Norwegian to Zagreb

Soon in Zagreb
Days after Zagreb Airport’s new CEO announced his intention to lure low cost airlines to Croatia’s largest airport by slashing handling prices, one of Scandinavia’s largest low cost airlines, Norwegian Air Shuttle, has announced new flights. Norwegian Air Shuttle will begin scheduled services from Copenhagen in Denmark to Zagreb on May 3, 2010. The airline will also relaunch its seasonal summer charters from Copenhagen to Dubrovnik, also in May. The new Croatian destinations are part of the airline’s network expansion which will also include Malta, Athens and Palermo from Stockholm, Oslo and Copenhagen.

Norwegian will become the third low cost airline to serve Zagreb Airport. During the upcoming 2009/10 winter season Germanwings and Wizz Air will offer low cost flights from the Croatian capital.

All information regarding Norwegian’s new service to Zagreb can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.


  1. Nemanja16:48

    @ exyu aviation Copenhagen is not in Sweden it is actually in Denmark.I hope all goes well with this new route.

    Do Norweigan air shuttle fly to Belgrade and Sarajevo.

  2. ^ Yes it certainly is. Typing mistake.

    Norwegian flies to Belgrade and will start flights to Sarajevo in April.

  3. Nemanja16:56

    thank you for your response

  4. Anonymous17:07

    Norwegian has already flown this summer season to Sarajevo from Oslo and Stockholm and from the same destinations to Belgrade. it has been possible to find, SOMETIMES very competitive prices.

  5. Anonymous17:13

    I will continue to fly with Croaita Airlines, becaseu a norwegian ticket CPH-ZAG-CPH cost approximately 185euro with all fees as 20 kg luggage. When flying witch Croatia Airlines you are included 20 kg luggage + 8 kg handluggage with food for 200euro, so i will continue with Croatia...

  6. frequentflyer01:07

    They would have been better offering flights to Oslo where they would have faced no competition...

    Good to see another airline at ZAG, and will watch to see how the LCCs actually do...

  7. JATBEGMEL08:44

    great news for Zagreb :)

    @ anonymous

    dont really see what your trying to say. you make OU seem more expensive to fly with yet prefer OU. and as for the meal, its only a 2 hour flight, its not like if you dont eat on the flight you'll die of hunger anyway. if you need to eat go to konzum before the flight and pick up some snacks for 10-15 kuna.

  8. Anonymous16:53

    Great point JATBEGMEL :-) Absolutelu true, that's what I have been trying to say here for months!!!!


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