Belgrade expansion to begin soon

52 million Euro investment
As Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport reports continued passenger growth and rising profits, plans are being finalised for the expansion of Terminal 2. The airport has a final version of the expansion project and the visualisation of the new expanded terminal. A total of 8 new aerobridges will be added to the C gates section. The airport’s CEO, Velimir Radosavljević, pointed out that the project will allow greater comfort for passengers and the addition of new facilities. Construction work will be carried out in 14 phases so as not to disturb passengers and traffic. Work on this project has already begun as the A and C aprons have been recently connected. The expansion of the Terminal 2 building will begin in the second half of 2011. The airport plans to spend 12.3 million Euros on the expansion project in 2011 and another 14.7 million in 2012. By the end of next year the airport anticipates to begin the overhaul of Terminal 1, which will cost an additional 15.6 million Euros and in 2014 it plans to spend a further 10.2 million for the expansion and maintenance of the airport buildings. A total of 52.985.000 will be invested into the airport within the next 3 years. Serbia’s main airport is also investing further afield, financing the construction of the country’s newest airport in Kraljevo and aiding the airport in Niš.

In 2011, Jat Airways holds the largest share of flights departing and arriving from Belgrade, at 41.3% followed by Lufthansa at 11.1%, Montenegro Airlines at 7.5%, Swiss International Airlines at 6.6% and the low cost Wizz Air at 6.4%. In 2012 Wizz Air plans to base another aircraft at the airport, according to the Serbian Civil Aviation Agency.


  1. Anonymous09:35

    I hope we hear some more news about Wizz Air's new plane at BEG? And i hope it won't be as late as 2012.

  2. Anonymous09:43

    The new bridges will be bought to replace the old ones at A gates, not at C gates.

  3. Anonymous10:08

    Does somebody know, what hapenned whith the colapsed bridge?

  4. Anonymous10:27

    The C6 bridge is still standing collapsed, more than a month later. None of the C gate bridges are being used since the accident. The C gates are only used for small aircraft (turboprops and regional jets) which cannot be connected by gates.

    How can they talk about expanding the airport if they can't even get this straight for more than a month!?

  5. JATBEGMEL10:53

    Drove past BEG a couple days ago and the collapsed C6 can be seen from the highway, sad.

    I think the terminal is a bit claustrophobic, if you jump high enough you can touch the roof lol will be interesting to see what will be made of the airport. Parking should be fixed, maybe 2 or 3 levels of parking with a several story hotel on top.

    BEG also has a problem with baggage trolleys, they dont have enough, when i returned from MEL last year i had to wait 15 minutes for one to come!

    @ anonymous

    the C gates are being used not just for regionals, today JU361 from DUS, which is a B733 is using C3, and the AF A318 CDG flight is using i think C3 as well.

  6. Zrak11:47

    Completely unrelated news.

    New line is about to open between OMO and Pescara, Italy. Some snippets from the article (I guess most of the people here understand so I wont be translating)

    ....Zračna luka Mostar je nakon što je nedavno instaliran instrumentalni prilaz od sada više dostupna europskim zrakoplovnim kompanijama, a instaliranje instrumentalnog prilaza bio je i jedan od uvjeta da se uspostavi linija Pescara - Mostar. Ovu investiciju u iznosu od milijun maraka je u cjelokupnom iznosu platila Federalna direkcija civilnog zrakoplovstva. Instalacijom ovog uređaja postigla se veća sigurnost, jer kompanije koje lete u Mostar prema svojim propisima i standardima koriste zračne luke koje imaju uređaje za instrumentalno kretanje.

    I guess now we have explanation why there was not that much traffic previously

    ....Predstavnici Gradske uprave, Bh. Airlinesa, Zračne luke Mostar te turističke agencije Fortuna Tours ovaj tjedan putuju u Pescaru kako bi se dogovorili svi detalji vezani uz ovu charter liniju....

