Jat’s numbers continue to rise

More passengers flying with Jat in 2011
Jat Airways’ passenger numbers continue to rise in what is shaping up to be a solid year for the carrier, passenger wise. In April, the airline handled 88.597 passengers, an increase of 33% compared to the same, volcano stricken, month last year. In scheduled traffic the airline saw a 36% passenger increase with an average cabin load factor of 69%, a jump of 6%. The Serbian carrier has gained the upper hand against Montenegro Airlines on the popular Belgrade – Podgorica – Tivat flights. The airline increased its figures on those by 27%. In Euro-Mediterranean traffic passenger numbers were up by 37%.

On the other hand, Jat’s charter operations have been severely affected by the turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East as well as increased competition from other airlines. Jat operated 52% less charter flights than last April and recorded a 62% passenger plunge.

In the first 4 months of the year Jat Airways recorded a 19% passenger increase, the biggest increase out of the EX-YU’s “Big 3” airlines and the second best after B&H Airlines. You can review all the results from this year in the table below.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN68.600 2.9
FEB67.635 24
MAR79.408 20
APR88.597 33


  1. Anonymous10:14

    Wrong information. JAT's share of passengers at BEG in the first four months was 40.2% and Serbian national carrier was followed by Lufthansa and Wizz.

  2. Aero10:17

    Having in mind all circumstances related to Jat`s market position, this represents positive surprise!
    Well done!

  3. Peter from Sydney10:25

    All well and good to see passenger rises, however, is Jat making money? No point having a million passengers when you're just giving away tickets at promo prices, or your costs doing business have risen.

  4. Danny from Sydney13:05

    COuldnt agree more Peter!!! Post the profit margins then ill congradulate

  5. Frequent Flayer13:31

    Montenegro Airlines is inviolable on the lines to Podgorica and Tivat.
    Transported over 70 percent of passengers and four times a day to Belgrade.
    Ticket price ranges from 99eura a fly the new aircraft Embraer 195.
    Here are the exact minute when Jat's planes do not fly very often at all and still be flying with the old and uncomfortable ATR.

  6. Anonymous13:51

    How come there is never an update on Pristina or Skopje any more?

  7. Anonymous14:13

    @Peter from Sidney:

    do you suggest that flying (half) empty A/C would be a better option? Fixed costs are relatively high and any additional revenue is good for the business.


  8. I hope that JAT will solve its fleet problems and continue to rise its pax numbers! :) I wish they only new better... 2 A319s would be ideal now...

    Anyway, does anybody have some news about the WizzAir-positioning-another-A320-to-BEG-rumour? :)

  9. Aero15:54

    @ JU500
    2nd Wizz`s a/c is mentioned at Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate`s yesterday press conf.

  10. @Aero
    What was the topic of the press conference? Could you tell us more if you know? :)

  11. ^ Some of it is written in the article (granting charter licenses and refusing MGX). Some words were said about obtaining USA CAT 1 next year and that Wizz Air will base another jet in BEG. More about it next week on the blog.

  12. Wizz won't place second aircraft at BEG by the end of 2011. Please EX-YU don't announce something like that. This will be another wrong information.

  13. Anonymous18:27

    So what are the possible routes thta Wizzair might be operating out of Belgrade with the second A320?
    We are probably going to see Luton going daily but what else?

  14. @EX-YU Aviation
    Thanks for the info. I appreciate it. I'll wait for more details in your future articles ;)

    Who mentioned the period of time of the second A320 placement at BEG? The only thing written is the second plane, not the time nor the new routes etc. ;)

  15. Starting W11/12 will probably introduce one or two new destinations from BEG and reduce frequencies to couple of existing destinations. Wizz itself simply has not decided yet when to base another plane at BEG so it is not sensible making speculations.

  16. Does anyone know why MX was denied a charter licence?

  17. Anonymous20:09


    Because it's Montenegro Airlines and they have no reason to operate charter flights from Belgrade. It's like allowing Malév or Austrian Airlines to do it.


    Why doesn't it make sense to make speculations? That is what we do here.

  18. @ last anonymous

    Why would anyone apply for a licence if there is no reason?! Do you mean MX, OS or MA don't have any commercial reasons to operate charter flights from BEG or is it a matter of protectionism? If it's the latter, isn't an open market what we should have in ex YU? Wouldn't consumers benefit from having more options?

  19. I will share with you guys only reliable information.

  20. Anonymous20:35

    The consumers do profit from a lot of competition at Belgrade Airport. Maybe it's about time you count the airlines flying to Belgrade.

    So your claims that they were not issued the licence to operate charter flights is indeed a good thing. There is no reason for Montenegrans to profit from Serbs any longer, they chose their path in 2006.

  21. @ last anonymous

    I am a bit confused now. You say that "there is no reason for Montenegrans to profit from Serbs any longer, they chose their path in 2006". Then why is there a reason for Hungarians to profit from Serbs when Serbs chose their path in 1918? This doesn't sound very commercial, I'm afraid. :-) I also don't remember anyone making any comment when JU was awarded a licence to operate POW-ROM flights.

  22. Anonymous21:01

    I do not see how Serbs are profiting from the Hungarians? Jat doesn't operate any charter flights from Budapest or any other airports in Hungary.
    On a side note what has Serbia to do with 1918 Hungary? The seat of Austro-Hungary was Vienna and Serbia was very much independent at that time. The only difference was the annexation of Vojvodina.

  23. Anonymous21:27

    Montenegro Airlines gets license from Nis for charter flights. Soon!

  24. For all I know Wizzair is a Hungarian company and Vojvodina split from Hungary in 1918. Slovenia and Croatia split from Yugoslavia in the early 90's. If Montenegro splitting from Serbia is the reason why MX was not granted a charter licence, why W6, JP and OU have been allowed to operate scheduled flights? If that is the logic behind the decision and the reasoning we should all adhere to, I'm afraid no no-Serbian airline should be allowed to operate flights to/from Serbia. If an agent in Serbia gets a better offer for charter flights from a carrier from a country that might have hurt "national pride" in the past, should it refuse it straight away? I'm afraid most Serbs have forgotten their proverbs, which are a whole wealth of wisdom. One of them says "Love for love, cheese for money" (ljubav za ljubav, sir za pare). Let's talk money, people! :-) Leave national pride and past disputes aside.

  25. Anonymous17:21

    I think this speaks for itself. New/ more airplanes are needed and the fleet needs to be renewed. Serbia is heading on the right path, however there is no word about losses... (possible gains)..?


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