Aviation News learns, the promo ticket sale has been a major success so far, with the airline selling tens of thousands of tickets over the past ten days. Out of the carrier’s new destinations, Prague and Ljubljana are proving most popular, especially with transit passengers continuing their journeys to Russia and Greece.

Air Serbia’s first crew team graduates


The first set of Air Serbia cabin crew (pictured above) graduated at the Etihad Training Centre in Abu Dhabi yesterday. The crew, which has just completed their training, will work on the Airbus A319s and is a mix of Jat Airways crew and newly hired cabin crew.

Air Serbia has hired a substantial amount of new cabin crew members. They are currently all undergoing training in Belgrade at Jat’s training centre.

Delta unhappy with Etihad/Air Serbia codeshare


Delta Air Lines has asked the US Department of Transportation to reject a planned codeshare request between Etihad Airways and Air Serbia to the United States. Air Serbia plans to place its codes on Etihad’s services from Abu Dhabi to New York, Chicago and Washington. Delta says “the proposed codeshare routes are irrational and do not serve the public interest”. It adds, “While Delta believes that codeshare arrangements are typically in the public interest where they increase opportunities for travel and expand air service networks for the benefit of consumers, the codeshare services proposed by Jat and Etihad are not in the public interest because they have no market or consumer service based rationale and would only create confusion and complexity for consumers”.

Delta Air Lines, which is the world’s busiest airline, also says, “Currently, there is robust competition for travel between Belgrade and destinations in the United States via European hubs, where convenient, non-circuitous codeshare and interline connections are available. Jat already codeshares with six European airlines that connect on to the U.S, and has interline agreements with dozens of other airlines with transatlantic service. At least eight different transatlantic carriers serve Belgrade. For example, connecting services between Belgrade and Chicago via Amsterdam, Munich, Vienna, or Frankfurt, involve journeys of approximately 5.000 miles. By contrast, a routing from Belgrade to Chicago via Abu Dhabi is nearly twice as long: approximately 9.640 miles. Such an extremely circuitous itinerary would add nearly 5.000 miles to a consumer’s journey from Belgrade to the United States.

The American airline also believes the Department should reject the codeshare request on the basis that both Etihad and Air Serbia (Jat Airways) are state owned companies and are heavily subsidised adding that “both Jat and Etihad have benefitted from the direct infusion of government capital and Etihad in particular has benefitted from unfair tax advantages, subsidies for fuel and airport fees, and sizeable government investments in infrastructure”. Delta adds that Jat and Etihad have mischaracterised Etihad’s ownership and effective control of Jat, which is “significantly more extensive than suggested”.

Air Serbia’s A319s fitted with new cabins


Air Serbia’s first Airbus A319, leased from Volaris, departed Dublin Airport yesterday for Dusseldorf. The jet will be in the German city to undergo cabin reconfiguration. The new cabins will feature 128 seats, with eight seats in business class and the other 120 in economy, with a 2X2 layout in business and a 3X3 configuration in economy. The other two A319s in the Air Serbia livery will also head to Dusseldorf soon while the fourth A319, which was previously operated by Albania’s Belle Air, has arrived in Dublin for repainting. The next stop after Dusseldorf is Belgrade.

Air Serbia will receive six of its eight A319s this year. Another two A319s will be delivered early next year and two larger Airbus A320s are set to join the fleet in late March 2014.

A message from Jat’s CEO


EX-YU Aviation News brings you an address from the CEO of Jat Airways and future head of Air Serbia Mr. Dane Kondić. In his message aimed at all current and future Jat Airways/Air Serbia passengers, the CEO explains the transition process taking place in the carrier and plans for the future.

This is a historic time for Jat Airways as it stands on the cusp of a fresh, exciting and innovative transformation into Air Serbia. The new beginning follows the recently announced strategic partnership with Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates. Etihad Airways will have a 49% equity stake in Air Serbia and a five year management contract. Working closely with our new partners, we will create a successful national airline for Serbia and build a solid foundation for us to grow and thrive as a profitable and sustainable world class airline.

Our strategic plans are clear, in the short term we will focus on introducing an upgraded fleet, new routes, better connectivity and improved service. Our longer term strategy is to grow the airline into a leading carrier and I am very confident we can achieve that. Offcourse, at the heart of all of this is you, our valued customers. The creation of Air Serbia is about making real positive changes that will enable us to serve you better than ever before, with higher levels of comfort and customer service. I’d like to give you more details of how we plan to achieve that through the many developments planned.

For a start, Air Serbia’s enhanced flight network, including extensive codesharing with Etihad Airways and Air Berlin will add greatly to the former Jat Airways network of 33 cities. Destinations will be added in Africa, Europe and the Middle East. Among the first new Air Serbia services will be four flights per week to Abu Dhabi. Complimenting Etihad Airways’ current daily flights, the new Air Serbia service will start in October 2013 and will move to daily when the new fleet grows to facilitate an increased service.

Our first Airbus A319 aircraft will be introduced, allowing us to offer levels of comfort and service not previously experienced by passengers flying on our network. I anticipate that by June 2014, Air Serbia will offer double the frequencies and capacity of Jat Airways, offering 73.000 seats on more than 670 flights per week to 39 destinations in thirty countries.

It is my great privilege and honour to have been appointed to lead Air Serbia as its Chief Executive.

Dane Kondić, Chief Executive Officer at Jat Airways

The New York Times on Air Serbia


The New York Times’ Nicola Clark has written an extensive piece on Etihad Airways’ strategy in Europe and the role Air Serbia will play in it. It also brings an interview with Etihad CEO James Hogan. You can read the article, entitled “Upstart Abu Dhabi airline becomes ally to European carriers”, here. Among other things, Mr. Hogan says, “We don’t invest for the sake of it’s the nice thing to do. Unless we believe we can make it work long term, we’re not going to step in”.

Air Serbia launching pilot cadet program


Air Serbia has begun advertising positions for a new pilot cadet program, giving perspective pilots a chance to undergo training and earn a commercial license. Following the successful completion of their training, the new pilots will be given an opportunity to work at Air Serbia.

Interested applicants must be Serbian nationals who are eighteen years or older. In addition, they must have excellent proficiency in both written and spoken English. Applicants must have completed high school with an average grade of at least 4.0 and have an average grade of at least 4.0 in maths. Those interested can apply at

Air Serbia and Air Berlin in codeshare deal


Air Serbia and Air Berlin will codeshare on each other’s flights from October 27, giving passengers more options for travel. Air Serbia will place its codes on Air Berlin’s domestic flights, as well as several flights in Europe and the United States, while Germany’s second largest airline will place its codes on Air Serbia’s flights between Serbia and Germany. “JU” flight numbers will appear on the following Air Berlin routes: Stuttgart - Hamburg, Stuttgart - Berlin, Stuttgart - Mallorca, Dusseldorf - Munich, Dusseldorf - Berlin, Dusseldorf - Nuremberg, Berlin - Munich, Berlin - Cologne/Bonn, Frankfurt - Berlin, Berlin - Stockholm, Berlin - Copenhagen, Berlin - Helsinki, Berlin - Oslo, Berlin - Gothenburg, Dusseldorf - New York JFK, Berlin - New York JFK and Berlin - Chicago O’Hare.

