Croatia Airlines: Zagreb - Mostar


Croatia Airlines launches three weekly flights from Zagreb to Mostar:

Flight number: OU326
Departure city: ZAG
Departure time: 11.25 (--3----), 23.00 (---4--7)
Arrival time: 12.30 (--3----), 00.05 (1---5--)
Arrival city: OMO
Aircraft type: Q400
Day operating: --34--7


Flight number: OU327
Departure city: OMO
Departure time: 06.00 (1---5--), 13.05 (--3----)
Arrival time: 07.00 (1---5--), 14.05 (--3----)
Arrival city: ZAG
Aircraft type: Q400
Day operating: 1-3-5--


  1. Anonymous10:49

    When I worked for JAT/ Pilgrim I put in place a direct flight from LHR / OMO and had 3/4 connections a week from ZAG/ OMO and at least 2 connections from BEG/ OMO majority of passengers for Medjugorje utilizing then JATs international connections

  2. Anonymous14:36

    I wonder when they're gonna put tickets for sale.. Flights starting in a month and still nothing


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