Darwin Airline to Niš

Coming to Niš December 8

The Swiss based Darwin Airline will launch flights from Zurich and Geneva to Niš Constantine the Great Airport from December 8. Services from Zurich will operate four times per week, while flights from Geneva will run twice per week, with one of the flights operating via Zurich. These frequencies will be maintained until January 20, 2013 after which three weekly flights will be operated from Switzerland. Flight details for the Zurich - Niš flights can be found here, while details for the Geneva - Niš sector can be found here. Originally, plans were made for Montenegro Airlines to launch flights from Niš to Zurich, however, the carrier did not receive fifth freedom rights from Swiss authorities. Earlier in the year the low cost SkyWork Airlines said it was interested in launching services between Geneva and Niš.

Flights between the Swiss cities and Niš are on the pricy side. Passengers will have to fork out some 325 euros for a return ticket, although lower fares can be found. All flights will be operated by the 58 seat Saab 2000 turboprop. Tickets are already on sale. “We saw the potential in Niš and Southern Serbia. Some 250.000 people gravitate towards Niš which was reason enough for this market to be of interest to us”, Christian Schneider, Darwin Airline’s Chief Commercial Officer said at a press conference yesterday.

Darwin Airline will be Niš’s second customer this winter season and will join Montenegro Airlines which will operate five weekly flights to and from Podgorica. Mistral Air will launch flights from Trieste to the Serbian city next summer season. In the first nine months of the year Niš Constantine the Great Airport handled 20.935 passengers, an increase of 16% compared to the same period last year. In September, the airport welcomed 2.559 passengers, up 18% on 2011.


  1. SuisseOuest09:13

    Great news! Especially with majoority of flights so close to weekend. While turboprops are a very bad idea for such a long route and tickets are pricey, let's hope this route survives the holiday period and we get stable alternative to BEG and SKP (ok, and PRN) for flights to south Serbia.

  2. Anonymous09:25

    CTN je 23.9 objavila red letenja iz Osijeka i još
    niste to uvrstili među nove rute s desne strane a potrcali ste pisati za Niš!

    1. Anonymous09:34

      Па шта ако је потрчао? Смири страсти, попи чашу воде.

    2. Anonymous10:47

      Potrčao sam ja da bukiram let iz Osijeka za Split, no gle čuda, datum za početak prodaje karata nije ispoštovan, i karte i dalje ne mogu da se kupe na Croatijinom sajtu...

    3. Anonymous13:37

      Kaže se "popij", a ne "popi".

      And for OP, this is a personal blog. If you feel you can contribute with some valuable information, please do in a constructive manner, rather than being an ass.

    4. The flights haven’t been listed only because they are still not in Amadeus, Croatia Airlines website or any other reservation system. Once they are they will be listed on the right hand side immediately.

    5. I was waiting for someone to say this... They said it would be online "around" Oct 1 but still nothing. Those flights would be great but you know, seeing is believing. :D

  3. I think this price is completely ridiculous. 325€ return to Switzerland, what?? I paid 391€ return to JFK from BUD last year. Unless it's only going to be business travellers.

  4. Doot10:50

    I got excited until I see it's more expensive than flying from BG.

    The schedule makes no sense. How can it take the same amount of time to fly GVA-ZHR-INI and GVA-INI?

    1. Doot10:58

      oh. you fixed the schedule :)

      I went on the darwin website and tickets were about 1200 euros each way.

  5. Anonymous10:51

    Yeah 391 maybe ten years ago. Comparing INI and BUD?

    1. Nope. Last year. American Airlines. Not comparing airports, just distances. I would rather take a bus or whatever to some other airport than pay that kind of money for a European flight.

  6. Anonymous11:10

    Are they having a laugh???????????????????

    Seriously, yes idea of few flights over the holidays is good, but the price????!!! It is NOT €325, I was not lazy and just checked on their website

    http://www.darwinairline.com/en/index.html and return ticket on INI-GEN-INI is 2476.59 €!!!!! And don't even bother asking if it's business/first, because it is not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Alex London

    1. Doot12:33

      I did the same search and found the same thing.

      However, when I did the search originating in Switzerland, I got prices of 500chf for flights originating in Geneva.

  7. Anonymous12:07

    The price is expensive for the people living in Serbia but these flights are targeted at Serbian people living in Switzerland who have a lot more disposable money. Yes, I agree they are overpriced but after January 20 they will use a different aircraft and they have said themselves they will reduce the prices' to be more reasonable. I'm extremely happy about the new airline coming to Niš and what's even better the city nor the government is giving them subsidiaries whatsoever.

