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Adria heading to Belgrade
Only a few weeks after Zagreb Airport’s newly named CEO, Tonči Peović, called upon low cost airlines to use Zagreb Airport, Wizz Air has announced that it will begin flights from Dortmund in Germany to the Croatian capital. Wizz Air already operates flights from London to Zagreb and together with Germnwings is the only low cost airline operating out of Zagreb. Flights will begin March 8, 2010. All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.

On Friday evening, Slovenia’s Adria Airways officially announced that it will resume services from Ljubljana to Belgrade on March 1, 2010. Adria will resume services to Belgrade after nearly 20 years of absence. The airline’s representative in Belgrade stated that Adria would operate daily services to the Serbian capital but will seek partnership with Jat Airways on the route.

Meanwhile, for a second time in a row Swiss authorities have rejected Montenegro Airlines the right to begin services from Niš to Zurich by Swiss authorities. Montenegro Airlines has applied for yet another license and now plans to begin services from Niš on January 23, 2010.


  1. With the New Year and Christmas holidays coming up, will there be a lot of extra frequencies from airlines of ex-Yugoslavia? Especially Adria, Croatia and Jat.

  2. Anonymous12:02

    i know Jat is going to be flying to Gothenburg for that period

  3. JATBEGMEL12:47

    i got 1 word for JAT regarding JP reopening BEG with daily flights - sramota! JAT doesnt have daily ATR7 flights for many years now to LJU, at best it had 6 p/w, now its i think 4 p/w, and now JP will come in with daily flights. JP does 11 p/w to PRN and JAT doesnt do at least daily to LJU!

  4. Anonymous13:02

    Nobody rejected Jat to fly to LJU, it could fly 2 daily flights if Jat wanted + they will operate to POW.
    What has PRN to do here? Does Jat have 1 flight to anywhere from it??

  5. I am very happy for Adria. Belgrade seems to be very popular among Slovenian tourists and with the right price, this might be much better alternative than the 10hr train ride.

    On the other hand, JAT did very little on promoting this route in Slovenia. Not too many people are aware they fly to LJU at all.

  6. Anonymous18:11

    Great news. JAT product is so so out of date, old planes, constant delays, no customer care at all etc. They don't even have a computer on their Ljubljana airport office so when they cancel flights (they often do their Sunday flight) they are doing all by hand and by phone. Slowly really slowly so that you are really lucky if you are able to be rerouted and get to Belgrade the same day. My last flights LJU-BEG-LJU were all via MUC (Adria and Lufthansa).

  7. Anonymous21:51

    Does it say anywhere what aircraft Adria will be using on this route? I am thinking CRJ200 would probbaly make most sense to start with. There will be a lot of business travel on this route as well, which might easily lead to 2 daily flights in the near future.

  8. Anonymous00:06

    Adria will probably stick with Star alliance partners code share agreements on this route also (SK, SN). What about JU?

  9. Anonymous06:41

    Does anyone know why the Swiss are refusing the flying permit to YM? Maybe they are getting ready to start flying themselves?

  10. JATBEGMEL14:01

    @ anonymous

    PRN is a Serbian airport, and i would of mentioned INI and Vrsac if JP flew there. Was just comparing Serbian airports with flights to LJU. Belgrade is amongst the important Balkan cities and it is served with 4 p/w by JAT, whereas a less more important city (Pristina) is served with 11 p/w!

    @ Sam

    thats true, but with "intellegent" people working at JAT, airfares are high and frequencies for the route are crap.

    @ anonymous

    as i said...sramota!

    @ anonymous

    i think an SK codeshare will happen, afterall, SK codeshares on alot of JP flights.

    @ anonymous

    i doubt the swiss will grant rights to YM on the same grounds as on their last attempt, and good on the swiss if they do reject YM again...

  11. Doot14:11


    Why do you have some sort of emotional investment in what a dying and terrible airline does or doesn't?

    How often do you fly from Belgrade to Ljubljana?

  12. Belgrade should have at least 2 daily flights to all ex YU republics' capitals + Split but I don't see any airline fully utilizing this opportunity. So far LJU seems to be the best connected with most of the major cities in ex YU. The fact is that BEG is the largest city in the region and should be able to capitalize on this. At the end we all used to live in one country and would be nice to make the travel and visits for people more enjoyable and hassle free.


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