Croatia Airlines-Singapore Airlines expand codeshare

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Croatia Airlines and Singapore Airlines will strengthen their codeshare partnership this summer season. According to "Airlineroute", Singapore Airlines will place its "SQ" designator code and flight numbers onto Croatia Airlines' services from Zagreb, Split and Dubrovnik to Zurich, as well as from Dubrovnik to Rome and Frankfurt. The Singaporean national carrier already codeshares on Croatia Airlines’ flights from London Heathrow and Copenhagen to Zagreb. In return, the Croatian carrier has previously placed its codes onto Singaporean Airlines' services between the British and Danish capital cities to Singapore. Both carriers are members of the Star Alliance group.


  1. Anonymous19:12

    I wanna ask the user Purger about his opinion on how likely Singapore Airlines flights to Zagreb are.

    1. Anonymous22:45

      That's an easy one to answer ... ZERO

    2. I agree that Singapore Airlines to Zagreb is very unlikely but if OU ever go long-haul which they could following a successful long-haul AirSerbia than Singapore would be an excellent option for OU to consider. One stop to Australasia to counter the ME3. Just an opinion and I know, not likely to happen.

    3. Purger08:50

      Totally agree. Non!

      It can be done if Republic of Croatia have good negotiator dedicated to that task, who would show potentials of Croatia, would persuade Singapore to invest in Croatia and would find funds to support (subsidize) that plan, and than we could see Singapore-Zagreb-New York route with code-share from ZAG to VIE, PRG, ATH, SJJ, SKP, PRN, SPU, DBV, ZAD, PUY, OSI (TGD, TIA, OMO, SOF, OTP).

    4. Anonymous15:40

      I used to work for SQ and i can tell you that the chances of them ever flying to ZAG are non-existent. What drives the profitability of any long haul flying that is critical for SQ, is front-end ie. business class traffic and ZAG is no centre of commerce - nor for that matter, are any destinations in ex-yu. ZAG and Croatia is all leisure and there is simply insufficient high yielding traffic to sustain an SQ service. What might be possible one day, is their low cost affiliate, SCOOT, if it ever decides to go long haul.


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