Aviogenex rises from the dead

Aviogenex returns
Aviogenex, once Yugoslavia’s largest charter airline, has restarted operations after almost 10 years of limbo. The charter carrier, which in 1990 had 5 Boeing B727s and 5 B737-200s, has restarted operations with a single B737-200 from Belgrade on Monday. The director of Belgrade Nikola Tesla confirmed that the airline has restarted charter services from Belgrade. He added that the airline will operate 200 flights this summer. In cooperation with tour operators, Aviogenex will carry out flights to Greek and Turkish holiday resorts.

Aviogenex was formed in 1968 by one of Yugoslavia’s largest companies called “Genex”. The airline operated both domestic and international charter flights. As Yugoslavia disintegrated in the 1990s so did Genex and its airline subsidiary. The airline was forced to either sell or retire all of its aircraft except 1 Boeing B737-200, in use today. In 2001 the airline started leasing the aircraft to various airlines such as Sudan Airways. The aircraft was eventually returned to Belgrade and given to Jat Airways, due to outstanding debt that Aviogenex had to the national carrier dating back from the 1990s era. Until March 2010 the aircraft served with Jat. Aviogenex is now, for the first time in many years, operating services independently under its own name. The Boeing B737-200 Advance, serving with Aviogenex, is one of the last produced by Boeing in 1987.


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  2. they MUST refurbish that plane immediately.

  3. I loved Aviogenex the old red-orange colour scheme.Its unlikely to see this plane in Ljubljana again like 20 years ago when it was regular guest in the summer season.

  4. Anonymous10:23

    Good news, I hope to hear more good news from Aviogenex and Jat, soon.

  5. Anonymous14:03

    nice! Serbia needs a charter airline! By the way which crew operates these flights? Do they have their own or are they Jat people?!

  6. they have their own crew

  7. ANONYMOUS15:23

    The average age of their crew is about 83 years old. Scary. And the pilots can barely speak English, and have made numerous violations of air traffic control regulations in the UK when they've operated flights to LHR on behalf of Jat.

    Bring a parachute!

  8. Welcome Aviogenex! :D

  9. JU520 BEGLAX18:56

    Please find enclosed some Pax figures for Adria Airways during the 01st may holidays week
    * only succesful flights


    ZRH-LGW 164 Pax A320
    LJU-HRG 162 Pax A320
    HRG-LJU 162 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 204 Pax A320
    IST-LJU 161 Pax A320
    LJU-CDG 104 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-HRG 162 Pax CRJ9
    HRG-LJU 162 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-HRG 086 Pax CRJ9
    HRG-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9


    IST-LJU 166 Pax A320
    LJU-MAD 169 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 137 Pax A320
    LJU-HRE 048 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-CPH 077 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-SVO 085 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-CDG 089 Pax CRJ9
    CDG-LJU 075 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-ATH 070 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-LGW 080 Pax CRJ9
    PRN-LJU 082 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-SKP 082 Pax A319
    SKP-LJU 085 Pax A319
    BCN-LJU 080 Pax A320


    IST-LJU 158 Pax A320
    LJU-AYT 162 Pax A320
    AYT-LJU 135 Pax A320
    LJU-SSH 162 Pax A320
    SSH-LJU 162 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 142 Pax A320
    FRA-VIE 071 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-AQJ 162 Pax A320
    AQJ-LJU 162 Pax A320
    LJU-AQJ 162 Pax A320
    AQJ-LJU 162 Pax A320
    LJU-DJE 086 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-CDG 076 Pax CRJ9
    CDG-LJU 095 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-LGW 095 Pax CRJ9
    LGW-LJU 080 Pax CRJ9


