B&H resumes normal operations

B&H Airlines back in the air

B&H Airlines has resumed normal operations after the Hypo Alpe Adria Bank unblocked its accounts. “Unblocking our accounts was the condition for us to resume operations. Without it we would be unable to do business. After this we can breathe more easily”, Amir Jažić, the acting CEO of B&H Airlines says. Mr. Jažić claims the blockade of its accounts on behalf of the Hypo Group was uncalled for. He adds, “We still haven’t made flight plans for next week but we will operate services to three destinations (Istanbul, Zurich and Copenhagen). We will look into boosting our frequencies”.

Since March 1, B&H Airlines’ services have been affected by the blockade of its accounts. Hypo claims the carrier has outstanding payments on its loan for the purchase of two ATR72s. With the help of the Federation government a deal has now been struck, although no further details have been revealed. B&H Airlines had plans to lease a jet engine aircraft this summer season and intends to launch flights to Skopje from April 1. One of B&H’s ATRs is currently in Germany undergoing maintenance. The carrier has deposited 30.000 euros for the aircraft to be serviced.

B&H Airlines’ CEO says passengers have not been affected by the carrier’s recent troubles. Most passengers were rerouted onto other airlines, most often Croatia Airlines and Jat Airways. B&H also payed for accommodation for its passengers when it was required. The CEO says, “None of our passengers experienced any trouble. They were even treated to more comfort”.


  1. Anonymous09:13

    Boring news again...

  2. Anonymous09:58

    I honestly don’t get people who would still buy a ticket on BH. They don’t even have flight plans for next week! I’m all for national airlines and would love for BH to expand and become a good airline but seriously. And what CEO on earth says that passengers had even more comfort then they would if they were to fly direct with BH o.O

  3. Anonymous09:58

    Offtopic: Skopje Airport has been awarded for the best Airport in in Europe for 2012 by Airport Council International (ACI)


    1. Probably the Best Airport by Region (Fewer than 2 million Passengers per Year) award, all other awords they stand no chance.

  4. Anonymous10:16

    Can anyone tell us their loadfactors? :) Just for fun :)

  5. Anonymous11:31

    If I remember their load factor on average was 40% except for IST where it was around 70% I believe...

    By the way they cancelled IST today again! Why?

    1. Anonymous13:10

      To provide "more comfort" to their customers. Haha...

      Love it!

  6. JU520 BEGLAX20:32

    to those love flying to the world with LX:

    LX confirmed today order of 6 Boeing 777-300ER which will join the fleet by 2016 and replace 6 A340-300

  7. Anonymous22:45

    Any reasonable person would take into consideration the fact that on top of all of the typical problems of a small national airline, BH has to deal with the internal politics that govern over them, where you have three peoples governing, each with their own agendas. Currently that is SDP, the Croatia aligned party, who you could argues have a greater interest in Croatia Airlines succeeding the in BH Airlines. Other than them you also have the Serbia aligned politicians who have JAT's best interests in mind, the ex-Commies who still think the balkans should be one country and the actual Bosnians, who probably have some financial gain from selling out the airline.

    Just a reality that should be considered.

    1. Anonymous09:07

      So all of them would be happy to sell company (Croats because of Croatia, Serbs because of Jat, and Bosnians because of "some financial gain from selling out the airline"). And why they don't do it?

    2. They can't put together an attractive package for some company to consider buying.

    3. Anonymous01:58

      Why you have to sell Airline. Sell planes and call the day!

  8. Anonymous01:09

    It's because of the few Bosniaks (Muslim, Catholic and Orthodox, etc)

  9. Anonymous14:09

    They could have 65% average load factor on their flight SJJ - BNX - ZRH - BNX - SJJ but I'm not sure about it.


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