Easter record for Belgrade

Holidays boost passenger numbers
In the run-up to the Easter holidays last week, Belgrade Nikola Tesla recorded record passenger numbers. On Good Friday the airport handled almost 10.000 passengers while on Wednesday and Thursday Serbia’s main hub welcomed a total of 19.000 passengers within 48 hours. The impressive results coincide not only with diaspora passengers arriving to Serbia but also the start of the summer charter season with many combining the Easter and May Day public holidays in order to travel.

Velimir Radosavljević, the airport’s CEO, said that during last week nearly all flights arriving and departing Belgrade were full to the last seat. He added that Jat Airways’ new service to Girona in Spain, inaugurated over the weekend, was also popular. This summer, Belgrade will see charter or seasonal summer flights operated by the likes of Astra Airlines, Aviogenex, Atlasjet, Croatia Airlines, Jat Airways, Spanair, Swift Air, Tunisair and many more to destinations such as Thessaloniki, Dubrovnik, Antalya, Enfidha and Chicago, to name a few.

This year’s April results will be significantly greater than those of last year due to Iceland’s volcanic ash cloud which forced the closure of most European airports. However, when compared to the record breaking April of 2008, Belgrade Airport is so far reporting a 25% passenger increase for the month. Nikola Tesla Airport is on track to handle over 3 million passengers in 2011.


  1. Anonymous21:29

    Bravo Srbijo :))))

  2. Dreamliner10:03

    Sometimes I just can't understand all of this "patriots" , r u gonna get something , if the airport reach 3 mill , looks like not.

  3. Anonymous10:19

    @ Dreamliner

    Yes, I will get something.
    I bought BEG shares at the Exchange!!!

  4. Dreamliner10:27

    I bought too , but dont realy think we can make millions mate ...

  5. Anonymous13:18

    Great figures!

    Does someone have share of passengers by airline ?


  6. Anonymous22:08


    no, it shows the improvement that more people are using the airport, which means more money and usually is linked to new destinations and more airlines... it shows more people are flying through BEG, duh...

  7. AirKoryoTU-20402:20

    Astra Airlines served Belgrade last year with charters from Chios and Thessaloniki, will the new scheduled service pose a threat to JATs monopolised route?

    The carrier has 2 BAe-146 aircraft with a nice basic interior although their seats are quite nice leather and what not. I have also seen an A320 from AirVia operating for them recently at Athens, although I assume these are domestic charter work.

    Any news on the Chicago "services"?


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