    IST-LJU 168 Pax A320
    LJU-CDG 115 Pax A320
    CDG-LJU 153 Pax A320
    LJU-ATH 133 Pax A320
    ATH-LJU 100 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 107 Pax A320
    LJU-CAG 086 Pax CRJ9
    CAG-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-TIA 082 Pax CRJ9
    BRU-LJU 075 Pax CRJ9
    LGW-LJU 069 Pax CRJ9
    SKP-LJU 090 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-LGW 075 Pax CRJ9
    LGW-LJU 083 Pax CRJ9


    IST-LJU 168 Pax A320
    LJU-CDG 095 Pax A320
    CDG-LJU 153 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 114 Pax A320
    MUC-LJU 045 Pax CRJ2 (26 C Class)
    LJU-FRA 049 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-MUC 049 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-CTA 050 Pax CRJ2
    CTA-LJU 050 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-NAP 048 Pax CRJ2
    NAP-LJU 048 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-LGW 087 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-SKP 084 Pax CRJ9
    SKP-LJU 076 Pax CRJ9
    SVO-LJU 084 Pax CRJ9


    IST-LJU 139 Pax A320
    SVO-LJU 133 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 157 Pax A320
    LJU-VIE 049 Pax CRJ2
    ZRH-LJU 048 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-CPH 048 Pax CRJ2
    CPH-LJU 048 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-ATH 076 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-TLL 086 Pax CRJ9
    TLL-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9
    BRU-LJU 087 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-BCN 159 Pax A319
    MAD-LJU 099 Pax A319
    JP will operate two flights to BCN
    LJU-CTA 086 Pax CRJ9
    CTA-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9


    IST-LJU 176 Pax A320
    SVO-LJU 162 Pax A320
    LJU-TFS 162 Pax A320
    TFS-LJU 162 Pax A320
    HER-LJU 048 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-LGW 078 Pax CRJ9
    CDG-LJU 079 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-CDG 075 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-IST 157 Pax CRJ9
    JP will operate two flights


    LJU-HRG 162 Pax A320
    HRG-LJU 162 Pax A320
    LJU-HRG 162 Pax A320
    HRG-LJU 162 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 146 Pax A320
    SVO-LJU 079 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-CAI 086 Pax CRJ9
    CAI-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-CAI 086 Pax CRJ9
    CAI-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9
    IST-LJU 164 Pax CRJ9
    JP will operate two flights
    FRA-LJU 082 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-SSH 135 Pax A319
    SSH-LJU 135 Pax A319
    LJU-SSH 135 Pax A319
    SSH-LJU 135 Pax A319


    IST-LJU 228 Pax A320
    LJU-AMM 162 Pax A320
    AMM-LJU 162 Pax A320
    CDG-LJU 152 Pax A320
    LJU-IST 162 Pax A320
    VIE-LJU 048 Pax CRJ2
    LJU-CPH 048 Pax CRJ2
    CPH-LJU 048 Pax CRJ2
    SVO-LJU 077 Pax CRJ9
    MUC-LJU 080 Pax CRJ9
    MAD-LJU 078 Pax CRJ9
    LJU-AMM 086 Pax CRJ9
    AMM-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9
    AMM-LJU 086 Pax CRJ9
    FEZ-LJU 135 Pax A319
    ATH-LJU 122 Pax A319
    LGW-LJU 145 Pax A319
    IST-LJU 219 Pax A320

    A/C seat configuration:

    320 = 162 seats
    319 = 135 seats
    CR9 = 086 seats
    CR2 = 048 seats

    we already see a trend that these years first may holidays will be more spent on low cost holidays destinations such as Egypt or Jordan, rather than a short city tour somewhere in Europe. Some exceptions are CDG,MAD,BCN and of course JP's top destination: IST
    SVO most traffic is Russians on holidays in SLO and Istria.

