Adria, Jat Airways and Belgrade Airport report good results

Slovenia’s national air carrier Adria Airways is reporting a huge increase in passengers in their half yearly report. For the period between January to the end of June Adria saw a 26% increase in passenger numbers. The number of offered flights also increased by 16%. In total Adria has had 602.037 passengers with a 38% increase in charter flights. In June Adria carried 138.274 passengers, a 20% increase compared to same time last year.

In the first six months this year, Jat Airways carried a total of 578.781 passengers. Compared to the same period last year, this is a 9% increase in the passenger numbers. Charter traffic this year grew by 38%. In June 2008, Jat Airways carried 141.000 passengers on 2.072 flights, an 11% rise against the same month last year. The average daily flight-hour level for the entire fleet for the January to June period of 2008 was 8:53 block hours, the highest daily number of flight hours being logged by the B-737-300 fleet - 9:48 hours.

Currently based on passenger numbers the top 3 EX-YU airlines are:
1. Croatia Airlines
2. Adria Airways
3. Jat Airways
However, like last year, it is likely Jat will overtake Adria in passenger numbers by the end of the year as the largest amount of passengers for Jat Airways come through during July.

Currently, Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport is unbeatable in EX-YU when it comes to the number of passengers that passed through its gates. Until the end of June 1.181.448 passengers have passed through the airport compared to 1.064.556 the same time last year. May saw the biggest increase in passenger numbers thanks to the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest which was held in the city.