Zadar terminal expansion begins

New look Zadar terminal
Zadar Airport has been the star performer amongst Croatian airports this year. In 2010, it handled the greatest number of passengers in its history. The bulk of passengers come from Ryanair, which serves the airport from 11 European destinations. Zadar Airport has now begun to expand its current terminal building in order to accommodate the rise in traffic and plans to attract new airlines in 2011.

The terminal expansion project will amount to 11 million Kuna (1.4 million Euros) and will see the expansion of the international departures lounge and the construction of a new domestic arrivals area. Following the expansion, the terminal building will spread over 7.000 square metres. The airport authorities at Zadar have said that they plan to keep current airlines and lure new ones in time for the 2011 summer season. They expect that the upward passenger trend the airport has been experiencing for the past 2 years will continue into 2011. The expanded terminal will be complete in time for the peak tourist season next year.


  1. Anonymous09:35

    FR flew to 11 destinations in summer 2010

  2. Anonymous12:37

    People can talk and moan about FR and low cost in general, but ZAD is the best example what it can be done of one small airport, which most of the people didn't even know about. I flew from London Stansted to ZAD and from ZAD to Pisa with FR. Airport is small bit it is just greart, service, everything was fine. I geuninely hope that other airport will follow that example, RJK could have had even more passangers if they let them fly there. I am sure that even OSI would have done better if they had more destinations and I hope they will and all year around. PUY should and could definetly do better, so lets hope. I hope that managments at Ex Yu airports will realise that this is new time, new era and open to another solutions so we could see people flying, traveling, exploring, learning, visinting each others, and see other airports expanding and seeing positive numbers. With nos visa restrictions to Schengen countries I hope that every airport will get more low cost flights, and I mean especially small airport, such OSI, MBX, BNX, OHD, INI, UZC, TIV, TZL, OMO, RJK etc...

  3. Anonymous13:15

    What other airlines and destinations are ZAD looking at? France and Holland perhaps?

  4. Anonymous15:21

    Would be very nice to see other destinations with FR, maye Berlin, Edinburgh, Krakow, Bratislava, etc. Don't know why EZY(Paris, Munich, Copenhagen, Lyon,etc) and WZZ don't start ZAD too? Would be nice to see Wizz(Budapest, Warsaw, etc) in PUY too. A lot of posibilties

  5. Anonymous15:55

    Man this brings tears to my eyes! Im so happy for Zadar and I hope maybee even Easyjet could start flying there. Ryanair should carry on there Zadar-Bari flights aswell or some more italian destinations apart from pisa. I hope in the future Airports like Brac and Mali losinj expand and can lure Low cost airlines themselfs


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