  10. @ JU520

    I am assuming the May Holidays are one of the bussiest seasons for Adria. Anyway, I believe that Adria should keep 1 A320 or maybe even replace it with an A321. It is obvious that there is pretty high demand for some destinations, especially the charter ones. Deploying one A321 instead of A319+CRJ would be much cheaper. During summer Adria could easily fill up A321 to BCN, ATH, IST and in winter to SVO, TFS, LGW

  11. JU520 BEGLAX20:11

    Hi Sam,

    it s a delicate issue. The winter is the big problem for JP where they can not fill 3 A320, that s why they will replace them by 3 A319. The first two 319s will arrive within the next 2-3 weeks. The last A320 will be sold in the winter season 2010/2011.
    Winter Charter flights are ok during Christmas holidays, some in between as well. But Nov 01 until Dec 20 and Jan 07 until end of march Adria can not fill their A320

    In summer they easely could fill every day 2 A321 rather than operating 2 flights a day to Egypt or Greece etc.

    I also don t understand why some european airlines such as JP or OU are doing a cooperaton with some southern hemisphere airlines from Chile, Argentina, Australia or South Africa. They could share planes used for Charter destinations and in the Northern Summer they would fly for JP and from OCT to MAR they would fly for the airline based somewhere in SCL,EZE,JNB or MEL,SYD.

    The exchange 319/320 is mainly because of this issue and they hope that the 3 319 during all the year will be more efficient than the 3 A320.
    Another reason of course was also the age of the 320. They are back from 1989 and over 20 years old.

  12. Anonymous22:29

    Nice to see Aviogenex back!
    If everything goes well this summer season, they should lease a newer plane.
    I was flying them in 2005 on a charter to Turkey, with YU-AKD(Boeing 727-2L8/Adv)and it was quite an enjoyable flight and loved the plane.
    Sure Aviogenex can do well, with good management.

  13. frequentflyer13:48

    @ JU520 BEGLAX

    I've often wondered the same for OU - like JP they don't seem to have enough seats during the summer, yet suffer terribly during the winter.

    How many Airbii will OU sit out this winter for example now that they will have 6 Qs to fly their short hops?

    Last year I travelled to S.America (Chile and Argentina) - some of their airlines could really use newer, more reliable planes during their peak months: PAL (Chile), Sky Airline (Chile) and Aerolineas Argentinas still stick in my memory flying clapped-out, noisy 732s and 735s! But is it financially viable for an airline to lease out an aircraft for only 5 months? And does it make a difference to have these planes so far away from home (as opposed to North Africa/Russia)?

    Flying them to Australia or NZ just seems too far away, and there doesn't seem to be much of a shortage of new aircraft in comparison...

  14. JU520 BEGLAX20:56

    @frequent flyer

    it s good question. I think as far as possible OU and JP help each other out.
    If in Winter my idea could be realized, I really have no clue. And if at all I rather would see them do the exchange with LAN who has many A320 and A319.
    Since many carriers in Europe have this problem and I never heard of any cooperation, I have to assume it is no good business for them.

    The A320 of OU will def sit around this coming Winter with all the Dash they have now in their fleet.

    Today is a good example for the A320 problem of JP. JP has 209 passengers to IST and needs to sent 3 flights tonight to Istanbul (2 CRJ9 and 1 CRJ2), just because the A320 is in TFS Tenerife. TFS is a charter and full with 162 pax both legs and it is most probably cheaper to fly the 320 to TFS, than the other way around (2 CRJ9 to TFS) and 1 CRJ200 and A320 to IST.

    Check out the webpage of LJU-Airport tomorrow: they have 4 flights to Hurghada and 1 to Sharm plus 1 other flight to CAI which is now operated by A320 of OU. (I think OU is helping out JP as the flight earlier was planned with JP). JP had to lease another 734, don t know which company, the 734 will do the SSH flight. However I checked Hurghada. They have 391 passengers in total which they split on 4 flights (1 A320 and 3 CRJ9). On some days in Summer or around special holidays, they could rent easely widebodies to cover their loads.

    in case you need more figures, let me know.

  15. Bring wide-bodies to LJU :) They are very rare visitors since UPS ceased 767F flights ...

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