Adria played by the books

Adria claims no foul play in state aid

Adria Airways has said it has been unofficially informed that the European Commission has opened an investigation into state aid and benefits issued to the company by the Slovenian government from 2007 to 2011. It believes the investigation will take up to a year. “We would like to stress that it is in the interest of Adria to prove that all the measures so far were carried out in accordance with the applicable legislation”, Adria says, adding that the move is no surprise to the company. The Slovenian carrier believes the capital increase between 2007 and 2011 and the sale of shares of its subsidiary Adria Airways Tehnika do not represent state aid as all the investments met the criteria of the Market Economy Investor Principle.

Last week the European Commission opened an in depth investigation to verify whether a number of public support measures in favour of Adria are in line with European Union state aid rules. These measures include four capital injections between 2007 and 2011 amounting to around 85.5 million euros. The Commission has doubts that they were granted on market terms. Simultaneously, the commission launched an investigation into aid given to Latvia’s airBaltic. Earlier in the year, the Commission found that aid was unlawfully given to Malév Hungarian Airlines and Spanair. Both eventually ceased operations and declared bankruptcy.

Adria has used the capital injections to carry out a restructuring program and cut its costs. It has successfully done so with losses decreasing. The carrier expects to operate with a profit by the end of next year. A recent sponsorship deal with British car maker Land Rover, worth five million euros, has given a boost to Adria’s passenger figures with the airline performing ad hoc charters for the company. Next month the Slovenian carrier will launch flights from Priština to Venice while next summer season it will resume services from Ljubljana to Paris after a year and half of absence.


  1. frequentflyer09:55

    Good to read, but - like some exYU airport CEOs announcing flights etc - let's wait for the official news from the relevant authorities so we *know* it is the case!

    Once JP is officially cleared, then they can again turn their attention to providing good service - and running profitably with healthy yield!

    Does anyone know who started off this investigation? There must have been a party with vested interest trying to tip the authorities off...

    1. Anonymous17:39

      Evil Belgrade i guess...

  2. Anonymous10:02

    S7 Airlines on 15 June 2013 starts service from Moscow to Zadar

  3. Anonymous10:14

    Wow adria is still alive

  4. onceyugoslavslave-nowgermanslave10:56


  5. Adria unofficial statistics for November 2012, approx. numbers

    Flight # and PAX #
    1364 sch 59359
    242 ch 9515
    1606 total 68874

    Index 12/11 flight and pax
    91 sch 98
    168 ch 146
    98 total 103

    Index of operated hours is 119 and km flown 130.

    A bit less pax on sch flights though that is because of less flts operated. A big increas in charter area due to Jaguar deal

    Overall a bit less flights but more pax flown (due charter again).

  6. Anonymous11:34

    The Comission has doubts that they were granted on market terms.

    Amd you need a Comission for that?
    Everyone knows it's just tax payers money feeding a parassite and it's parts. All the time it's the same. New triks for new taxpayers money. Results for ordinary Slovenian citizen just expensis not a single competitive worth service. Complete antitesy of any market logic.

  7. Anonymous13:52

    Im afraid that Adria will get Malevs fate.

  8. Anonymous13:54

  9. Anonymous17:41

    Nothing will happen...
    Take the money Adria!
    Market terms ...

  10. Anonymous00:20

    There was a TK A310 in BEG yesterday, anybody knows why?

  11. Anonymous00:24

    Qatar flies 10 times with A321 to ZAG during November (so 1/3 of all flights were with huge A321)

    1. Anonymous02:15

      You mean to Budapest?

  12. Anonymous10:16

    No I mean to Zagreb


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