Air Berlin will place its codes on the following Air Serbia flights: Belgrade - Berlin, Belgrade -Frankfurt, Belgrade - Dusseldorf and Belgrade - Stuttgart. Etihad Airways owns a 29% stake in Air Berlin.

Starting October 28, Air Serbia will introduce its new frequent flyer program in cooperation with Etihad Guest Miles. It also marks the start of its cooperation with Air Berlin’s frequent flyer program Topbonus with passenger's flying Air Serbia able to earn Topbonus points.

Jat Tehnika shrugs off Etihad snub


Jat Tehnika, Jat Airways’ maintenance division which was separated from the airline several years ago under the orders of the government, says it is not worried by the fact that its biggest customer, Air Serbia, does not plan to maintain its aircraft at the company. It comes a week after Air Serbia called on engineers and technicians to apply for jobs at the Serbian national carrier in order to carry out line maintenance. “When it comes to cooperation with Jat or Air Serbia, nothing is certain. The current maintenance agreement could be extended or redefined but we shouldn’t be surprised if it is terminated after New Year”, the CEO of Jat Tehnika, Saša Mišković says. It is believed Jat Tehnika offered to maintain Air Serbia’s aircraft at much lower prices than it did Jat Airways’ jets for the past few years.

While Jat Tehnika is putting on a brave face, losing its biggest customer would be a major blow for the company. While Mr. Mišković says he hopes Air Serbia will continue maintaining its aircraft at Jat Tehnika, he adds the company is already looking for new customers and potential partners. Air Serbia was unwilling to comment on the issue.

First A319 coming to Europe


Air Serbia’s first A319, which has been in the United States, is headed to Europe and is set to arrive at Dublin Airport at 09.20 CEST. The aircraft, formerly operated by Volaris, has been travelling from Phoenix Goodyear Airport via Bangor to the Irish capital, where it will join the airline’s third leased A319. The journey from Bangor to Dublin over the Atlantic has taken just over five and a half hours.

In a press release issued yewasterday, Air Serbia confirmed its first A319 will be arriving in Belgrade in October, in time to inagurate flights to Abu Dhabi on October 26. Another five will enter service by the end of the year meaning the Serbian carrier will have a fleet of six Airbus A319s by the end of the 2013, with a further two joining by March 2014.

Air Serbia launches promo ticket sale


Air Serbia has launched its second promotional ticket sale for its European and Middle East network. The ten day ticket sale starts today and lasts until October 9. Those that buy tickets within the next ten days can travel between October 1, 2013 and March 29, 2014 (with exception between December 18, 2013 and January 12, 2014). The promotional return tickets with all taxes included start from as low as 79 euros to Banja Luka to 393 euros to Abu Dhabi (or free bus transfer to Dubai). A limited number of seats are being offered at these prices.

Air Serbia’s first promotional ticket sale, which ended last Friday, was aimed at the carrier’s new destinations this winter - Abu Dhabi, Banja Luka, Bucharest, Ljubljana and Prague.

Air Serbia to lease Belle Air A319


Air Serbia will lease its fourth Airbus A319 from leasing company CIT Aerospace, EX-YU Aviation learns. The aircraft, currently registered F-ORAH, has been operating for Albanian airline Belle Air for the past year. The aircraft, originally produced nine years ago, has operated flights on behalf of Independence Air, Armavia and the CIT Leasing Corporation. The jet is soon set to receive Air Serbia’s corporate livery and interior which feature eight seats in business class and a further 120 in economy. It operated services for Belle Air with an all economy layout of 144 seats.

Air Serbia has currently leased out three A319s. Two have previously been operated by Volaris while the third has been operated by Kingfisher Airlines. Air Serbia’s first A319 is set to arrive in Belgrade on October 21.

Photo credit: Elevationair

Test flight


An Air Serbia A319, to be registered YU-APC, has been photographed on a test flight by Paul Morris in Dublin. It is the first photo of an Air Serbia jet in flight. You can click on the photo to enlarge. The photograph has been published by the website.

Air Serbia hiring engineers and technicians


Air Serbia has today called for engineers and technicians to apply for jobs at the airline, as the carrier plans to independently carry out line maintenance of its aircraft. Jat Tehnika previously carried out line maintenance for Jat Airways. Interested applicants must be “talented” and “dynamic” Serbian nationals and have experience in line maintenance, fluent in English and they must be computer literate. Those interested can apply at

Air Serbia has advertised the new positions in Serbia’s three leading news publications today. So far, Air Serbia has advertised for cabin crew jobs, in-flight chefs, pilots and airport handling managers.

Air Serbia to offer improved dining experience


This week, Etihad Airways Catering initiated cooperation with Jat Catering in order to draft Air Serbia’s new in-flight menus. A team from Etihad Catering has been in Belgrade working with Jat and planning Air Serbia’s new meal offer. The delegation is headed by Etihad Catering’s head chef. Air Serbia will offer a completely new dining experience on board with in-flight chefs on selected flights.

Etihad Airways Catering is one of the aviation industry’s most awarded. It has won accolades for its meals in all travel classes.

Meanwhile, Jat Airways itself has improved its catering offer in the past month, ditching the usual sandwiches on flights to western Europe in favour of a full meal service offered to passengers several years ago prior to the introduction of cost cutting measures.

Jat Airways Catering has been acquired by Etihad Airways as part of the takeover deal. Jat Catering employs 147 people and owns a catering production facility at Belgrade Airport stretching over 7.519 square metres.

Banja Luka welcomes Air Serbia


The government of the Entity of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina has welcomed news that Air Serbia will launch flights to Banja Luka on December 1. In a statement the Ministry of Transport of Republika Srpska says, “Daily flights between Republika Srpska and Belgrade will even better connect the citizens of Republika Srpska and Serbia. We welcome the efforts put in by both Air Serbia and Banja Luka Airport to achieve the goals set by the two governments and provide our citizens connections to 52 destinations via Belgrade".

Return ticket prices for the Belgrade - Banja Luka service start from 79 euros and can be purchased via the Internet or at ARS Tours in Banja Luka. Banja Luka Airport says it is ready to answer to Air Serbia’s needs and that cooperation with the airline has been “excellent”.

Daily flights on board the ATR72 from Belgrade to Banja Luka launch December 1, connecting the two cities for the first time in several years.

Air Serbia - the story so far


The rebranded national carrier of Serbia, Air Serbia, is set to launch operations in exactly a month’s time from today with an afternoon service to Abu Dhabi.

