Airbus arrival delayed

A319 coming soon
The arrival of B&H Airlines’ newest fleet member has been delayed by almost 2 weeks. Originally, it was planned for the aircraft to operate its first revenue flight for the Bosnian and Herzegovinian national carrier this evening on the Sarajevo – Istanbul service. The aircraft is now scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, June 15. It will carry out its first revenue flight to Istanbul, taking off from Sarajevo at 18.30 CET.

The Airbus will replace B&H’s Boeing on all of its services. The airline’s sole B737-400 will remain in the fleet until the end of the 2010 summer season, serving mostly on charter flights and flights to Turkey. With the arrival of a second A319, at the start of the 2010/2011 winter season, the airline will phase out the B737-400. According to current plans, a third Airbus will be introduced during the 2011 summer season. One of the Airbuses will be provided by Turkish Airlines while the other two will be owned by B&H itself, as the Bosnian Government had ordered the aircraft for Air Bosna several years ago. The order will now be taken over by Air Bosna’s successor B&H Airlines.

More changes to the exact date of the aircraft’s arrival are possible.


  1. JU520 BEGLAX09:01

    @ex YU aviation:

    do you know the seat configuration in the JA A319?


  2. Anonymous09:32

    Can somebody tell me, what they are going to do with 3 A319? Adria has 2 now and we cant fly much with them.
    Well yes Adria is stupid enaugh and cant fill them but still...
    Does Sarajevo have such a need to have 3 A319? What will they fly with them?
    Anyone know, which routes would be profitable directly from SJJ?

  3. frequentflyer10:23

    The saga of the arrival of these planes is almost as good as JAT's supposed fleet upgrade... Both will happen - the question is when?

    @ Anonymous

    A good question. Whilst Adria does need 3 (remembering it was the combination of 2 320s and a 735 for some time) in the summer months, BH really only needs 2 year round in short, medium and long term.

    They could also do a lot more by using their present fleet a lot better (most days the JA jet operates IST-SJJ, SJJ-Scandanavia-SJJ, SJJ-IST). The airline had made noises about starting flights to AMS and possibly LON, and would be expected to take over the TK daily IST-SJJ flight.

    Aircraft utilisation across the entire exYU would be an interesting analysis - are there people here in the know of such figures etc? My rough calculations is that both JP and OU seem to operate their fleet 3 return flights daily (some OU Qs can do 4 trips), BH most days only manages 2.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX11:28


    It might be right that the 2 JP 319 are almost redundant at the moment, however by sep 2010, 3 aircrafts incl the 320 are leaving the fleet. And the 319 were an investment into the future with an economy soon recovered. So I think it was the right investment.
    The daily IST operation needs a 319, besides this FRA,LGW,CDG,BRU,SKP,PRN,SVO many flights are plus 100 pax as well. Not to forget all the charter operations to Italy, Greece, Spain, Turkey and North Africa

  5. Anonymous11:47

    Ah wouldn't it be better to get some E-190's and have higher frequency with less capacity?! Maybe they are getting ready for the visa liberalisation but then again...who knows.

  6. JU520 BEGLAX14:40

    E190 are ok for regular schedule flights. JP was looking for some kind of a combination in between charters and scheduled flights.

    Don t know about JA. Don t think they have that many charter flights yet, so E190/195 would def be a good solution

  7. Visa liberalization is in final stages and BH citizens will be able to travel without them by end of November. JA is definitely targeting to put two A319 in service by that date. Once BH citizen become "free" I am sure that we will see big increase in VFR traffic (Visiting Friends and Relatives) and JA doesn't want to miss "the show". I guess Amsterdam and London will be added first, Stuttgart and Bonn will follow.

  8. Anonymous22:21

    ArminPr, there's no point for either Stuttgart or Cologne/Bonn since Germnawings already operates both routes, and Stuttgart will be flown by them again in the summer schedule. B&H Airlines can't compete with them,

  9. @ Anonymous. I said that that after visa liberalization they will probably start flights to Stuttgart/Bonn again that means beginning of December. But German wings announced that it will discontinue service to Sarajevo in November. So why lose the passengers?

  10. Anonymous18:33

    ArminPR, Germanwings announced that it will not fly from Stuttgart to Sarajevo in winter schedule, but recommence the route in the summer schedule again. Cologne/Bonn is staying but with less frequencies (2 times weekly). And if you think that B&H Airlines will earn some money on the route SJJ-Stuttgart in the winter schedule while Germanwings is not flying on the route then you have to think again. Once again, B&H Airlines is not able to compete with Germanwings on that route.


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