MAT in chaos

MAT could be grounded by January 15
The national carrier of Macedonia has had one of its most turbulent years, being plagued both by bans and low passenger numbers. Just a few days before the New Year and Christmas holiday period, when passenger numbers are usually high, MAT could be grounded. The Civil Aviation Authority issued an ultimatum stating that if MAT does not pay 110.000 Euros it owes to EUROCONTROL, the organisation that regulates Europe’s airspace, its aircraft will be completely grounded. Some countries have already taken steps and have banned MAT from their airspace, the latest being Germany and Italy.

According to local press MAT is shocked by the impending ultimatum and has voiced its frustration at EUROCONTROL, stating that it does not understand why the organisation would take such steps to ground the airline at a time when airlines are reporting low passenger figures and are in major financial trouble due to the global economic crisis.

To find out more about the turbulent year MAT has had visit tomorrow for the “Year in Review”. We will keep you updated with the current situation in MAT over the following weeks.