This page is dedicated to all important but also some less important news relating to the new look airline. Articles relating to Air Serbia which have been published on EX-YU Aviation News to date have proved the most popular in the site’s five year history and this page aims to give interested readers a platform to discuss the news. All major news items relating to Air Serbia will continue to be published on the main page while this page will be regularly updated as well.

With a month to go for the transition from Jat Airways to Air Serbia to be completed, important developments are taking place within the airline. This week new cabin crew members have begun their training in Belgrade. The new on board crew has been divided up in several groups with training beginning this week and next. The new crew will train for both the Airbus and ATR fleet.

The first Airbus A319 is set to be delivered to Air Serbia on October 21. A major media event, where the new interior and on board product, the navy blue crew uniforms and refurbished sales offices will be revealed is set to occur in the week starting October 21. On that day Jat Airways employees will be the first to take a glimpse at the new aircraft after which members of the press will be invited on board as well.

Yesterday, the airline’s third Airbus A319 (pictured above) received the corporate livery. The aircraft, to be registered YU-APC upon its arrival in Belgrade is currently in the Irish capital Dublin. A further to A319s are in the United States.


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    JAT/AIR SERBIA has its own representative office in BNX, so tickets can be purchased there as well...

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    1. Anonymous12:09

      Why would they. There is practically no Serbian dispora in Ireland, no business links between the two countries and you can’t sustain a 4 hour flight on a couple of transit pax to the US. Etihad is trying to make Air Serbia into a profitable airline.

    2. I was looking for some options to travel to US (Northeast), and I needed the shortest flight durations, with longer stopovers - Dublin is a perfect place for that (also Reykjavik). I think there is a number of people with mild claustrophobias who would prefer shorter flights, and pay a bit more, especially "diaspora relatives from Serbia".

      Also, there are no business links, because there is no airlink, among other things - it is quite expensive to go to Dublin, although there is significant potential: IT businesses, and also energy production and transport, within the science and education links can be easily made (primarily nationalism studies), just to name the few.
      And in terms of diasporas, there is decent Bosnian diaspora.

      When you look at destination map on Wikipedia it is clear that Ex-Yu+Albania is a huge empty spot, and if JU creates decent regional network, daily flights to Dublin could be profitable.

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      - EI and JU codeshare agreement
      - visa free travel
      - stronger economical ties

      as for the region, I'm sure that there could be some demand. but if there was, wouldn't FR fly?
      also, EY's share in EI is ridiculously small (2,987%)

    4. SQ2617:49

      Well Air Serbia is going to have flights to Cairo, Beirut and Kiev which also don't have strong Serbian diaspora but they are going to fly to these destinations...

    5. I doubt there will be flights to Dublin in the near future. Apart from the passengers numbers which are still not high enough to warrant a direct flight, there is an issue of aircraft utilisation... The plane to DUB would be away from the home base in BEG for at least nine hours and it would be slightly more difficult for JU to rotate it through the system. ARN. SVO, LHR, TLV (and possible MAD) are all 3 hours away... DUB would be close to four. JU would need significant yield on the route to Dublin in order to move from the connection waves they are trying to establish in Belgrade in order to include that one route. Perhaps... only in conjunction with another destination 4 hours away but that is a stretch. We were all promised there will be no "prestige" routes, only profitable ones.

    6. Anonymous10:57

      I would absolutely love a transfer to the US through DUB. Clear US customs immediately in DUB and then fly onward for 5 hours. Also, EI offers more destinations than AB: JFK, ORD, IAD, BOS, SFO, MCO, YYZ. I think it could warrant a codeshare with EI.

  6. Aэrologic22:18

    I'm wondering why Jat Tehnika wasn't bought by Etihad as well.

  7. Anonymous17:13

    Check this out!
    EI-EYA test flight! :D

  8. Sloba19:13

    Air Serbia app for Apple and Android devices and web check-in function to be introduced (probably) in November! Not later than December.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. I was thinking about Air Serbia a bit and these changes… There are few things I would like to see on board Air Serbia flights...

    1) Smooth landings... there was something in the way JAT pilots did, but their landings were by far the best one I experienced. Despite the fact that I spent too much time in the, but on more than one occasion I felt slight unease at landing with YM, one time I grabbed the seat in sheer panic on Olympic jet landing into Athens, I thought we are all going to die... With Jat, always smooth ones.

    2) I would really like for cabin crew to act more pro-active in regards to rules and regulations. I have seen a lot of nonsense over the years but unruly passengers must be subdued. I hate when people keep seats reclined, carry cabin lugagge in the size of the refrigerator, making phonecalls, basically act like they are all alone in the world. Cabin crew is there to control these freaks, not just to serve food. I was returning from Berlin one evening and I realized that Visas could easily be introduced for Serbian and Bosnian citizens on account of misbehaving of those passengers on board JU355 that evening. Lufhansa ladies are doing hell of a job, always polite yet vicious. I like `em strict :-)

    3) On board announcements must be relevant and spoken clearly. I am aware that crew has done those thousands times before but for many flying public, flights are rare event. It really makes a difference when a captain speaks in clow clear voice and not just mumlbles speedily whatever was mandatory for him to say. They are already telling us where we will be flying and all that fun stuff, they just need to work on the delivery, not the content.

    Perhaps things will change for the better, we shall see...

    1. Mostly agree, but in terms of #2, there is a fine line between fascism of cabin crew, and allowing some extra comfort for the passengers - it shouldn't turn into strict rules and donts.
      For example, even in Lufhtansa, I was often allowed to have my seat reclined all the time (that means during take-offs and landings, too) - of course, I always ask the person behind if they mind, and they never did.
      Lufthansa girls and boys never minded, I wouldn't like JU girls and boys to start minding too much.

    2. BEG2IAH20:08

      You cannot keep your seat reclined during takeoff or landing because you can obstruct passengers behind you in case of an emergency.
      On another note, landings can be smooth or not in nice weather, but when it's raining, pilots do harder landings to avoid hydroplaning.

  11. Anonymous21:25

    Vice prime minister Vucic is on TV right now, he's claiming that JU will have the best plane interiors in Europe. Even better than Lufthansa.

    1. SQ2600:32

      Like it is hard to beat Lufthansa in short haul product :)

      What makes Lufthansa good is not that they have best seats in business or economy class, what makes them good is that they have so many destinations and a good service when you miss a flight and Air Serbia has yet to show their quality once they start it.

      This is a just 1st small step for Air Serbia but also Air Serbia needs to do lots of stuff to become a proper airline and for that it needs time :)

  12. But that is logical, the new interiors are to be similar to Etihad narrow-body product which is better than the classic European short haul product (most EU airlines have no proper C seats, no PTVs on narrow body jets... etc.)