  7. Anonymous12:57

    Da li neko zna da li se C platforma prosiruje samo u visinu kako bi se odvojili dolazni putnici od odlaznih ili ce se prosirivati i u duzinu da novim mostovima??
    Izgleda da su ovi novi mostovi za a platformu.

  8. Anonymous13:28

    This Jat PAX NO share at LYBE is false! In the news you have published on May 12, JU has said it handled 88.597 PAX. LYBE for the same period reports 240.282. This means JU PAX share is not 41,3% but 36,87%. OK, JU still holds the largest PAX NO, which is normal, it's their hub with the largest NO of A/C's and routes but the figures constantly decrease.
    I wish all the best to LYBE. I hope this investment news means LYBT will soon be converted and that it will handle charter, LCC and GENAVI flights, so that LYBE can turn into real capital city airport!!!

  9. LH172113:32

    "In 2011, Jat Airways holds the largest share of flights departing and arriving from Belgrade, at 41.3%"

    read 2011 not April.

  10. Anonymous13:45

    New bridges will be purchased for the A side gates.
    C side bridges are not used by the order of CAD until the investigation is over.
    try checking 6 air bridges part-by-part for a single month! Or would it be better to keep 'em running until next collapse so that they can show they as a matter of fact really work!? Get serious!!!
    C side will be expanded in order to separate inbound from the outbound PAX
    I agree for the baggage trolleys. I've also had the same problem. They are purchasing some 540 new, I saw at their webiste.
    Parking is not in LYBE jurisdiction nor are the taxi drivers until state and city wiseguys decide otherwise.
    OK, LYBE can make a project for parking as well but someone has to invest. And why would BEG do so if they can't put it on concession but they have to just hand it over to local parking PUC?
    For all incoming comments: yes, I completely agree, everything in aviation business here still is too much political!!!

  11. Anonymous14:49

    on todays jats atr flight to athens were only 23 passengers!!! capacity of this aircraft is 68.

  12. Anonymous15:46

    I haven't been to Belgrade recently, however one of the Nikola Tesla Airport issues has long been a good & frequent public transport link to the city center. Bus #72 is a very poor option (30 - 40 mins) Not sure if JAT bus is operating at all. Meanwhile, taxis are ripping people off. If airport doesn't already have a cut from taxis. then they should create shuttle service themselves, with customised buses as seen in other cities (Barcelona for example)


  13. Don't know what Wizz Air is waiting for to start the its service between Belgrade and Milan-Bergamo....

  14. Anonymous16:36

    last anonymous: I agree. The Jat buss didn't operate for about a year but from June they are starting again - 250 dinars from Slavija to the airport. That's really cheap especially since JUs busses are in good shape.

  15. smokiboy16:46

    I noticed the other day that Wizz had a flight to Varna, is that correct?

    @ Anonymous,

    Where did you hear that inbound & outbound PAX will be separated?


    PS. It would be great if people weren't so anonymous here.

  16. Anonymous16:57

    C6 bridge will be moved away by the end of this week. BEG growth in may will be over 20%. Possible new destinations for Wizz are BSL (!!), LCA (!), BVA, SPU (!!!),BGY......

  17. Flights from and to Varna were repositioning ones because the A320 based at BEG had some difficulties on its returning leg from LTN that day, so another a/c was needed for WZZ4201/4202 flight to/from NYO otherwise it would have to be canceled.

    Bus shuttles from and to airport are absolutely needed but owned by BEG airport! Every 15-20 minutes would be more then enough with a price 200-300 RSD. Plus BEG could profit from buses advertising airlines, tour operators with their destinations etc.

    p.s. I dont want to be impolite, but could you please stop bs-ing about C6 bridge!? :)


  18. Anonymous20:25

    Wizz Air will not launch Larnaca. There are not enough passengers. Jat manages to make it work just coz of the Dubai and Tel Aviv tags. Not to mention that this season Jat will be flying 5-6 times per week offering good times.
    Larnaca is an expensive airport so I do not see them risking.

