Pristina Airport eyes Wizz Air flights

Monday, January 5, 2015

Pristina Airport has said it expects low cost airline Wizz Air to launch flights to the city this year. “Switzerland and Germany are the most frequented countries by passengers flying from our airport. Nineteen airlines are operating to Pristina Airport. This year, the number of destinations and airlines will increase, from Wizz Air to many more”, the airport said in a statement. Wizz Air has attracted a significant number of passengers from Kosovo on its services departing Skopje. The no frills airline is looking to further expand in the region this year as it opens a base in Tuzla this summer, introduces new services to Niš and launches additional flights from Skopje, which will be officially announced after January 15. The airline is also in talks with Podgorica Airport over potential flights.


  1. Anonymous15:14

    After PRN, only ZAG is left. How long before Zagreb caves in and allows Wizz to fly there?

  2. Anonymous15:38

    First of all Kosovo sued Macedonia because of subsidies.Now they want to do the same thing what Macedonia does. Logic

    1. They were probably told nothing will come out their case, so they decided to try the same on their own.
      If so, that sounds logical to me.

      But why has Wizz avoided Pristina for this long is a mystery.
      It made a lot of sense to start flying loooong time ago, but they didn't.
      Anyone knows why?

    2. Anonymous17:12

      Extremely high charges per passenger. Like, 2-3 times BEG.

    3. Oh, really. WOW. That is insane for an airport in Pristina's position.
      But than I guess that's what you get when you give concession to someone who you don't have any influence over... hmmm... something to think about for the rest.

      On another note, Skopje is in same position, i.e. it has foreign investor but the Government steps in, so I guess its down to the parliament in their case.

  3. Anonymous18:12

    Absolutely a dream from PRN airport managment, WIZZ has strong connection / liasion with SKP airport and FYROM government and subsidies that is becoming are huge, WIZZ FYROM gov. strategy pulling 500.000 passangers from/to Kosovo is having great succes, and now they will introduce new destinations, its going to be more and more PAX for SKP and less for PRN. WIZZ is also making copy paste strategy with TGD airport contra TIA airport and is willing to fly there with a huge possibility to have lot of customers from Tirana and North Albania., Ilir Pristina

    1. Anonymous18:21

      A true fact, airport Pristina TAX is 18.53 EUR and SKP airport TAX is 11.50 EUR
      True fact is that WIZZ need better conditions then offered in SKP airport , why not and is playing some cat and mice game with airports in the region, and they have two aircraft in SKP and the third is coming. I agree with Ilir, cheers AI,

  4. Anonymous18:41

    yesterday we have 12 flights from Basel to Pristina..i think that wizzair will be soon flying this routing..a

  5. Anonymous19:30

    Pristina can only dream of Skopje's sucess story with Wizzair. The only thing they might get is something like Slovenia 2 routes MAX. Everything else will go via Skopje. I hope this year will be worse for Pristina.

    1. hahaha, why? I mean why do you wish them worst year than the last?

    2. Anonymous12:22

      Why would you wish Pristina something like that, the Skopje airport only did so well because there were so many going to Pristina. If anything Skopje will now become Slovenia. Watch this space!

  6. Wow. I just calculated the fees for Pristina vs Skopje and Belgrade Airports. Price is for Wizz's A320, with 144 out of 180 seats filled (80% LF)

    Landing fees
    PRN- 816 euro
    SKP- 598 euro
    BEG- 973 euro

    Passenger Fees including Security fees
    PRN- 2956 euro
    SKP- 2520 euro
    BEG- 2302 euro

    Ground Handling Fees
    PRN- 1552 Euro
    SKP- 1050 Euro
    BEG- 602 Euro

    PRN- 5324 euro
    SKP- 4168 euro
    BEG- 3877 euro

    Total per passenger
    PRN- 36,97 euro
    SKP- 28,94 euro
    BEG- 26.92 euro

    There is no wonder why Wizz is avoiding PRN like the plague.


    1. Great work mate. Thank you.
      Now, it makes sense.
      Seriously, thank you for pulling up these numbers.

    2. No problem. All done for the love of aviation. Also don't forget that BEG offers fairly good discounts for the first two years for new route launches. I don't know if the rest also do that.

      By the way, the numbers were calculated with 78t as the MTOW.

  7. pristina can only dream of wizzair wizz for you, skopje is no.1

  8. Anonymous09:35

    WIZZ strategy is to pull as much as they can from Pristina airport, they have very strong postion in SKP FYROM airport. the same strategy will be used now in TDG to pull passangers pout of North Albania and TIA surrounding cities including Tirana capital, RENZI

  9. Anonymous17:25

    Please do not forget that Wizz Air had 2 regular routes to Zagreb in the distant past.

  10. it is funny reading some of the post wishing the demise of one airport. Competition within airports its what's required if the region is going to get the much needed economic boost from tourism.


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