  13. Nikola14:27

    Air Serbia: Desetodnevna promotivna akcija

    pricess go from 89€ to BNX to 419€ to AUH and DXB (by bus via AUH)

  14. Nikola15:48

    first jet (A6-SAA) ferried GYR-BGR-DUB on 29/30.09

  15. What are the odds that those two UAE registered planes (A6-SAA & A6-SAB) continue to fly under UAE flag? We have heard reports that some JU flights are to be operated by Etihad aircraft, could those be the aircraft mentioned? Just a thought...

    1. Nikola20:20

      they won't. they will officially be leased from EY and that's all. they will be YU-APA and YU-APB

  16. A6-SAB Cessna 525B CitationJet CJ3 C25B 525B0183 L2J 8961C3 EJD - Elite Jets 2007 2008-04 N4115H 2009 F-HBER reregistered

  17. A6-SAA stiže ujutru u Dablin iz Bangora, država Mejn, SAD

    30-Sep-2013 A319/L Bangor Intl (KBGR) Dublin Int'l (EIDW / DUB) 10:00PM EDT 08:52AM BST (+1) Scheduled

    1. Anonymous11:16

      A6-SAA? Zar nece imati YU reg?

    2. Anonymous18:48

      Imace kada budu stigli. A6-SAA treba da postane YU-APA. Emiratska registracija je verovatno zato sto je avion trenutno Etihadov (na leasing). Nakon sto avion stigne u BEG, Air Serbia ce ga lizovati od Etihad-a.

    3. Anonymous19:57

      Etihad lizuje od nekog, a mi lizujemo od Etihada? Ciji onda AOC ima taj avion?

    4. Anonymous20:28

      Od Air Serbije naravno. Na papiru lizuje Etihad, a sta oni onda avionima rade to je njihova stvar. Mislim da ce to biti slucaj sa svim avionima koji budu lizovani. To je verovatno zato sto su vlasnici trazili garancije. I da bi sve bilo lakse, Etihad je potpisao lizing ugovore.

  18. Does anyone know what those "REGION (airplane) MOSKVA", "REGION (airplane) EVROPA", etc., mean? From Podgorica to Europe from 219EUR?
    If so, it is very poor design/marketing solution - not clear at glance, they should make something better.

    1. Anonymous10:45

      That's the meaning. I agree that it should be done proper.

  19. Nikola12:10

    Air Serbia počinje sa svojim kadet programon

  20. Nikola22:41

    and here is the fourth plane

    1. Anonymous15:37

      haha, someone used paint to cover the belle air livery :D

  21. This sounds like a very exciting venture for Serbia and has some great backing. I think this has the hallmarks of a success to come! If anybody on this blog who knows who to contact in the Pilot Training Department could let me know via private mail I would appreciate it. I am an experienced A320 TRI and line trainer looking for a position to utilise all my training skills and am very keen to help in the short or long term in guiding the airline and pilots in the operation of this wonderful type. Much appreciated in advance.... Captain Richard Coward

    1. Nikola19:16

      well, JU has a page for jobs, but from what I see it's only in Serbian. you could try with the help of Google Translate to apply:

      Best of luck

    2. Nikola,
      Thanks for the reply. It does translate on their website (there is a language selection, top right hand side) so I will fill it in as best I can and see what comes back.

  22. Nikola21:16

    Investicije na aerodromu "Nikola Tesla"

    znaci ovako njemci gledaja Air Serbia lol nevjerovatno koliko su providno zavidni i ljubomorni mislim da je to scandalozno... jos ovaj sta prica "zasto uobste teba avio kompanija srbiji?" ko zna mozda je pjeske vraca do njemacke jer ako netraba avio kompanija nebi ni trebo aerodrom da postoji .... lol koje su ovi glupi ljudi boze sacuvajovo se treba koristiti za neke humor spotove... :P

  24. Well, it seems that no-one has heard about Delta Airlines complaint to the US Department of Transport, asking for Jat/Etihad codeshare request on US flights to be rejected.

    1. Anonymous16:58

      Where did you get that? Some official sources or just rumours?

    2. Nikola18:24

      well, first of all, JU can't have its codes on flights to/from US because Serbia is not Cat 1. second, if this information is true, then USDOT won't interfere because it's not their to interfere, but FAA's. and third, FAA aproves categories, so if they say Serbia is Cat 1, then JU can fly to US if they have planes or codeshare with AB or EY or EI or AF or KL or DL or any other company they seem fit

    3. Nikola, you probably know better than Delta Air Lines. I then wonder why they didn't complain to the FAA, but rather to DoT. The story was picked up by Ex-YU Aviation News, my job here is done.

    4. Nikola22:50

      oh no, it just didn't make sense to me. and it still doesn't. why do they care who puts codes on whose flights? it's not that they are flying directly to BEG

    5. See my answer below on why...

  25. Anonymous17:03

    Tell us more about it Aco...!

    1. Ex-YU Aviation News picked up the tip and reported well on it. I can only add that the letter by Delta Air Lines to DoT was extremely strong-worded and also somewhat unusual. It is also clear this has much less to do with Jat and BEG as destination, than with Etihad and their TSA pre-clearance in AUH.

  26. Ucinilo mi se da sam pogresio sajt kad sam ugledao sliku deltinog 744 pre nego sto sam procitao naslov vesti :)

  27. Are those the new uniforms of the cabin crew that can be seen in the graduation photo? Looks very fresh and modern. I like it :)

    1. Anonymous16:19

      I doubt.

    2. Anonymous21:18

      No, those are their private clothes

  28. Anonymous12:54

    Ex-Yu do you have some more info on how other routes are selling?

    1. Anonymous02:31

      ex yu why you dont respond to us, like wtf

    2. Anonymous03:06

      ^ He is not your mummy !
      Grow up !!!

    3. Anonymous09:41

      Maybe he doesn't have the answer to the question?

  29. Anonymous16:21

    I doubt their tickets sell goood and thats why they do extend their sales...

    1. Anonymous16:27

      Not necessarily. Airlines usually give out cheap fares when trying to establish themselves on a certain market. Air Serbia being technically a new kid on the block has to do exactly that.
      I remember back in late 1980s British Airways used to sell free tickets from Brussels to London and had even painted a B757-200 to promote these 'pay only the taxes' flights. It was all for the purpose of establishing itself on the Belgian market.

    2. Over 30.000 tickets have been sold so far which is quite good.

    3. Anonymous10:43

      Any news about the launch of Air Serbia web site?

  30. 30.000 tickets x 100 Euros ( app ) = 3 mill Euros, not bad

    1. Anonymous13:50

      I think the average is a bit more as they also had promotional fares which were around €240 on average.
      I am really happy that there is a lot of interest for flights to Russia and Greece. I guess some who attacked their decision to go double daily to Thessaloniki were full of it.

    2. Bought a ticket for Istanbul, 90 Euros return, flying on 27.10. with good old B733

    3. Anonymous17:04

      That's officially the first day of operations of the new airline. I wonder if there will be anything different.

    4. Anonymous17:59

      Different uniforms and catering.

