2011 crucial for Jat

Jat plans 2011 privatisation and 5% passenger increase
In his first media interview, the acting CEO of Jat Airways, Vladimir Ognjenović, has said that 2011 will be a do or die year for the Serbian carrier. Ognjenović said that Jat enters 2011 with a 51.5 million Euro financial injection. “I believe that during 2011 Jat’s privatisation process will be finalised, we will find a strategic partner and secure a long term path for the Serbian national carrier which will become a profitable and safe airline”. The airline’s acting CEO also stated that all of the airline’s employees have their jobs secure for the long run. “I honestly hope that next time this year we will be talking about our business plans”.

Ognjenović noted that with the loan Jat has received, the airline will have its entire fleet “ready” by the 2011 summer season which begins on March 26. “This year has been difficult for Jat as we faced competition like never before. Nevertheless, we managed to carry approximately the same number of passengers as last year. Next year, Jat should see a 5% passenger increase”, Ognjenović concludes.According to sources close to the airline, Jat is likely to lease 2 Boeing B737-700s for the summer season instead of planned Airbus A319s which were meant to arrive in January. This is because the lease of an Airbus aircraft would cause unnecessary expenses such as the purchase of spare parts, pilot training and technician training.

Last week, Jat’s new Finance Director was named. He is an employee of the National Bank of Serbia. Jat’s new Marketing Director was also named, this time coming from the United Serbia party, which is a member of the country’s ruling coalition. She is a former employee of the “Palma plus” channel, a local network in the town of Jagodina, run by the town’s mayor who is also the leader of the United Serbia party.


  1. frequentflyer11:34

    Firstly, Merry Christmas to all celebrating yesterday.

    Wheels and roundabouts - two blatantly political appointments, and the new CEO wants 73Gs again to operate during summer! The reality of the situation is dire for this airline - bordering on comatose, and would be surprised to see them with optimistic figures in 12 months - if they are still flying.

    Often makes me wonder if *we* (ie members of this forum) would do a better job running this airline...

  2. Anonymous11:55

    @ frequentflyer

    I am sure that we on this forum would definitley do a better job running this airline. I fly with Jat regularly and it would be a shame to see the airline go bust as many would be affected, prices would rise due to monopolies other airlines hold and there would be a lack of destignations from BEG. But right now anything is better than these incompetent fools Jat has in its management.

  3. Anonymous12:32

    Mr.Ognjenović said: "...Serbian national carrier which will become a profitable and safe airline". Does it mean Jat is these days NOT safe airline, but it will BECOME?
    Mr.Ognjenović said:“I honestly hope that next time this year (probably meant next year at this time) we will be talking about our business plans”.
    Who said "This time next year we'll be millionaires?" Sounds familiar? :) It is the same profile of these "businessmen"...

  4. Anonymous13:15

    Wow the PR worked at Palma Plus, does that mean that when those 737-700 arrive they will be putting porn on the flights departing after midnight?

    Jokes aside, I am actually happy that we are back to a more Boeing oriented future. Let's see what happens, so far he has been far more quite than the previous fools before him. Let's hope for the best.

  5. Anonymous13:35

    I just love this text! I laughed out loud! :))))

    737-700 again, 5% increase (not something I would say outloud), PALMA PLUS marketing hahaha

    Love you guys, thanks for bringing some fun to my family today!

  6. Anonymous14:17

    Same stories year after year after year...New CEO, new promises which never become reality, Boeing, Airbus, Boeing again, coming last January, for summer season, this January, then next summer season, the airline will become safe as he said,.....
    Are they nuts?
    The only truth is that 2011 will be break it or make it year for Jat.
    Rather sad.

  7. JAT will die in 2011. there's no way they can survive one more year.

  8. Anonymous21:50

    This time next year they will be millionares! With new Palma++ marketing guru probably 2011 will be more fun and laughs all over the competitors od JAT.

  9. Anonymous22:08

    Jat will go broke and die in 2011 no question about it. But before that happens they will get government loans, politicial support all according to "Eu standards". Of course some former Palma Plus employees together with some current politicans in Belgrade will be even richer ;-)

    Who will pick up the tab? Never mind, that will the ordinary people in Serbia do, they are used to hard times, and the politicians and businessmen will continue to fly private jets...

    Business as usual in the balkans...

  10. Anonymous08:14

    I guess this is the end of the year spirit that we see every year here when it comes to Jat.
    We never see people from Croatia or Slovenia predicting that their airline will go bust, they always hope that things will get better. Naturally Serbs being the idiots we have always been tend to go around spitting on what is Serbian!
    I for one hope that this year will be better for Jat, after all hope dies last.

    As for this strategic partner, Jat doesn't need a strategic partner, all it needs is a good and competent managment that will get Jat out of this situation. They didnt have a strategic partner before the WW2, nor after, not even in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s heck not even 90s! Unfortunately this new trend in CEO picking would rather sit down and cry how they are in the crapper and how they need some foreigner to do their job while they collect all the glory.
    A*s h**e if you are not competent for the position then get the hell out of there!

  11. b- 73711:06

    I totally agree with last anonymous

  12. Anonymous11:17

    Anonymous who wrote "They didnt have a strategic partner before the WW2, nor after, not even in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s heck not even 90s!"

    Are you out of yopur mind? have you been under some roick for last 10-20 years? This is 2010, world functions much different than then, if you didin't know. That bveing said, aviation too! WAKE UP!

    God, people like you drove what's left of JAT to the rock botoom!

  13. Anonymous11:19

    I am sorry for so many mistakes, I lost it completely after I read such stupid comparison between 2010 and period 20-50 years ago.

    RIP Jat Airways.

  14. Anonymous13:24

    First of all, my point was that it is far more important to have a good managment then to have a strategic partner.
    If the 'rulling elite' of the airline is good enough the airline wouldn't be in position to look for help outside.
    In stead of attacking other people maybe you want to give some arguments for your views.


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