February passenger plunge

Snow hits Jat’s passenger numbers
Jat Airways has seen its passenger numbers stumble for the first time in over a year as snow storms and numerous cancellations take their toll. This February Jat handled 62.289 passengers, down 9% on the same month last year. The number of flights operated in February 2012 fell 10%. During the month, numerous flights were cancelled to one of Jat’s busiest markets - Montenegro. As a result, passenger numbers fell 33% on services to Podgorica and Tivat. On Euro Mediterranean flights passenger numbers decreased 5%, while Jat handled 37% more passengers on charter flights compared to February 2011.

So far this year, Jat Airways has welcomed 137.197 passengers onboard, the same as last year. The average cabin load factor for the two months stood at 63%, which is six points ahead of the same period last year. Despite February 2012 having an extra day, as it is a leap year, the three busiest airlines of the former Yugoslavia saw their passenger figures decline. Adria Airways saw its numbers slump due to a decrease in the number of operated flights while Croatia Airlines and Jat were forced to cancel flights due to bad weather.

Meanwhile, Jat has announced that it will resume its seasonal services to Girona in Spain this summer. Flights will launch on June 5, twice per week, with a Boeing 737-300. The aircraft will have an all economy class layout with 126 seats. As a result, this summer, besides Girona, Jat resumes flights to Malta, Dubrovnik, Pula, Split, Ohrid and launches London Gatwick.

MonthPAXChange (%)Average load factor (%)
JAN74.908 866


  1. It's Gatwick not Luton...

  2. Anonymous11:05

    I am sure that BEG airport results are negative for February. Thats why they dont publish and wait for March results to announce them together. Typical heritage from socialist times to hold back "negative" news. Not very professional!

    1. Anonymous11:13

      Of course, just look at the moron CEO who is running the airport. If there wasn't for G17+ he would have never been in thta position.

    2. Anonymous12:48

      This is not nice comunication. That CEO is the best airport has got for a years. And airport results isn't negative. Just look at statistics. It is 173.606 in feb 2011 (+7%)
      Administrator please such insulting comments. It is not ok!

    3. Anonymous13:36

      No, it's not. The guy is a total moron who advertizes the rising numbers at BEG as his own success, when BEG holds a monopoly on air traffic in Serbia. I would really like to know how successful he would be if Batajnica was a private airport.

    4. Anonymous13:38

      HA! How convenient that the numbers were posted when people start to trash Mr. Velja and his incompetence.
      I bet you work for him.

  3. Anonymous13:59

    Noooooooooooooo Zagreb numbers are down in February again!!!
    In 2011 they handled 126.000 and this year 117.700 :((((

    Why are the numbers falling in ZAG while they are going up in BEG?!

    1. Anonymous14:01

      So far in 2012:

      BEG: 388.185
      ZAG: 248.793

      Even if February growth at BEG was only 7%, the airport is recording a double digit growth, 14%.

    2. WFC, Croatia is in recession. There won’t be a positive trend with passenger numbers at Zagreb until the economy turns around and starts to grow again.

    3. Anonymous14:48

      Well, Serbia is also badly hit by the crisis.

    4. Not as bad as Croatia, Serbia saw 1.5 to 2% growth while the Croatian economy is stagnate or even contracting still.

    5. Anonymous16:10

      Yes but if we were to take that logic, 1.5% is not far from 0% which means that it doesnt make sense for BEG to record growth of 14%. It should then be around 3%.

    6. Anonymous17:41

      Well Serbia is in recession actually
      since 1980...
      Hyperinflation in the Eighties,financial breakdown,war and embargo in the Nineties...

      the last ten "democratic" years also stagnation
      with little or no economic reforms.

      The current government not intersted in economy at all..it is easy to blame the world financial crisis for it.

      Most politicians have studied philosophy
      or outdated law...what is needed is politicians with knowledge about economy!

  4. Anonymous14:35

    Why? That new management that will come can have 20% up in 2013, and to show how perfect they are, and what progress they made in ZAG.

  5. Anonymous14:37

    Why only 7% in Fev? Anyone knows?

    1. Anonymous14:46

      Well, have you read the article, passenger numbers are down in general because of snow.

  6. Anonymous14:37

    It is not the end of the world if they post the pax numbers 3 days later..And btw. after 2.5 years double digit growth it is not a disaster if they post a month with declining numbers or modest growth!

  7. Anonymous14:52

    Skopje is having the strogest growth so far..+22 percent in Feb and +24 percent in Jan!I hope for even stronger results once MAT starts the new routes

  8. Anonymous17:53

    The snow cancellations + few less flights i believe made -10% for JAT in november so ofcourse they will have -9% less passengers, so they had more people per flight:)

    it was rare to see a foreign airline cancel their flights and most of them have increased frequencies, so for february -1% in flights and +7% in pax , very nice! bravo beograd! It would have been even better without snow storm but hopefully the rest of the year will be good..

    And we have next february to lOok forward too if there is no blizzard and the world doesent end where the pax for this feb. will be made up and there should be a lot more pax :)

  9. Anonymous17:56

    ^ -1% in flights for BEG ... if JAT had -10% flights compared to last year, then around 8% more flights were operated in FEB by foreign airlines :) but ofcourse without cancelled JAT flights because of snow taken in consideration..

  10. poopy19:13

    Any news on new investors for JU? Mrkonjic keeps saying "next week" but weeks are passing and nothing is happening.

    1. KOKO20:27

      In Ex Yu "a week" means ten years minimal...

  11. Anonymous19:56

    Does someone knows what is happening with Morava (Ladjevci) airport? They said it will be open for passenger flights on the spring but there are no news about it for already few months.

    1. KOKO20:33

      You will have to wait for "a week"
      before anything new will happen with
      that airport!
      ; )

    2. Anonymous20:39

      It's almost complete

    3. Anonymous19:29

      It`s looking good and almost finished.. I just cant get which companies will fly over there. I hope to see Pegasus flying from Kraljevo.

  12. Anonymous20:36

    @ last anonymous

    i believe the runway lengthening they are doing is supposed to be finished around the end of march!

    and btw is the picture showed JAT's old 737-400 they leased?

  13. Anonymous23:58

    A new Blog on Airlines of the former Yugoslavia:


    1. Anonymous05:52

      Yes, that is all we need. Another clueless person writting a blog. For God's sake, he can't even spell Jat.
      I guess people refuse to understand that JAT stopped existing in 2003 when it became Jat Airways.
      So much for the blog's accuracy. Not to mention that it is a load of bullshit what is written on there.

    2. Anonymous11:48

      It seems like the new blog is a Croat writing only about how Croatia and their aviation is the best . Lol :)

    3. Spoiled Brat17:45

      Aaahh...how disgusting you both Anonymous are!
      I am so ashamed of you!
      It is a fact...most people of former Yu are disgusting assholes..sour loosers.

      Someone makes a new blog..then you immediately get this kind of comments.

      I really pity the makers of all this blogs who have to handle all this sour assholes
      and their whining and complaining.

    4. Anonymous07:24

      No, there is a clear difference between someone doing something in the right way, and then there is when someone lame pretends to know best.
      Ex-Yu region is here where it is today because all sort of riff-raff were allowed to what they wanted and pretend that they know it best.


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