Winners and losers

B&H Airlines’ passenger numbers up by 133%
The national carrier of Bosnia and Herzegovina, B&H Airlines, is reporting a sensational start to the year with the airline increasing its passenger numbers by 133.7%, compared to the same period last year, official statistics say. It should be noted that the airline has increased its number of flights by 46.4%. More frequencies, improved marketing and a sounder product have led B&H Airlines to handle 17.258 passengers. From January 1 until the end of March, the airline operated a total of 340 regular flight and 9 charters. However, the national carrier still has one of the lowest load factors (cabin occupancy rates) in the EX-YU region, standing at only 49%.

On the other hand, it has been no secret that the “Big 3” in EX-YU aviation: Adria Airways, Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways have been having financial problems. The management of Croatia Airlines reported a loss of 100 million Kuna (13.7 million Euros) in the first quarter of 2010. The loss is 3 times greater than that for the same period last year. The airline registered a 7% decrease in passenger numbers for the first 3 months of the year, the “” business portal reports.


  1. Anonymous09:03

    may be lower prices would help increase load! BH Airways has too expense flights! I wanted to fly with them but when i saw there prices it turned me off, there so much cheaper flights from other airlines that offer better service!

  2. frequentflyer09:22

    I do hope their service has improved as the article states, when I flew with them a few years ago it was quite poor...

    Basically, they are on a winning recipe. More aircraft = newer destinations = more flights = more passengers = more profits. That said, there are too many instances where fleet utilisation is abysmal, and the new flights to ZAG or the utilisation of their sole 737 are casing points. Many airlines aim for 3 or even 4 round trips per aircraft per day for maximum efficiency and profit, JA manages in most instances just 2...

    As for the financial difficulties at OU, JP & JU - nobody's surprised!

  3. Anonymous16:39

    I was flying JA last Easter on their SJJ-IST-SJJ route. The ticket was affordable, their new Boeing old but well maintained and its cabin was very clean, the service and food O.K and punctuality great!

    They did not serve alcoholic drinks, but I managed without a beer.

    This was the second time I was flying JA and I would again.

  4. Anonymous16:07

    Good job, BHA!

    Moreover, their success is even more important having in mind that there is still no visa liberalization in BiH!


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