  19. Anonymous21:31

    Wizz be launch LCA in less than one year for sure, reliable info. They started to build new business lounge at BEG.

  20. Anonymous21:34

    Wizz WILL launch LCA in less than one year for sure, reliable info. Sorry for the mistake.

  21. Anonymous22:37

    Last summer I was at Belgrade Airport a total of 4 times, SO PACKED. So many people and flights which is a good thing and full flights but man we were so cramped as well as at the cafees, JAT's flights to LHR were full and now that BA pulled out it made JAT add 2 new weekly frequencies.

    Parking is a MAJOR issue. I remember driving up and there was a line of cars going in for parking, we had to wait at least 5 minutes I believe in parking as they were trying to find places for all the cars.

    I also heard/ read/ and saw this video which says another runway should be completed along with a train connection to Beograd Downtown.....?


    Yeah ok half full too Athens, but the leg back? What if it is 100% full? I hear the flights are doing good JAT regarding Athens and Thesaloniki, but I am not sure about which one has the better number of pax, Olympic and Belgrade.

  22. Strahinja23:48

    Anonymous, where did you hear about BEG - SPU wizzair route? It seems very strange :)

  23. Anonymous01:05

    There's plenty of parking in Belgrade, people just don't want to walk more than a few steps from their cars to the building. Look at the garage, it's never full.

    Btw, what happened to LH's flight from BEG to FRA. It arrived on time yesterday night (18.05), but is delayed by at least 8 hours today (19.05):

  24. OT
    Swift Air will operate flights to BEG and ZAG under RyanInternational Airlines code "RD":
    RD502/503 to and from ZAG
    RD702/703 to and from BEG

  25. Anonymous06:21

    Wizz Air's launch of Larnaca will be a good thing simply because it will drive the prices of Jat down. With routes like Dubai which absolutely need to go via somewhere will actually give Jat the upper hand in Larnaca.
    It doesn't make sense for Wizz Air to offer more than two flights per week. How on Earth can they compete with Jat's 5? Not to mention that JU's flights depart at 11:05 to Belgrade (with the exception of the twice weekly BEG-TLV via LCA). Jat can just lower their price and fight off Wizz Air.

    Also, Larnaca sees A LOT of business passengers. Not to mention business people from Cypriot companies operating in Serbia like Pepsi or Marfin Laiki Bank. Wizz Air could never attract this kind of passengers.

    If they think they can make it work sure... they already operate from Bucharest and Cluj so let's hope they add Belgrade too.

    By the way, for all those who complain about high passenger taxes in the Balkans, in Cyprus it's 55 Euros. Even for Ryanair!

  26. JATBEGMEL11:00

    @ anonymous

    GSP bus route #72 runs every 20 minutes. In Melbourne, Australia, SkyBus between Southern Cross station and Tullamarine Airport runs every 10 to 15 minutes. MEL has 25 million + pax per annum where as BEG has 3M. I think that the route should start at Slaviya Square/Birchaninova Street rather than at Zeleni Venac, run via the Belgrade Sava Station going over either Gazela bridge or Stari Savski onwards to the airport. As for the buses, I have always seen the low floor aircon buses, which are in good condition.


    From september, Belgrade has seen a new suburban train service called BG:voz run, and as from march it runs from Batajnica to the Panchevachki Bridge. Serbian Railways has been reluctant to fund this, with the budget for renovating the trains coming from the city budget. Again, Serbian Railways does little to improve rail services in Serbia, and i doubt there will be in the next decade rail services to the airport. If there ever were to be a rail service to BEG i think the best option would be to have a line from Surchin to Borcha which would run via the airport, which i think would make the line viable...but for such a thing there needs investment.

    As for a second runway, i dont think there is a need for another runway considering the existing one isnt that used. I think the current runway is too close to the terminal and should be distanced a bit further more.


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