    Goodluck and kind regards from Australia, xxx.

  8. Anonymous12:31

    They should be better flying to Zagreb, that kind of aircraft fits ZAG's style perfectly...

    1. Anonymous14:04

      You are right, but it looks much better than Jat's ANCIENT ATR 72-200 and 737-300 + Aviogenex 737-200 in BEG. Does anybody exempt Jat fly "200" in Europe anymore.

    2. Anonymous14:13

      I think Aviogenex is the sole carrier in Europe still operating the B737-200.

    3. Anonymous06:13

      Jealousy is eating you inside out. You have obviously seen renders of LDZA new terminal.

      ZAG promotes balanced development of all Croatia, unlike BEG, where inhabitants of Serbia have no choice, at all.
      They have to go via BEG, or by foot, as they like.

  9. Anonymous12:43

    I paid 420€ from BUD to LAX in march this year with American Airlines... i just dont understand how can so short route(Zurich - Niš) be so expencive

    1. Anonymous17:32

      But that is not a rare sight!
      Normally if you fly somewhere the higher price for the first leg is subsidizing the lower price for the much longer addditional flight.European routes are always that expensive if not low cost!
      I talk about the likes of Lufthansa,BA and AF!

      On the other side 420 Euro for BUD
      to LAX is dirt cheap!
      So no surprise that AA canceled their flights to BUD.
      I feel happy for you but with such fares AA does not make any profit.

    2. Anonymous19:37

      I ment Jat's ATR 72-200

  10. JU520 BEGLAX13:24

    if u re the only one operating a route why should u sell cheap?
    420 EUR BUD-LAX are fill up rates. The flight would never operate if all the tickets would cost 420 EUR. Ever thought about how much an airplane, maintenance, overflight fee, landing fee, fuel, employees, offices etc cost?
    don t understand how people are demanding today. need everything, but pay peanuts..

  11. Anonymous14:11

    The fares are still not ready. This is a normal procedure when an airline launches a brand-new route. They should be adjusted very soon. Patience.

    1. Anonymous14:43

      Sorry, gotta laugh at this 'normal procedure' thing you just mentioned.... lol.

    2. Doot14:47


    3. Anonymous20:35

      I am not commenting and not going to get into further detail regarding airline fares if you find it so funny. Plus, there will be promo fares if you look at the various options.

  12. Anonymous14:59

    I would have expected them to offer special introductory fares as to promote this service.Would have been a perfect time of the year to do this.

  13. Doot15:03

    For the right price, I would definitely travel from Belgrade for the flight if it's direct to Geneva. Bus to Nis is just as long as the train to Zurich.

    Too bad it looks like it'll be too expensive.

    Also not sure why skywork is so expensive. Last time I used them, the LF was 20%

  14. Anonymous15:24

    With Wizz fares of 30€ return ticket SKP-BSL-SKP I don't. see any chance for this airline to survive on the market. INI is close to SKP, the highway is great so not the best time to introduce this line at all..
    If they had codeshared with LX on this route could have been more promissing but point2point only is very questionable!

  15. Doot15:40

    I think there's a glitch on the wizzair site right now.

    They're selling skp-bsl for $1 (50MKD instead of 550, plus booking fee)

    If you need a flight from SKP, buy it now :)

  16. Anonymous16:56

    Just booked my flight for 22.Dec from Zurich for 292 CHF to see my family. Not as cheap as I thought, but ok...

    I checked all internet pages and it looks that just on Dawrin Airline you can book it

    1. Anonymous17:02

      So happy people are actually buying tickets already :D

    2. Anonymous17:44

      On Wikipedia you can read all those flights are charter ?!
      I dont know much but i think charter means the plane is always full and flight profitable?
      Please can you say what charter means in this case ?
      Thanks in advance for every serious answer...

  17. Anonymous18:18

    This case looks like a charter where Darwin sold the plane to a swiss tarvel agent (FERAL http://www.feral.ch/sr/3/3009.html). I called FERAL and you can only book the flights with them or Darwin. The lady was very helpful!

  18. Anonymous20:39

    These flights are currently available until 18th and 20th January 2013 only. Why?

  19. Anonymous21:35

    I will try this one.
    Someone i know said he already booked a flight
    over a travel agent.
    This is more a charter by a travel agency
    i think.


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