Priština success for Adria

All smiles for Adria at Priština
Priština has quickly become a success for Slovenia’s Adria Airways, a claim reinforced by the strong results the airline has seen on the recently launched services from the city to Verona in Italy. In the first three weeks since the route was launched on January 28, the airline carried approximately 2.500 passengers and recorded an average cabin occupancy index of 81.6%. "I am very pleased that we have introduced this service and I expect it to satisfy both Kosovo and Italian citizens", Adria CEO Klemen Boštjančič said at a recent launch party for the service.

Adria is quickly becoming one of the major players at Priština Airport. In 2011 the Slovenian national carrier welcomed some 140.000 passengers on board flights to and from Priština, making it the second busiest airline at the airport after Edelweiss. This summer, besides Verona, Adria will be operating flights to Frankfurt, Ljubljana and Munich as well.

Adria is the only former Yugoslav airline to have a secondary base outside of its borders. There have also been other attempts by national carriers in the region to open bases in neighbouring countries. Montenegro Airlines has attempted several times to open a base in Belgrade since 2006 but so far hasn’t received the green light from local authorities to do so. In 2010, Jat Airways attempted to open a base at Skopje Airport following the collapse of MAT Macedonian Airlines. However, its subsidiary Aeromak was denied a license by the Macedonian Civil Aviation Directorate.

Tomorrow you will be able to review summer changes Adria, Montenegro Airlines and B&H Airlines will be making to their summer timetables. Special thanks to the Sierra5 portal for contributing to the above news story.


  1. Anonymous09:55

    I don’t understand why ex-YU airlines don’t try and establish bases outside of their country. Currently, Macedonia doesn’t have an airline and pretty much Bosnia as well. Why doesn’t Croatia Airlines try to open a couple of routes from SJJ or Jat from SKP. I assume the routes from PRN bring more money for Adria than the ones from LJU,

    1. Anonymous12:20

      Of course is "success" Priština-Munich or Priština-Frankfurt were sold for lower price than Ljubljana Munich or Ljubljana Frankfurt.
      Priština-Ljubljana-Brussels was sold in March cheaper than Ljubljana-Brussels. Note the second leg is the same aircraft and ticket has same conditions.
      It's not a professional way for a state owned Airline that needs to provide best services and conditions for pax from-to Ljubljana (foreigners and domestic).
      Because who is giving money to Adria are taxpayers and they are promoting Adria as window of Slovenia into the world more tourists, business in-out Slovenia.
      But in the field it's seem Adria is not an airline of Slovenia.
      And it's not yet private so kam on!
      Well but that's a story that no one cares at Adria for.

    2. Anonymous12:22

      Just give as tax payers money .. than we don't care ... for you anymore ... and of promises

  2. Anonymous10:32

    Simply, these markets are rather poor, and there are not enough pax to sustain them - that's why MAT, BH and their descendants constantly fail. OU and JU are quite right to send one or two flights daily to their hubs, that's more than enough for local demand.

    However, I'd say PRN works for Adria, as Kosovo citizens want to avoid the hassle of taking the bus via Serbia, due to issues with their documents, or perhaps fear for their personal safety or possibility of arrest for their involvement in the war. This is not something Bosnians and Macedonians worry about, so they rather take the cheaper long drive to Western Europe, as do lot of Serbs as well.

  3. Anonymous11:26

    Now that is what I call an attractive cabin crew member.

    1. Anonymous11:59


    2. Anonymous12:24

      Agree too
      and she is not pure Slovenian blood
      She is South Balkan and she is the best!

    3. Anonymous12:44

      she's obviously not's easy to to differ Slovenians just by phisical apperance from other ethnicities, say Bosnian, Serbian and often also Croatian.

    4. Anonymous16:47

      Drita Sadiu might be her name!

    5. Anonymous11:25

      Her name is Fjolla and she is from Prishtina.

  4. Anonymous14:26

    She is Albanian-100 percent!
    Btw. male FA's at Adria are the sexiest

  5. Anonymous16:52

    Yes, male FA's at Adria are totally yummy!

  6. stupid slovenian taxpayer17:28

    "Slovenian" aviation is confusing!

    The main base of the "national " taxpayers funded airline is not even in Slovenia maybe they should consider the Cayman islands the next time?

    When Adria goes bancrupt it will probably change name to Kosova Airlines and will be a totally new debt free airline the next day!

    Being based in Pristina so not only makes sense as destination but also as a safe haven.

    In Kosovo Slovenian and European laws are not
    useful ..a very interesting fact!

    Very good for money laundering and other financial issues if you ask anyone from the management of Adria... nobody should be surprised if in case of bancrupcy all aircraft will NOT be
    at LJU airport!

    All those EU laws regarding subsidies and pouring money into Adria ..they do only apply to an airline which is in EU...Kosovo is not yet.

    Ever heard of offshore law?

  7. Anonymous17:36

    Jat Airw. should base one B737 in PRN and fly to ZRH, VIE and FRA.

  8. Anonymous17:51

    Jat or any other airline flying over Serbia are not allowed to enter Kosovan airspace.

    1. Anonymous18:01

      which is probably reaction on serbian decision that any plane bound to/off Priština is not allowed to enter serbian airspace.

  9. Anonymous18:25

    Just a thought, we see numbers for Pristina Airport growing and carriers coming into Pristina. In my opinion, the growth is also due to people who chose to fly out of Pristina instead of Skopje. Skopje is not too far and I see that these two airports are competing against one another.

    1. Anonymous22:04

      Not really. Today, Prishtina has roughly double the number of passengers compared to Skopje and it's new terminal and other facilities are not even finished yet.
      Last year, Pristina International Airport scored an amazing 1.422.302 passengers while Skopje hardly reached 759.928.
      Currently, the only advantage that Skopje has over Pristina is the fact that they can use Serbian airspace, other than that, Prishtina is the smartest choice in every way, shape or form.

  10. Anonymous21:38

    I wish Adria Airways to go bancrupt for the sake of us people in Slovenia who pay taxes!

    I have nothing against the people who work for them
    or that people from Kosovo or where ever fly them most.

    BUT....Adria is everywhere succesful but not in Slovenia!
    They make no profit in Lju but with their monopoly they block foreign airlines to fly to there!

    They burn our money to make our lifes miserable can anyone support this bullshitt!

    The day Adria goes bust i will open a bottle of Champagne ....this airline is an embaressment to Slovenia!

    Die Adria...please die!!!

  11. Anonymous22:27


    it looks like Israir is not going to fly to Beograd

  12. Anonymous22:33

    Very cute stewardess... The only good thing in this mess called Adria.

  13. OT

    JAT will not fly to Malta and the flights have been removed from GDS's.

  14. JATBEGMEL07:37

    Anyone up for reading an intresting article regarding the 8 A319's ordered for JAT?

  15. Anonymous10:53

    chick is hot


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