Croatia intercepts Monarch jet

Monday, July 6, 2015

A Monarch Airlines Airbus A321 aircraft was intercepted last Wednesday, July 1, by a pair of Croatian MIG21 fighter jets after it failed to report to Slovenian frequencies. The Croatian Ministry of Defence has confirmed that the fighter jets were dispatched on NATO’s request to locate the aircraft on the border between Croatia and Slovenia at 33.000 feet. They accompanied the Monarch aircraft to the Croatian border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The jet was on route from London Gatwick to Larnaca in Cyprus. It is unknown as to why the pilot failed to comply with requests to contact Slovenian air traffic control once it entered the country’s airspace from Austria. It continued its journey onwards to Larnaca safely.


  1. Anonymous17:54

    The pilot probably thought it wasn't worth the effort for the 15 seconds he'd spend in Slovenian airspace.

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  2. Anonymous18:49

    Nije se javljao ni Austrijancima, samo šta su mediji opet krivo prenijeli vijest!

  3. Anonymous09:49

    Ako citate medije Republike Srpske ("zvanicne"), sve ovo je bila krivica Sarajeva jer ne kontrolise BiH nebo.....smesno

  4. Good to see the Mig's are still working.
    Recently reported that Croatia will be finally making a decision on their replacement soon. Interestingly and what could be linked to Korean Air flights to Croatia and interest in Croatia Airlines is that the Korean K/A 50 is being considered.

  5. F/A 50 I meant.


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