Tuesday, September 15, 2009

New terminal – take two

Waiting for better days – Zagreb Pleso Airport terminal building
Zagreb Airport yesterday named its new CEO, Tonči Peović. The former CEO of Dubrovnik Airport will now become the front man of the country’s largest airport. Peović has promised that a new terminal will be built and that the airport will call for a tender for the submission of projects early next year. Earlier this year a winning project for the airport’s new terminal was chosen only to be cancelled due to financial difficulty. The project will now be built in Donetsk, Ukraine. The outgoing CEO of Zagreb Airport, who has been at the job for many years, was replaced due to his inability to handle the new terminal project, according to the Croatian ministry for transportation. The terminal was to cost some 240 million Euros while the new price tag will be known in mid 2010 when the tender for the submission of designs is closed and a winning project chosen. It is expected that it will cost significantly less than the previous winning design.

The investors of the new terminal will be the city of Zagreb and the Croatian government along with a private company. Like many recent large scale projects in Croatia the terminal will be built and financed by a private firm. Once the terminal is complete the airport’s profits would be split between the government and the private company. The private firm will also control the airport for the next 3 decades.

Zagreb’s current terminal opened in 1966 and has undergone minimal restorations in the past few years. It has a capacity to handle 1.5 million passengers. Last year, the terminal welcomed 2.1 million passengers illustrating the need for a new terminal or the expansion of the current terminal building. Initial plans for the construction of a new terminal building were made back in 1997. More than a decade later Zagreb is still waiting.


  1. More than a decade later Zagreb is still waiting......, and waiting and waiting and waiting.

  2. Maybe the next poll on Ex-Yu news should be;

    What do you think will com first- Zagrebs new terminal or Jats new planes?


    I think none will come first by the way things are going now!

  4. 30 years for a PPP?

    What an investment, i'm surprised we haven't seen dodgy deals and clambering to take control of this obvious money spinner...

    @ Q400

    It'll surprisingly be ZAG. JAT won't stop flying those 733s until they become noise and/or air pollution problems, or they start falling from the sky...

  5. @ Q400

    lmao would be an interesting poll and would be interesting who gets the most votes :)

    i hope ZAG gets a new terminal :) any ideas on how the expansion of LJU is going along? how about for BEG?

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  7. JATBEGMEL: I can tell you about Ljubljana - the apron extension is completed, new car park is completed, two thirds of the runway are renovated, and the area of the future terminal is cleared. The construction is starting early next year.

    BTW: Works on Maribor airport's new terminal started yesterday and will be finished on March 2011.

  8. JATBEGMEL: Ljubljana Airport upgrade http://exyuaviation.blogspot.com/2009/08/ongoing-work-at-ljubljana-airport.html

  9. Does anyone know what the pricetag has been on similar-sized projects to what's planned for ZAG worldwide? That might give some clue as to how much of a ripoff the former project really was...

  10. We should find out how much the Ukrainians are paying for the terminal which was going to be built in Zagreb. I wonder if there is a huge price difference there.

  11. I was looking at some pictures of the proposed terminal for Zagreb which will be built in Ukraine now.

    If the new terminal included the business park and the hotel in it price then it probably was not as expensive as we all think.


    There are a lot of buildings involved in this model.


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