British Airways: London Heathrow - Belgrade


British Airways launches three weekly flights from London Heathrow to Belgrade:

Flight number: BA888
Departure city: LHR
Departure time: 07.55 (-2----7), 07.30 (----5--)
Arrival time: 11.50 (-2----7), 11.25 (----5--)
Arrival city: BEG
Aircraft type: A320
Day operating: -2--5-7


Flight number: BA889
Departure city: BEG
Departure time: 12.35 (-2----7), 12.10 (----5--)
Arrival time: 14.25 (-2----7), 14.05 (----5--)
Arrival city: LHR
Aircraft type: A320
Day operating: -2--5-7


  1. Anonymous12:45

    They're arriving/departing at peak times.

  2. Zoran14:49

    Glad to hear of the plans but the London departure time is too early. If we need to get to airport two hours beforehand it will be difficult to do by public transport.

    1. Anonymous17:12

      piccadilly line runs 24/7 and first elizabeth line train gets to terminal 5 at around 5am so it is not too bad

    2. Anonymous19:48

      Yeah, unfortunately, the Piccadilly line doesn't run 24/7; Night Tube services operate on weekends only. Your best bet would be the Elizabeth line; the first train arrives from central London at T5 at 05.34 during weekdays. The alternative would be the Heathrow Express. Not precisely ideal - regardless, better than nothing!

  3. Anonymous23:52

    Excellent. Air Serbia has been extortionate with its monopoly from LHR.


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