Winter in EX-YU

New arrivals this winter
This winter foreign carriers will be making many modifications when it comes to the former Yugoslav region. The arrival of low cost airlines in Zagreb, Belgrade and Sarajevo are expected to mark the 2009/10 winter season.

At Ljubljana’s Jože Pučnik Airport, there will be minimal changes when it comes to foreign airline operations. Malev, which has suspended services to the United States, has lost a large number of transit passengers from neighbouring countries heading towards North America . As a result flights to Ljubljana will be terminated.

At Zagreb’s Pleso Airport the Portuguese national carrier TAP will introduce a stopover on its Lisbon to Zagreb service and will thus connect Zagreb with Bologna in Italy. It remains to be seen wether low cost airlines will answer the call of the airport’s CEO to begin flights to Croatia’s capital. Norwegian Air Shuttle is scheduled to make its debut in Zagreb during the next summer season.

Belgrade will see one of the biggest winter increases when foreign airlines are in question. From December 7, TAROM Romanian Airlines will connect Bucharest and Belgrade. The low cost Nikki will introduce 6 weekly flights from Vienna to Belgrade starting February 1. Olympic will increase services from Athens. As a result the two cities will be connected with 2 daily flights starting January 1. Meanwhile, Lufthansa will introduce a third daily flight from Munich.

Sarajevo will see the resumption of flights to Stockholm from April 3. Flights will be operated by the low cost Norwegian Air Shuttle. Skopje, which is no longer a main base for any airline, will be hoping that new local carriers will start up flights. The low cost Germanwings will suspend flights from Skopje to Cologne. Air Berlin will make Priština its mini base with flights to Zurich, Munich, Geneva, Hannover and Dusseldorf starting October 25.

Visit the blog this Saturday for Adria Airways’ 2009/10 winter modifications.


Croatia Airlines will be launching flights between Zagreb and Belgrade on May Day (May 1) next year. You can read more about the new service on Sunday. Until then, check out the new route launches section for flight details.


  1. But there are already 3 flight from Munich. Is this supposed to be 4? More info please.
    About 2 months back passengers have been questioned at the Munich airport if they were satisfied with the Belgrade service, prices and schedules. So there realy might be something new but I hardly doubt the 4th flight.

  2. JATBEGMEL10:01

    Suksesi për fluturime të reja nga Aeroporti Ndërkombëtar i Prishtinës!

    Best of luck to the new flights coming to our local airports!

    ТАРОМ, добродошао!


    10:50 12:15 LH3400 0 01:25
    14:55 16:25 LH3402 0 01:30
    19:25 20:50 LH3404 0 01:25

  4. Anonymous14:05

    Yes, there have been 3x daily flights between Munich and Belgrade for many years now. Lufthansa also operates 2x flights between Frankfurt and Belgrade.

    The only change is that the Munich flights are no longer operated by LH Cityline, but by Augsburg Airways.

  5. Nemanja17:04

    Great to see Belgrade Zagreb an Sarajevo recieving many new flights hopefully this will increase the passenger numbers serving each airport the most succesful flights will probably be
    Viena-Belgrade,Copenhagen-Zagreb and Zagreb Belgrade. How unfortunate for Macedonia's two airports good luck to them finding a new carier.

  6. Anonymous17:39

    OMG is that definite BEG-ZAG for next year??? I am so happy, that is such a positive step, can't wait for that to happen :-) the most of this are great news, of course apart these terminations, especially for Skopje, I genuinly hope better days are there to come for Skopje and Ohrid :-) Lets be positive!

  7. Anonymous17:46

    question for EX-YU: Why ryanair has made flights from Franfurt to osijek seasonal?! apparently the route has been more than success and I am sure that people would fly to osijek during the winter season!

  8. Anonymous18:24

    One more question :-) i have just seen one very interesting flight from Belgrade Airport to Ostend(in Belgium), is that a scheduled flight? I find it rather unusual ;-)

  9. ^ I presume the flight is for Belgrade’s football club which is playing tonight in Ostend.

    As for Ryanair they might have presumed that the route will be highly seasonal, meaning it can only get passengers during the summer time.

  10. Anonymous18:59

    Thank you :-)


  11. Anonymous00:14

    To EX-YU Aviation

    I have a flight booked from Budapest to Podgorica on the 8th of January. Are you saying this is now cancelled?

  12. ^ No, your flight will go ahead. It was a mistake in the article and has been corrected. The source claimed that Malev is ending flights to Ljubljana, Podgorica and even Zagreb. I was certain Zagreb would not end but didn’t double check Podgorica. Sorry about that. Flights to Ljubljana will be terminated though.

  13. Anonymous08:55

    To EX-YU Aviation

    Regarding Malev flights to Podgorica, the frequency has been reduced to 3 times weekly. As my flight was on the 8th it has now been moved to the 9th.

    Thanks for your help

  14. frequentflyer11:11

    ^ @ EX-YU

    Those reductions for ZAG were likely the additional 4 midday flights operated during summer using 736s. The 12-weekly EMB120s (operated by Budapest Air Service) will remain as train services between the two cities are just too slow (especially on the Hungarian side!), though faster flights and more competitive times/prices could see pax drawn via BUD.

    Roll on the Corridor V money to fix the rail corridor around Balaton and make ZAG-BUD a 4hr rail journey!

  15. Anonymous09:58

    Latest published on Sarajevo Airport site : Od danas,28.10.'09, libijska kompanija BURAQ AIR, počinje sa redovnim letovima na relaciji Tripoli – Sarajevo – Tripoli. Letovi će se obavljati jednom sedmično - srijedom, zrakoplovom tipa Boing 737-800. Zrakoplov iz Tripolija slijetaće u Sarajevo u 11:10 sati dok su polasci iz Sarajeva prema redu letenja planirani za 12:10 sati.


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