    5. Anonymous18:25

      And hopefully a new loyalty programme :3

    6. Anonymous11:17

      Loyalty programme is already done, it's Etihad guest.

  31. BA88812:17

    (By no means I am an expert but…)

    What is the point of the office in the town centre?
    And than in Novi Sad, Nis…

    How much does it cost refurbish, employ staff…maintain…

    I remember BA closing down office at Canary Wharf and later in Regent Street in London and thinking in was the most stupid thing they’ve done…And actually nothing changed.

    Apart from marketing purposes and show-off…what is the point?

    1. Anonymous12:58

      Actually, every time I pass by the office there are people inside booking flights or paying for them. A lot of Serbs still buy their tickets via travel agencies so I guess it's because of that they will keep it open.
      I wonder if they will keep Airlift open or will be closed down.

  32. Anonymous17:14

    Considering we heard that they are going to keep a few B737s to use on charter flights in high-density configuration, I wonder if they'll revive Airlift as their charter/tour operator? Maybe even paint those 737s in some kind of special "Airlift by AirSerbia" livery or something. I can't imagine they would just leave them in the old Jat colours, but on the other hand I don't think they would want to associate the new AirSerbia image/livery with the old 737s...

  33. Anonymous05:31

    There were rumors that Emirate might launch 4 weekly flights to BEG this January. Whats going on with that? Any new info?

    1. Anonymous10:13

      I doubt that to be honest, there is just too much capacity at Belgrade now, especially once Air Serbia launches their own Abu Dhabi flights.
      The only way EK would enter the Belgrade market is if it tags the flight to another destination.

    2. Anonymous19:05

      emirates is coming sooner or later, thats for sure, the only question is when

    3. JATBEGMEL20:40

      If they were going to open BEG they would of announced it by now. EK has so far announced KBP, BOS, KBL, SKT and TPE.

      If EK ever open BEG it would be with A332 or A345.

      I see more of a chance for EY upgauging from A319/A320 to a A320/A330 mix to BEG. The flight is filling quite well in both cabins :)

  34. XA-VOS.....the fifth A319 for AirSerbia, 6,1 years old, ex Volaris, new reg YU-APE

    1. Anonymous15:54

      So far the youngest member of the fleet. I have the feeling that they'll receive the jets ahead of schedule and that we'll see some (positive) equipment changes during the winter season.

  35. Anonymous16:39

    Amsterdam needs the A319...
    And double daily!

    1. In addition to A319 introduction, Amsterdam will be one of the first destinations to switch to A320.

    2. Geweldige Neuker18:56

      Even better

  36. Anonymous08:42

    Hey does anyone know why Etihad is flying an A330 to Belgrade today?

    1. propalipilot21:36

      I think they transported equipment for AirSERBIA. I hope somebody can tell us more.

    2. Anonymous10:50

      From what i know they could have been transporting training equipment for cabin crew training. This is because new cabin crew will not be staying 5 weeks in Abu Dhabi, but only 10-11 days, and they need special training equipment.Now was this the reason they sent the A330 i have no idea :)

  37. Anonymous11:54

    Has anyone got any idea about this?

    1. Anonymous12:15

      Meh... it will be sorted out. There is no way in Hell that they will revoke their licence. The Serbian government will take care of it in order to avoid embarrassment.

      However, I have to point out that Aviokarta has totally ignored all the positive aspects of Air Serbia. They have never reported on new aircraft, new positive developments... yet when there is something (potentially) negative, they are the first ones to report about it.

    2. Nikola12:42

      it's simple. LH doesn't approve new, potenially, strong company in this region. they preferer those that are dying or are very weak (like JU was or JA and YM), or slaves (sorry, feeders) like JP or OU

      @AnonymousOctober 15, 2013 at 12:15 PM
      don't take this as defending Aviokarta, but nobody else mentioned this, potential, problem, so someone has to speak about it. i'll ask him

    3. Anonymous12:54

      And how do they define "effective"control? If the CEO is getting paid by Air Serbia, which is 51% owned by the government of Republic of Serbia, how is Etihad, legally, in effective control?

    4. Anonymous14:33

      Well, they are probably pissed off because the man was appointed by Etihad and not by the Serbian government.
      I think this is just another plot by the large European airlines to restrict competition. Let's not forget that Air France has called on their government to restrict the entry to the ME3 into the French market. On the other hand we all know how effective LH was in limiting the number of airports served by Emirates in Germany. They are angry now because their precious feeders Adria and Croatia Airlines are at risk, not to mention that Austrian Airlines, whose business is based on transit from eastern Europe and the Balkans, will face tough competition.

  38. Contrails08:50

    It is actually "war of the blogs" :-) With only three blogs covering airline business around, EXYU and Tangosix ended up having much better positions and superior news selection. Aviokarta is trying to do what it can in order to stay relevant, sadly, mostly with the selection of negative news.

    BR from Novi Sad and good morning to you all.

    1. Anonymous10:35

      Yes, though I agree with you I still think that ex-YU is the best of them all. It's writing style, news and pictures are the best and are genuinely easy to read.
      For me TangoSix is the absolute worst. If he were a newspaper he would be Scandal. The way he writes is more appropriate for a trashy blog than a serious aviation portal. This is not only me who thinks like that but it is the opinion of other journalists around. More often than not his language is rather primitive and unprofessional.
      As for Aviokarta, I agree with you.

      Ex-YU keep up the good work and thank you for this page dedicated to Air Serbia's developments.

  39. Ex-YU has absolutely the best reporting on current events, including news on Air Serbia. I remember the fiasco of TangoSix with their "live coverage" of the signing of agreement between Jat and Etihad. Their style is definitely more tabloid than of any other blog, but it's their choice. Aviokarta is not bad at all IMHO, they just lack good contacts and seldom report real breaking news.

    1. Anonymous17:41

      What fiasco? Could you tell us more please?

      Aviokarta is ok but their reporting is damn too negative and they explain way too many things in details. I mean, their target are avation fans, 99% of don't need so much explanation.

  40. Anonymous16:57

    At least we know now the newest condition Serbia has to follow for entering the European Union:
    Terminating the management contract with Etihad
    and to withdraw their stake in Air Serbia....

    1. This "request" or "warning", or whatever it is from the EU Commission seems to forget that currently EU profits way more from the "Open Sky" agreement with Serbia, than vice-versa.

      Due to Yugoslav Airlines/JAT/JU history, as well as the fact that Serbia inherited most of internationally signed agreements of former Yugoslavia, the country still has valid agreements on bilateral flights with most, if not all European countries.

      In case the EU really revokes Open Skies with Serbia LH could actually fly, ie. FRA-BEG and MUC-BEG, but that would also give the right to JU/Air Serbia to fly BEG-TXL and BEG-DUS. And if LH wants to fly with their GermanWings to Serbia additionally, they would actually be over the reciprocal quota and would not be allowed to fly. Serbia could also argue that, due to LH ownership, the said quota for "German airlines" would apply to OS and LX and simply ban them from flying to Serbia. Obviously this is not a preferred solution for any of the sides, but that's just the way it would have to go if the bullies from the EU actually act on their threats.

