Houston wants Zagreb terminal

Houston Airport favourite to win Zagreb terminal bid
Houston Airport System from the United States is expected to win the tender to construct Zagreb’s long awaited new terminal and effectively manage the airport. Although interested parties were meant to place their bids until April 4, the government decided to extend the tender until May 6. It is believed the extension has been given so Houston Airport can prepare all necessary documentation. Munich, Istanbul and Frankfurt were some of the names said to have been interested in bidding for the project. Vienna Airport, which showed the most interest, was disqualified from bidding under the explanation that the Austrian airport is too close to Zagreb.

In order to construct Zagreb’s new terminal and manage the airport, only companies which have run airports with more than 10 million passengers annually can bid. At a recent business forum in Dubrovnik, Houston Airport representative, Roman Miro, said his company was interested in taking over Pleso Airport. Houston cannot directly compete for the project since it is a non-profit organisation owned by the City of Houston. It plans to do so, however, through its subsidiary HAS Development Corporation.

The new terminal is planned to be built in 3 phases, with the first set to be completed in 2014. The current terminal will undergo a smaller expansion and face lift to accommodate the rising number of passengers until the new terminal is completed.


  1. frequentflyer09:35

    Irrespective of who wins this project, the expansion of home carrier OU and the ability to attract more airlines to the airport remains the more important issue.

    Where will this growth come from? If W6 supposedly couldn't make a profit from the airport then is the future from LCCs? (Or more accurately, is the problem actually W6 itself??) Will we see inter-continental flights at the airport: from the Middle East, North Africa, Asia or N.America?

    Where does OU see itself in 12 months, or 5 years? Is there a growth plan in place for the airline, and what does the airline see as its role in the region? And finally, what role/impact do the numerous coastal airports have on ZAGs success?

    There are too many unanswered questions, always put in the 'too hard' basket demonstrating a lack of long-term vision.

  2. JU520 BEGLAX10:26


    a very brought to the point comment. fully agree with you

    maybe Purger knows more :-)

  3. Purger11:09

    You have to wait to read my interwiv with Mr. Peovic, general manager of Zagreb airport in new number of Aeronautika. Sorry, but this few exclusive information I really have to keep for Aeronautika.

    W6 is very specific case. And one of exclusive information is the one about deal with W6.

  4. JU520 BEGLAX12:27


    i m abroad, can we read it on the web? probably only in croatian. Anywhere available in english?
    was googling aeronautika, but did not find anything

  5. Anonymous12:40

    2 JU520 BEGLAX:

    I believe it could be this one (correct me if I'm mistaken):


  6. Purger13:22

    That is the one... but you have to wait for new number to be printed.

  7. Anonymous14:40

    Osama Bin Laden's family own 49% shares of George Bush Intercontinental Airport at Houston. Target is not Zagreb International Airport but European Soil...

  8. JU520 BEGLAX15:29

    thanks anonymous

  9. NIce pic of Split Airport, :)

  10. Sounds interesting Purger, make sure you let us all know when we can read the article.

  11. Purger18:26

    Of course...

  12. @Anonymous

    This is the baseless drivel that gets traction on this forum. Bin Ladens had an stake in Houston Gulf Airport nor Houston Intercontinental. Houston Gulf Airport has since closed and been turned into a housing development.

  13. Anonymous20:41

    If you want to talk conspiracy, then note it was Ryan International Airlines that flew the bin Laden family out of the US in 2001.

  14. @ Ed and the last Anonymous

    Guy who posted shit about Bin Laden here is probably one of those, who would have claimed, if it were BEG instead ZAG in this investment story, that Mother Teresa holds the shares.

    So, just don't pay attention to him, as his post has absolutely nothing to do with the aviation.

  15. Anonymous00:17

    Zagreb needs urgently new airport because they can`t handle all passengers. Today they have more passengers than capacities. Last December we were waiting in airplane for 50 minutes to depart because airport was overcrowded and people were waiting for security check more than one hour. Airplane was ready to depart but people were waiting in line. It is obviously they need bigger airport.

  16. Anonymous03:02

    Things need to get cleared up.

    1) USA is pressuring Croatia for this. Ever since the 90's they always had an eye on Yugoslav airports.

    2) Croatia is worshiping an American airport because they think it will help start flights between the two countries.

    3) It is also an American precaution just in case Serbia sells one of its airports to either Russia or China.


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