Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ryanair to Pula

A more common sight in Pula this summer
Pula Airport has managed to secure a new service, to be operated by Europe’s largest low cost airline Ryanair. The new flights from Frankfurt Hahn to Pula will accompany the already existing seasonal service between London Stansted Airport and Pula. Airport authorities hope that the new flights will turn around what has been a disastrous 2009 and preliminary figures for January 2010 show that the negative trend is continuing. In 2009, the number of passengers handled by Pula Airport decreased by almost 21% compared to 2008. On the other hand, Zadar, which has seen an influx of flights operated by Ryanair saw its passenger numbers soar by 35%.

The new service between Frankfurt and Pula will commence on May 3. Tickets are already on sale. Flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launched section. Airport authorities stated that they are negotiating with Russian carriers to commence services to the seaside town during the summer season. Meanwhile, Pula Airport is carrying out modest renovations to its facilities. It has installed a new security system, upgraded its check in desks and is upgrading its departure hall facilities and shops. The management plans to expand the terminal building however such major projects will have to wait for some better times.


  1. When is Jat resuming their flights to Pula? Could we see this route going year around?

  2. I keep saying, God ssave the Queen and Ryanair! I have flown with them over 20 times and I do not have any complaints at all! you get what you pay for, simple as that!Their tickets are VERY OFTEN cheaper than train ticket for 1-2 hours journey in Europe(osjetio na svojoj kozi!!!) They have done an amazing job, "woken up from dead" some airports! Thanking to Ryanair Zadar Airport this summer(when I flew there) was packed! I wish all the best to Pula too, and I hope Ryanair will start flights from Belgrade, Zagreb, Nis, etc. now when there is no visa restrictions for schenegen countries(I hope Bosnia will be included in few months time too!) I hope they will consider it! I hope Osijek will get all year around flights too!

    Pozdrav svima

  3. @Anonymous above...

    Ryanair is airline from Republic of Ireland...

  4. Sparky I do know that but I use that saying as a joke, sorry if I have hurt your republican feelings.....

  5. Sparky I do know that but I use that saying as a joke, sorry if I have hurt your republican feelings.....


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