      Anyway, I see this hurting more the EU image and all the talk about "Open European sky", than Jat itself. At the end, the whole "Jat managed by Etihad" would be pretty hard to prove and it's now up to JU and EY to formulate a meaningful reply.

  41. Anonymous17:17

    The major of Nis just anounced 2 daily flights berween Belgrade and Nis starting from 1st of Decembre.

  42. Anonymous18:31

    very possible.. b92 reported it..

  43. Nikola17:08

    it's not that Aviokarta reports bad news about JU:
    Air Serbia trajno snizila cene do izabranih gradova

    1. Anonymous19:08

      Yeah. that's like one positive drop in a sea of negativity.

  44. This "holy start" business is highly inappropriate.I will never understand the need to drag personal religious beliefs into the public domain. Religiousness, or lack of it, should be a personal matter. Very off-putting PR move by AirSERBIA management, if that's what it was intended to be.

    1. Anonymous19:07

      Why? I am a religious man and I see this as a very positive move. Good for Air Serbia. I am sure this was done by their new CEO who might be a religious man.

    2. Anonymous10:52

      I am an atheist, and more importantly, a secularist, and I find this gesture completely inappropriate and even insulting.

    3. Anonymous21:40

      So? I am a Christian man and I find this appropriate. What makes your opinion more valuable than mine?

    4. Anonymous23:38

      Dejan, it's a shame that they couldn't drag Tito out of his grave to partake in this event - clearly, this would have put a smile on your face - you communist fuckwit ! I was actually there and you are talking shit ... I thought we live in a country where people are free to follow their personal beliefs ... The CEO - being a man of religious conviction, wanted his office - and only his office - blessed by his Bishop, who was visiting from Australia. It was NOT a public event, nor was anybody else forced to attend. rather, anyone who wanted to be there was free to do so - no more and no less. the fact that so many chose to be present, says much. rather than having your finger on the pulse, you seem to have it up your arse. No press statements or pictures were officially released by the company, so that clearly says what it was - a private matter. The Patriarchate chose to upload these pictures on it's website - good for them. And yes, you are free to express or put forward your views - secularist, communist, athiest or whatever else you want to be in this country of ours ...

    5. Anonymous01:53

      ^ +1.

    6. @Anon Oct18, 11.38PM
      There is a pure Christian love in your written words, nevertheless.
      If you have noticed, nowhere was it written that only the CEOs office was blessed - rather in OFFICIAL NEWS STATEMENT from Serbian Orthodox Church it says - "Са благословом и у име Његове Светости Патријарха српског (...) г. Иринеј је (...) обавио освећење просторија Јат ервејз (Air Serbia)", not his office, but of the (whole) company. Furthermore, it is noted in Ex-Yu article that the purpose is blessing the company and ensuring its success.

      Should your insights in Mr. Kondićs mind and wishes were correct, it was a grievous fault by Serbian Orthodox Church, and consequently Ex-Yu, to publish this news, and your kind words should be pointed towards them, not a righteously concerned fellow citizen (I assume).

      However, even then one may ask a very legitimate question of constitutionality of his act - his office is not his private space, and he is not a private persona: he is a civil servant in that office, and he should act accordingly.

      btw Regarding the number of employees that showed up, it is a nice indicator of loyalty that new CEO has, which is a good thing. (If he was a member of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I assume the number would have been the same.)

    7. Anonymous10:39

      Of course it is constitutional! Do you understand what you are writing?! Have you ever seen the Serbian constitution?

      Furthermore, whoever is offended by this is discriminating against the CEO's personal beliefs so he can freely resign and look for work elsewhere. The last thing Serbia needs at this point is the senseless liberalism which is destroying countries such as the U.K. or France... or even the United States. Thank God we are not obsessed with political correctness.

      I am confident enough that most people will welcome the blessing of the offices as most of the Serbian population is actually religious. According to the latest survey the number stands at 77%.

    8. Article 11
      The Republic of Serbia is a secular state.
      Churches and religious communities shall be separated from the state.
      No religion may be established as state or mandatory religion.
      JU is a state owned company, in control by state (or at least they claimed that way when they asked for codshares on flights to US), therefore...
      You may disagree with secularism, not the first, nor the last one to do so, however, it is a foundation of modern national states - and written in Constitution of Rep. of Serbia.
      Regarding those 77%, or so, 1/4 of them claims they belong to Serb. Orthodox Church, but don't believe in God, 1/4 believes in God and practice only major holidays, 1/4 goes to church few times a year, and 1/4 believes religion and religious morality is something that they practice in everyday life and which guides them - it is a much more complex issue than pure 80%.

    9. Anonymous11:55

      Regardless, the 77% of them have nothing against religion and they would most likely not oppose such action.

      You do realize that it doesn't matter that Jat is a government owned airline because this decision did not come from the government and it wasn't imposed by the Church. If it were then you could argue what you are arguing about. This was a decision of the CEO who wanted his office blessed. Nothing wrong with that and it should not piss anyone off. But I guess you liberals are more intolerant than any random conservative in the country.

      Secularism is imposed by the liberal ideology which has been dominating the Western world since 1945. But many experts consider liberalism to be dying due to the rise of eastern states primarily Russia and China- both countries which don't give a damn about it. Especially Russia which has Orthodoxy high up on its national agenda. To make things even more interesting its foreign policy has become far more aggressive by exporting these views beyond its national borders. Best examples being Moldova and Armenia as the first ones to be 'conquered'.
      So secularism might be the dominant ideology among the Western powers for the time being, but it's future is shaky and uncertain.

    10. 77% - You cant claim what you are claiming, any data to support? Many "seculars" are very or somewhat religious people, including some who belong to the Church hierarchy (even Serb. Ort. Ch.).
      For the 2nd paragraph, please refer to my first comment @2.46 AM (4th paragraph in particular).
      Wrong, wrong and wrong - just few quick facts and figures: secularism is not closely related to liberalism (too many forms and things under this liberalism umbrella). It has dominated "Western world" since American and French Revolution. After 1945, and McCarthyism in America (very liberal ideology, as a matter of fact) secularism was "endangered".
      Things are more complicated, your simplifying analysis is based on wrong premisses, among other things. But we can definitely agree that its future is shaky and uncertain.
      Lets see, if it just stays on this, I would say it might go through, however, if they bless or something the ariplanes - than we have a real huge problem.

    11. Anonymous22:43

      I can't be bothered to look for it now, it was published some months ago by a Belgian company. Look it up online.

      No. It was not dominating the Western world since the French and the American revolution, it only started after the Second World War to creep into various parts of Europe which were extremely conservative and where religious leaders were influencing monarchs up until that point (best examples being Germany and Austria). So what if it was threatened in the US during that relatively short period? I wrote West with a capital W which includes western Europe and Canada among other places. The European Union has been, until recently, a bastion of neo-liberalism and secularism. Thank God that is changing now.

