Yamal Airlines to launch Belgrade charters

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Russian carrier Yamal Airlines will operate winter charters from Moscow to Belgrade from late December. The carrier will run flights once per week on board its Airbus A320 aiurcarft, each Sunday (with exception to the inaugural flight which will operate on a Wednesday), starting December 30, 2015. Services will operate until February 21, 2016. The flights will cater for Russian holidaymakers visiting Belgrade and the Kopaonik ski resort and are being chartered by the TUI Russia tour operator. In a statement, TUI Russia said, "For the first time we are offering our cutomers the chance to relax at the popular Kopaonik ski resort. We offer customers seven-day tours with departures from Moscow to Belgrade on Sunday and a New Year's tour of the Serbian capital for four nights. We also offer combined tours with five nights at Kopaonik and two nights in Belgrade".

Flight number: YC9455
Departure city: DME
Departure time: 10.30
Arrival time: 11.30
Arrival city: BEG
Aircraft type: A320
Day operating: ------7


Flight number: YC9456
Departure city: BEG
Departure time: 12.30
Arrival time: 17.25
Arrival city: DME
Aircraft type: A320
Day operating: ------7


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