Montenegro to Brussels

Soon in Brussels
As promised at its 16th birthday bash last month, Montenegro Airlines will commence flights from Podgorica to Brussels and Milan in the following months. Although the exact dates were not specified, services to Brussels now appear to be commencing in December. The flights are yet to be listed in reservation systems, however, “Luchtvaart Nieuws” reports that the airline will commence 4 weekly services from Podgorica to Brussels National Airport. When the route is eventually launched, B&H Airlines will be the only EX-YU national carrier not to operate services to the self proclaimed capital of Europe.

Meanwhile, as if Adria’s and Lufthansa’s planned flights from Germany to Priština were not enough, the Albanian low cost airline Belle Air will commence flights from Priština to Munich on December 14. The service will operate once per week. Along with Adria, Belle Air will compete with Germanwings and Air Berlin on the route. Flight details can be found in the new route launches section on the right hand side.


  1. Anonymous09:11

    One flight per week? Are they insane? They will never manage to compete with the frequencies and probably service of other airlines on the route.
    As for Montenegro, is there really that much demand for Brussels? I do know that there is probably a certain number of diplomats and officials but... Does Montenegro fly to Amsterdam? Wouldn't it make more sense to expand in the Netherlands than to open up Belgium?

  2. CabinScrew01:26

    Read the news again.

  3. Anonymous14:00

    Probably there is not demand from Montenegro but from Belgrade.... JAT has flights only occasionally :)


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