      To be frank, it's pointless to debate with someone who misused the term secularism further down and who thinks that the West only applies to the United States.

      I am sorry buddy but come back once you have more information and knowledge. God bless you Washington Square.

    12. Anonymous22:50

      p.s. I will give you this, you were funny when you used no a few times for a thing you completely wrong about. :)

  45. Anonymous19:08

    Tommorow, around 1200 UTC, first A319 AirSERBIA livery is expected to land at ''Nikola Tesla'' airport. It will have a company in likes of two MiG29 of Serbian Air Force...
    Looks like they are ahead of schedule :-)

    1. Anonymous20:15


    2. propalipilot21:33

      I didn't know we have 2 MiG29 that can fly :)

      Great news. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  46. Anonymous01:17

    yea this is confirmed! They will be flying low and also one G4 will record hole flight!

  47. Anonymous04:35

    Who's the young boy (under the clock) on the holy picutre? He's sooo cute.

  48. propalipilot11:15

    Here she is

    1. Anonymous11:46

      Thanks man! This is exciting.

      ...and so it begins.

    2. Anonymous12:29

      12.23 it entered the Serbian air space.

    3. Anonymous12:42

      12.42, welcome YU-APC! :)

  49. propalipilot14:23

    Video :)


  51. propalipilot17:35

    Video taken from MiG-29. There are few photos, too.

  52. Coma20:12

    Does anybody know if the aircaft was flown by our recruits or those were some hired pilots?

  53. Dejan Milinković20:15

    Here it is -

    1. Anonymous22:44

      Hmm from the windows it looks like blue leather seats.

    2. JATBEGMEL22:58

      blue and white seats for economy, grey for business apparently. overhead screens throughout and iPads for business class the next few days it shall be revealed :)

      Dejane, svaka ti cast na sliku :)

    3. Anonymous00:48

      iPads? What content?

    4. Dejan Milinković10:38

      Thank you JATBEGMEL. I am looking at full resolution pictures, definitely light blue seats in economy class. Though, hard to see colour of business class seats, they might be gray but I am far for sure about that.

    5. Oh I just hope it's not the same blue/green colour as the ones Turkish Airlines has. They are simply disgusting. However, I am sure that they have more taste than the Turks.

      Dejane, fantastic shot. I like how you captured the belly with the logo. If there are more pictures from yesterday do share them with us here. :)

    6. Coma18:23

      Dejane, congrats on beautiful picture. :)
      Can you tell us which camera you used and which lense?

    7. Anonymous21:42

      Look at the remark ;)

      Canon 650D + Canon EF 70-200 f4 L IS, @221mm (35mm equivalent focal length). 1600 px

    8. Anonymous23:35

      wow... That lense is something... :D

    9. Dejan Milinković15:49

      Here are a few photos more, not only to Air Serbia related ones - Please. let me know whether link wokrs.

    10. It works. Nice photos. Thanks :)

    11. Dejan Milinković16:25

      You are welcome :)

    12. Dejan Milinković16:34

      Dear EX-YU Aviation, I would ask you something via e-mail, could you send an test message to my e-mail address -, then I will be able to respond with a question. Cheers,

    13. Done. You can always write to

  54. Anonymous20:58

    @ ex-yu aviation

    do you know whether the b737-300s to be used on charter flights will be repainted in Air Serbia livery?

  55. It will be all white, it would be the cheapest solution

  56. Nikola10:46

    moram da kažem da je uprava BEG-a izrazito neozbiljna. napravili su C7-C10 platforme, a nisu napravili kapije za odlazak putnika ka njima, već je planiran prevoz putnika busevima samo u dolaznom saobraćaju, jer postoje samo jedna dolazna vrata kod pasoške kontrole i to je to. ne razumem kako nisu planirali i ukrcavanje na tim platformama?

    1. Ako si putovao malo po svetu (ili dovoljno po Evropi), udaljene stajanke nisu nista novo. Na mnogim aerodromima u Evropi takodje se ide busom. Verujem da ce izlaz biti na nekom slobodnom gejtu, kroz security pa dole niz stepenice u bus i onda do aviona. Nista specijalno, niti neobicno.

    2. Nikola12:27

      ne, ne, niste shvatili moju poentu. znam da postoje udaljene stajanke (putovao sam), ali tako na CDG postoje posebni gejtovi za putnike koji se do aviona prebacuju autobusom (upravo sam tamo koristio tu priliku). moja poenta je da genijalci sa aerodroma nisu napravili posebne gejtove za te stajanke u odlaznom saobraćaju, a trebali su, jer zašto bi neko koristio A5, pa onda niz stepenice silazio u autobus koji ga vozi do C7, kada su mogli da naprave u prizemlju gejt C7 (pogotovo što ima mesta za tako nešto). za dolazni saobraćaj je ok, tu nemam zamerki

    3. Anonymous12:36

      Слажем се са Николом и то сам исто прокоментарисао пре неколико месеци када су објавили да ће саградити ове стајанке. Управа аеродрома Београд је понекад мало ограничена као што се то види овде. Мислим да су планирали да укрцавају путнике преко А9 или А10 излаза што је по мени крајње глупо и не решава ништа.

  57. Anonymous10:54

    Does anybody know when will the flight will be performed tomorrow? And is it going to be a low pass above Novi Sad?

    1. Anonymous16:34

      I think that it will be a usual test flight will usual altitude (no low pass above Novi Sad). It's probably the future crew that will do the testing tomorrow.

    2. Anonymous19:07

      Okay! Thank you. But does anybody know when will test flight be?

  58. I think it would be Serbian crew onboard

  59. Anonymous22:30

    It is not JatAirways large hangar!
    It is JatTehnika large hangar!

  60. Anonymous22:56

    Mr. Vucic has said tonight that Hogan is thinking about lanching BEG-YYZ and BEG-ORD until 2016, but he's pushing him to launch BEG-JFK with A330s until the end of next year. Also, he implicitly said that JU will purchase stakes in regional companies.

    1. Anonymous23:40

      Nice.. Where he said that? Do you have some link?

    2. Anonymous21:39čekajući+budućnost.html

  61. Anonymous23:49

    RTS1's show at 21:00h tonight. I think it's called "Pogled u buducnost" or something simillar.

  62. Anonymous00:02

    Test flight will be on wednesday, 8 or 12h cet. Also filming AS promotion material

  63. Vucic announced that A330 is coming to the fleet until the end of 2014...Chicago and Toronto directly from BEG!!

    1. Anonymous04:39

      Thats what i heard when he was speaking about an hour or so ago! Lets pray!!!

