Adria to Split

Soon in Split
The Slovenian national carrier, Adria Airways, will commence seasonal summer flights from Ljubljana to Split. The service is set to be inaugurated on May 21. Flights will operate once per week, every Saturday, with the Bombardier CRJ900 jet. The Slovenian carrier has also received full rights to operate charter flights from Split to Kristiansand in Norway. This service will serve as a continuation of the Ljubljana – Split flight, also once per week.

Staying in Croatia, Dubrovnik Airline, Croatia’s second largest airline, is set to receive 2 new Airbus A320s this spring, with the first set to arrive in April and the second in May. According to earlier announcements, the airline will inaugurate flights from Split to Lille and from Dubrovnik to Ljubljana and Belgrade this summer. Dubrovnik Airline recently farewelled its aged MD aircraft, with only 1 MD82 and MD83 remaining in its fleet.


  1. I'm sorry to open this discussion with an OT, but I can't hep it. JU will not operate flights to LJU this summer. Yet another destination dropped! :-(

  2. Anonymous09:26

    Is there any chance that everyone who posts information like the previous one, post the source of reliable origin as well. Otherwise similar infos can't be taken seriously

  3. JU520 BEGLAX09:37

    Thanks Mailisani...

    interesting News. Thanks.... I m even more pleased that JP is returning to Croatia and OU starts the first scheduled flights to Slovenia...

  4. @ Anonyous

    The flights have been removed from GDS's and I've personally contacted the airline.

  5. Anonymous10:09

    Indeed there are no JU LJU-BEG flights in Amadeus for this summer.

  6. Purger10:20

    General manager of Croatia Airlines had meeting with Mr. Singer, general manager of Dubrovnik Airline about colaboration of Croatia Airlines and Dubrovnik Airline. They discuss even about possibility that Dubrovnik Airline fly on regular Croatia Airlines flight. This meeting was first one and just tolking. Deal is not on and those were just first tolking to find up clime about possibilities. Enyhow it is a big stap to see that there is possibility as with old general manager Mr. Mišetic there was no chance even to tolk about that.

  7. JU520 BEGLAX10:33


    seems u work for OU? Thanks for all the internal infos :-)

  8. Anonymous11:35


    "and OU starts the first scheduled flights to Slovenia..."

    What do you mean by this? Croatia will fly to Slovenia?

    To the author, what is your source for Adria's flts, are they in Amadeus?

  9. Purger11:36

    No, I am working for HSPP - Croatian Pilot Union, but I am in board for negotiation with CTN management. As I am air traffic analysts I was asked to by author of Analises of the system of Croatian Airlines (mistakes and solutions) that orderd for presentation on Croatian Gouvernment, President and CTN General manager. I also wright for Aeronautika.

  10. JU520 BEGLAX11:49


    sorry it was morning and my eyes were not really open s Dubrovnik Airlines to start flights to LJU....

    But I would love to see OU planes in LJU....

    Purger: thanks, very interesting to have a member who has real sources

  11. Anonymous13:23

    It's nice to see there will be flights from LJU to SPU&DBV again, even if seasonal only.When did JP stop flying to SPU? Too bad on the other hand to not to see JU in LJU anymore :(

  12. Adria cancelled flights to Split a single year after highway Zagreb-Split was opened. For the last year of operations they said that the loads on 3 weekly CRJ-200 flights were very poor due to the new highway. Until last week new route LJU-SPU was not in amadeus, but it was officaily confirmed by Split Airport director some 2 weeks ago. Anyway this route is basically only the trasfer route between LJU and SPU for the charters out of Split, beside mentioned Kristiansand there will be also Norrköping. The flights LJU-SPU will be unfortunately unconnected to Adria's other international flights, it means that it is useful only for point-to-point passangers. Probably this route wouldn't start at all if Adria didn't get contracts for Scandinavia-Split charters.

  13. And I want to write also the following, as it seems that you don't know. Croatia Airlines used to fly to Ljubljana, some longer time ago. It was on charter flights Brač-Ljubljana once a week with ATR 42s :-) Also before Adria sold its DHC-7s it was landing on the route LJU-Brač up to 5 times per week!

  14. If I am not mistaken, Adria used to operate seasonal flight to DBV as well. I guess witht the construction of ZAG-SPU highway those flights lost its significance.

  15. INTRUDER14:55

    Good news from Rijeka Airport soon!
    Update your Ryanair flights information on the web.

  16. Purger16:42

    Airport Rijeka and Ryan did sighn contract some 10 days ago. It is done So it is for sure that Ryan will fly to Rijeka. Subvention, hmmmm sorry promotiomn of Rijeka in Ryan pages, will cost 250.000,00 EUR.

