Norwegian Air Shuttle: Oslo - Skopje


Norwegian Air Shuttle launches two weekly flights to Skopje:

Flight number: DY1914
Departure city: OSL
Departure time: 17.40 (1------), 06.35 (----5--)
Arrival time: 20.45 (1------), 09.40 (----5--)
Arrival city: SKP
Aircraft type: B737-800
Day operating: 1---5--


Flight number: DY1915
Departure city: SKP
Departure time: 21.25 (1------), 10.30 (----5--)
Arrival time: 00.25 (-2-----), 13.20 (----5--)
Arrival city: OSL
Aircraft type: B737-800
Day operating: 1---5--


  1. Anonymous17:04

    Wow, how nice, please how can i apply to be part of the ground operations for this airline? Can someone tell me please? Thank you in advance! My e-mail address is :


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