  64. Nikola08:27

    you know what would be cool? that JU becomes European launch customer of A350. and i hope that US/Canada flight start

  65. Nikola11:47

    check this out:

    1. Anonymous12:18

      Here is the actual link for those who wish to order it or check it out. :)
      This is very good, more publicity for Air Serbia in Germany.

  66. Anonymous13:22

    Thursday 24.10 - Grand opening of Air Serbia’s sales office in the Boulevard of King Alexander. It will take place at 11.00 CEST and will be opened by Serbia’s Minister for Economy Saša Radulović and Air Serbia’s CEO Dane Kondić. Major promotional ticket deals expected to be announced."

    A new promo deal? Sounds excellent.

  67. BA88815:26

    What level of new product will B733 fleet get in the immediate period after inaugural flight?

    New uniforms/catering?
    Or all will remain the same until the route gets new a/c?

    1. Anonymous16:28

      EX-YU once said that the uniforms and catering will be new. The rest will remain the same probably.

  68. Anonymous15:46

    Do you know departure time of the test flight? TNX!

    1. Anonymous16:25


  69. Anonymous18:11

    How are the sales for flights to Bucharest, Banja Luka, Abu Dhabi, Prague and Ljubljana going?

  70. Dnevnik 3 (RTS) just mentioned that the tomorrows flight is scheduled for 12:00 and that the route will be Beograd-Niš-Beograd. Sources from the Serbian Military were quoted.

    It would be so much better to have the new JU website up and running and to publish all relevant news there.

  71. Anonymous02:36

    2 questions:
    1. What is happening with the ATR's? Have they started undergoing a cabin reconfiguration and repaint yet, or will that be done after the launch on Saturday

    2. I noticed that the Serbian flag on the aircraft is backwards(the coat of arms is on the right). Was this done by accident or deliberately?

    1. This is usual in aviation, as for the flag to always point towards the nose. See here:

  72. Anonymous09:59

    YUAPC has just been towed to stand B4, expected departure to LYNI at time 0900 UTC!

  73. Anonymous10:04

    YUAPC has just been towed to stand B4, expected departure time to LYNI at 0900 UTC.
    On the way back airshow over Beograd.

  74. Anonymous10:53

    Test flight 1100lt from BEG. No landing at INI, just go around. Demo flight at 1430lt

  75. Nikola12:08

    at this moment YU-APC is above Ljig

  76. propalipilot17:28

    My video. It's taken with phone, so quality is bad. But it's something :)

  77. SQ2619:32

    I dunno if anyone have posted the pics of Y class and J class of Air Serbia, as Y class have blue seats while Y class have grayish seats :)

    1. Anonymous09:43

      Did you see some pics?? Give us some link, please :)

  78. Anonymous20:36

    Does anyone know when the AT72 will be receiving the new livery?

  79. Anonymous23:42

    You have AirSERBIA official facebook page that gives you some nice photos and informs you about promotional fares and thats all.

  80. Anonymous06:28

    Lot's of talk regarding Air Serbia
    Look at this article, comment what you think!

  81. JU520 BEGLAX09:45

    Ex Yu Aviation... u re theeeeeeeeee best!!!! Fantastic coverage and information
    thank u 1000000 times for yr passion and dedication. We look forward to bext days in BEG which will be very exciting.

  82. Anonymous10:02

    OMG I love the uniforms!!!!!! They look so nice, especially the pin and the hats!! Go Air Serbia, go!!

  83. Anonymous12:23

    Congratulation! Hostess uniforms is so modern, professional. Have not chance to see uniforms for stewards, but AIR SERBIA have to be very proud with image. Most of my colleagues and people are going to fly with AIR SERBIA I am sure will be very please with your professionalism and expectation of new way of doing business to the public.
    With my experience in traveling with over 40 airlines in last
    43 years of flying all over continents and spent over 4000 hours of flying, I believe I am close to be competent to compering with others. To love AIR SERBIA, respect all others people and airline, my say happy grand ceremony
    at Belgrade tomorrow to all. Exciting flight to Abu Dhabi on new beginning and joy to people of AIR SERBIA including all who wish to. New chapter beginning in SERBIA of the future. Radovan Marinkovic, AME. Griffith // Kraljevo.

  84. JU520 BEGLAX12:38

    wooooooooooooooooow, what nice uniforms and look at this beautiful and confortable Business class seats....
    i m very positively suprised and very happy about this. Today is a great day again for ex YU aviation history.

    this product definitely will rock the market in the Region......

    can t wait to fly with them. Time to fly to Belgrade after 23 years again !!!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous12:54

      Yes, personally I did not expect to like it this much! However, I am in love with them at this point.

      I was always faithful to Jat Airways, even when they were at their lowest. It is a pleasure to say the least to see my national airline flourish they was they did. :)

  85. Anonymous13:14

    Glamoureous start and big Bravo for the new start but knowing the Serbian no discipline mentality I am afraid that these standards will not live too long. Hope I am wrong! Wishing AirSerbia all the best!

  86. BA88813:24

    This may not come as a suprise:

    New unifom:
    Bland. Navy blue, like hundreds other airlines.
    Nice touch with pin on the pocket with new logo.
    Scarf confirms my fear- from the distance, it looks like polka dot or snow flake.

    New seats: Nice. (Hope cushions remain)

  87. Anonymous14:45

    You have mentioned that they have launched a 48 hour sale in a form of buy one get another for free. As of now no such promotion is available on their website.

    1. Nikola15:32

      it will probably start when they launch new website.
      i like uniforms, they are nice. also seats look very very good. all in all, very satisfied. can't wait to travel somewhere with them

    2. Anonymous15:48

      Same here, I really like what they did with the product. I am really happy that Etihad stepped in to save the day. :)

    3. Go to the Jat website. Choose a destination for two people. You will be given the price for one.

    4. Anonymous16:31

      have done that - but not true. i have also tried different periods, but all to no avail

    5. Hmm I tried AMS-BEG in NOV and it worked. But perhaps they are waiting to roll out the new site. According the Dane Kondic, it will be launched today.

    6. Nikola16:49

      yeah, i also tried few destinations from early DEC and nothing. two prices. i also think that they will offer that with new website

    7. Anonymous17:07

      I hope so, cause at this moment it clearly does not work. Many thanks to all for your kind answers.

    8. Anonymous20:11

      Does that mean that it won't work if I want to travel alone twice?

  88. I love the uniforms, especially those hats. You can even see that those flight attendants have a different attitude and smiles on their face. Etihad did a good job training them and paying attention to details. Also, those pillows looks so nice. The pattern is very similar to those found on Etihad's airplanes. Overall good job.

  89. Anonymous17:31

    As a matter of fact, as of October 26, 2013 the carrier will be officially named "Air Serbia, currently Jat Airways" until January 1, 2014.

  90. Anonymous17:38

    I just went to their office to finish something and I have to say that I am really impressed- it looks amazing. Their signs outside will be lit at night! By the way, the office was full with people so I guess keeping them open is justified.


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