  17. JU520 BEGLAX16:55

    Rijeka def has potential. The region is very nice, Istria and the Gourmet Restaurants and the cozy little places such as Motovun, Groznjan are just a step away.
    Kvarner Region is great and personally I like Rijeka with the Italian/Austria Hungaro Touch as well....
    So i m wondering all the times why Rijeka has not more pax/flights already....even with a shit management they it shld be possible to have flights....

  18. Intruder17:26

    The Ryanair flights schedule to RJK will be as follows:
    April 15 - October 15

    London/Rijeka/London. twice a week
    Stockholm/Rijeka/Stockholm twice a week

  19. Nezavisna Republika Srpska17:46

    Has the potential to be a very successful route. Though dont Slovenia already have Portoroz as a summer resort.

    Good luck Adria I wish you all the best

  20. @ JU520 BEGLAX

    When you come to Trieste Airport Parking, there are 2 cars with italian plates, then 1 with reg. RI/PU, and one with reg LJ/KP. Similar situation is in Venice, just ratio is not 1:2, but 1:5 (roughly).

    With new highway, Zagreb Airport is one hour (mostly one and a half) drive from Rijeka. in summer, CTN has 2 daily connections, in winter one, directly to ZAG airport, by minibus. Every third car in Zagreb airport parking is RI.

    Traditionally, RI has been always close and bonded with Slovenia, especially LJubljana. Geographically, LJU is even closer then ZAG. Lot of people from RI, me included, often use Brnik (Lju airport) for my travel.

    Pula is very close, too, and atract some passengers from Rijeka region.

    Rijeka airport was the last to be built and opened, (of previously mentioned airports). The second year after it was opened, there had been Aviogenex crash there with aprox. 80 casulties. Runway is not the one you could dream to land on (as passenger), and limited by strenght of northern cross-winds, therefore airport is often closed due to weather condition reasons. General manager who was fired last year, is one of the most incompetent persons I've seen in ex-yu aviation. And he managed to hold his position for something like 25 years. This or next month, law in HR is to be changed, in a way that concessions are allowed for big airports. Unfortunatelly it hasn't been like that till now. People from the Rijeka region, because of all these, never created habit to travel from/to Krk. It was always last option. Even in ex-yu, RJK was coastal airport with the smallest number of JAT flights, and passengers numbers in general were much lower then SPU,ZAD,PUY,DBV...

    All these are reasons why Rijeka Airport didn't do better till now. However, with new legislative and new management, I hope something has started to happen and change.

    And I absolitely agree with you-despite all these bigger airports which are in the vicinity, I think that Ri has potential, not only for summer charters but to become nice small airport with decent number of operations throughout the year.

  21. JU520 BEGLAX19:36

    @pozdrav is Rijeke

    thanks for the interesting live picture from RJK.
    Indeed when we traveled Xmas 2009 to Rijeka, we flew as well to LJU and took rent-a-car to Buje, where we stayed and travelled later on via Tunnel Ucka to Rijeka/Kvarner. Def a nice place and despite the colder weather, we enjoyed very much all the good restaurants u have in Istria plus of course some wine and olive oil tasting. And I can only recommend off season travelling if u want to have easy access to gourmet restaurants or wine/oil producers.
    I wish the Slovenians would finally build the highway to Rijeka, so the economy and tourist industry in the region could profit from.
    Istria has a big future and potential for slow food travel plus of course all the culture heritages and the coastal places. At least in the german speaking part of Europe, we see more and more good promotion for it, so I m sure it wont take too long until other parts of Europe will discover the splendid dinning area.

  22. frequentflyer23:20

    I think some people have been slightly over-analysing this decision by JP. The fact remains that they need to position an aircraft to operate the (obviously profitable) charter line to KRS.

    So, if you are an airline and your plane is already flying that route empty with staff on board, isn't worth a try to recoup some of the costs? You could make the fares ridiculously cheap in order to drum up some interest, and raise a hell of a lot of publicity in the process!

    OT, it looks like the AP/AZ flights to ZAG will be 3-weekly now: midday flights loaded on -2-4---, all with 320 (far too big an aircraft IMO). OU is running out of opportunities to start up the line with Q400s, and should do so on the alternate days to AZ (1-3-5--) connecting the morning wave out of ZAG.

  23. Purger01:32

    One of proposal from Analysis was to open rute Zagreb - Milano in code-share with Lufhtansa Italy + conections to Lufthansa Italy. This flights can be something same as ZAG-SPU-FCO-SPU-ZAG, and that is ZAG-MXP-PUY-ZAG-PUY-ZAD-ZAG-PUY-MXP-ZAG, or at least ZAG-PUY-MXP-PUY-ZAG. Of course with Q400. That can not go wrong!



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