B&H delays Amsterdam launch

Amsterdam awaits B&H
B&H Airlines has delayed the launch of its much publicised Sarajevo – Amsterdam service. The flights, which were supposed to be inaugurated on December 02, have been deferred until December 16. Flight times have not been altered. However, the Bosnian national carrier will operate the service every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday instead of Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The route will operate with an Airbus A319. All flight details can be found on the right hand side in the new route launches section.

Bookings for the new route have been going well in the lead up to the holiday season. Schengen zone visa restrictions for Bosnian passport holders will come to an end on December 15, which could be one of the reasons for the delay, although no official word has been given as for the reason behind the deferral. B&H is no stranger to cancelations and delays.


  1. Arturo09:11

    The last line is mean, though true ;)

  2. Anonymous17:03

    I agree with Arturo. I would appreciate objective commentary instead of giving opinions. It does not matter if it true or not.

  3. JU520 BEGLAX18:32


    JP156 PRN MUC 04:30 06:30 39 1 40
    JP157 MUC PRN 07:35 09:30 37 1 38
    JP114 PRN FRA 14:35 17:25 75 0 75 JP115 FRA PRN 18:05 20:45 66 0 66
    Bookings on the first PRN Germany flights of JP on DEC10-2010 operated by A319 (135 seats)

  4. PleaseStopThinking22:02

    @ JU520 BEGLAX

    Please excuse my ignorance, but could please advice us how to read your data above.

    What is S5AAR?
    JPnnn Flight Number
    PRN Departure Airport
    MUC Arrival Airort
    04:30 Departure Time
    06:30 Arrival Time
    39 ???
    1 ???
    40 ???

    Many thanks,



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