New expansion strategy for Montenegro airports

The government owned company Airports of Montenegro will by the end of this year revise its master plan which outlines the development of airports in Montenegro by the year 2023. The first phase of the plan was implemented successfully and much quicker than expected. The company’s main aim is to continue improving facilities at Tivat and Podgorica which were recently reconstructed (with Podgorica getting a brand new terminal and Tivat a complete reconstruction). There are currently studies in place to determine if there would be a need for a third international airport in the small Adriatic seaside nation. A proposed airport site would be the redevelopment of the domestic airport at Berane. Berane city officials, as well as the general public in north eastern Montenegro favors the reconstruction, while government authorities question the project's viability.

For the time being both Podgorica and Tivat airports have seen a rise in passenger numbers this summer. Podgorica’s terminal one is expected to undergo renovations soon while the two airports are served, besides Montenegro Airlines, by Jat Airways, Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways from the EX-YU.