Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Macedonian airports post strong growth


Macedonia's two international airports, Skopje and Ohrid, have recorded strong passenger growth so far this year with the two handling a combined total 1.089.906 travellers during the January - July period, representing an increase of 8.1% on last year. In July alone, the two welcomed 229.776 travellers, up 15.2%. The number of aircraft movements at Alexander the Great Airport and St Paul the Apostle Airport during the seven month period stood at 9.756, an improvement of 1.5%. Skopje Airport's growth in July was fuelled by the launch of three new routes by Wizz Air, as well as Qatar Airways' new service from Doha. Meanwhile, Small Planet Airlines launched regular charter flights between Katowice in Poland and Ohrid this July. 


  1. Well done Skopje and Ohrid!

  2. Why not report figures for each airport? We can do the math and add two figures up.

    So much more interesting to know how each airport to get an indication how new routes are doing.

    1. Because individual figures for each airport have not been disclosed yet. Once they are, they will be published.

    2. Admin, didn't mean why you didn't release the figures. I meant why the organization in charge of releasing the figures didn't do that.

      As always, super duper grateful for the work that you put in.

    3. Ohrid:
      Jan 4426
      Feb 5244
      Mar 5462
      Apr 7888
      May 13934
      Jun 18834
      Jul 28285
      Tot 84073
      The rest is for Skopje


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