Adria Airways anticipates strong growth

Adria on the road to recovery

Adria Airways is hoping 2014 will be a year to remember with important events taking place at the national carrier, in contrast to previous years of downsizing. The airline’s CEO, Mark Anžur, says, “Our aircraft have already embarked on the new summer season, which brings with it several new features, all of them in line with the strategy we have mapped out for our development up to the year 2020”. This year Adria is anticipating strong passenger growth, with encouraging trends recorded so far. “Adria’s main commercial objective is profitable growth. For an airline, growth means carrying more passengers and introducing more flights. Last year saw us surpass the magic number of one million passengers. This year we are aiming even higher - a 12% increase in passenger numbers”, Mr. Anžur says.

However, in its quest for profitability, Adria is introducing some unpopular measures with passengers. From April 22, the carrier will begin charging economy class passengers for food and drinks. Still, CEO Anžur manages to put a positive spin on it, “From the end of April passengers will be able to buy individual items from our new café above the clouds. A varied selection of drinks and snacks will be available, featuring the best of Slovenian and international brands. We hope that the changes to the service and the select range of affordably priced items will enhance passenger comfort on all Adria Airways flights”.

S5-AAU being painted

This Friday, Adria’s newest fleet member, a Bombardier CRJ900 (registered S5-AAU and nicknamed Urška), entered commercial service. The aircraft was delivered to Adria earlier this week. Although the jet was manufactured in 2012, it has never been used. It was originally destined for Iraqi Airways but the aircraft never made it to Baghdad and has been sitting on the tarmac ever since. While the CRJ900 has received the Adria Airways livery, the aircraft still features the Iraqi Airways interior. The new jet, on an eight year lease to the Slovenian carrier, has the capacity to seat 84 passengers. Adria will take delivery of another leased CRJ900 this summer and has recently placed an order for a further two aircraft of the same type.

S5-AAU interior


  1. Anonymous09:02

    Good job Adria, you couldn't even align the seats with the windows properly. Passengers love that... not.

    1. Did you even read the article?

      "While the CRJ900 has received the Adria Airways livery, the aircraft still features the Iraqi Airways interior."

    2. Anonymous11:37

      OMG as if they could not modify it. Do you even have common sense?

    3. Anonymous11:40

      They probably just wanted to get it into service ASAP. Is it just me or does the legroom look extremely cramped? Anyway I prefer the blue seats to the Adria grey.

    4. Anonymous17:50

      Good luck, Adria, hope you're heading the right way (finally)!

  2. Anonymous09:14

    Where has Adria suddenly got the money from to purchase and lease all those planes?

    1. Anonymous20:43

      As long as EU officials in Bruxelles can be cheated (still trusting officials in Slovenia) don't ask these questions.

  3. Anonymous14:00


    What is going on with Air Serbia's A6-SAA. I haven't seen it in traffic for 5 days!
    Also,I think they don't use their A320 at all.

    Too many B 737 flights these days...

    1. Anonymous14:10

      taj raspali kontejner A6-SAA treba vratiti etihadu, nije mu prvi put da defektira, imao je vec 3-4 defekta otkad je usao u saobracaj pre neka dva meseca...

    2. Anonymous14:19

      A320 is being used every day. Today to Moscow, Zurich and Heathrow.

    3. Anonymous15:04

      But still Air Serbia is paying a huge amount for that quasi-plane to Etihad. And how do you think to sent back to Etihad? What Etihad will sent to Etihad plane from Etihad's company called Air Serbia?

    4. air serbia fined the lessor of the plane through Etihad and earned nice money on it, much more than they lost due to flight cancellations caused by its deffects, fortunately 737s came in place to prevent more cancellations which is still better for both the passengers and the ailine

    5. Anonymous18:08

      Why are today's and tomorrow's JU flights to Abu Dhabi cancelled?

    6. Anonymous20:46

      "I think they don't use their A320 at all"

      Perhaps you should give up on thinking and try something that does not involve any thinking at all:

    7. Anonymous21:03

      @Anonymous April 6, 2014 at 8:46 PM

      There were 2 flights planned for this morning with this plane but both were flown with a319 and 737.
      Afternoon's flight to ZRH was flown with a320 that is true.

      I don't see why are you starting to offend me immediately...but that's the way of communication here,I saw that many times

  4. OT: The first Belgrade Air Expo will be held from Oct 9 to Oct 12 this year at Belgrade fair. Theres unfortunately not much info on that event, but it will most likely be a business oriented fair to gather representatives from airlines, maintenance, airports, ground support, tourism and booking agents, general aviation operators etc.

  5. ADRIA is on a good path to actually make it this time...120,000 passengers in first two months(10,7%increase) while reducing operated flights by 8,8%. LF stood at 67%. With 4 more routes recently opened; Prague & Warsaw from Ljubljana, Munich-Lodz and Tirana-Frankfurt a 12% increase is quite realistic. They should stick to pursuing profitability before anything else. Changing the service on the planes is a good start - who wants to have drinks and snacks can pay for it and the ones on a budget can stick to their low airfare. Done deal.

    1. Anonymous20:52

      Just wait few months. Adria will be crying soon that has no money.

      It's all based on loans and paper tricks for EU Commission.

      It's the Adria (and connected parasitism) philosophy:

      "you (EU investigation pax) see what we want you to see, when we want you to see, because we are writing the report in the way you like it".

      "For the bills Slovenian taxpayers will pay them all even without knowing it we know the masquerade well".

    2. My oh my some ppl... so let me understand the first reply... even if all of what you are alluding is true I still prefer Adria to have good results than bad results whether it was subsidized or whatever else least the situation is improving. So take your negative attitude and plant it in the ground and hope something nice will grow out of it. Whichever the decision of the Eu will be ( i hope with the recent changes towards regional carriers and airports having more leeway it will end up well) this improvement is still good for Adria and its prospects of being privatized in the near future. Or would you prefer it to fail so you can fly Ryanair to 3 or 4 airports from LJ with their splendid service?

    3. Anonymous09:53

      Not sure why recently almost everybody on this forum has been trashing everything (except perhaps AirSerbia). It is getting tiresome and keeping me away from reading any comments...

  6. Anonymous19:14

    Adria is definitely on the road to recovery, which is sweet!

    btw Random Question
    Is it true Air Serbia has ordered new catering trucks?
    I feel like somebody has posted that a while ago

    1. Anonymous19:41

      Yes and they are already in full use at the airport.

    2. Anonymous20:14

      I dont think so, they look as if they were just painted into Air Serbia colors
      How many of them do they have?

    3. Anonymous20:33

      The new ones are not wearing the Air Serbia colours but they have something else painted over them, don't remember exactly what now. I think they got 2 more which should be enough.

  7. Anonymous20:10

    Can somebody explain to me whats going on with Croatia Airlines because all airlines in the region are growing only Croatia Airlines is getting smaller .The Ceo that they have sure know nothing about airline business together with the goverment. When will people see that he is not trying to save the airline but he is there to save only his ass and those of his friends ( +/- 6 incl. the snake in Brussels )

  8. Anonymous20:39

    OT: YU-ANV is airborne again after quite a while :D

    B733 AND, ANI, ANJ, ANK, ANV and leased AOU, AOV
    A319 APC, APE, APF, SAA, SAB
    A320 APH
    AT72 ALN, ALO, ALU

    B733 ANF, ANH, ANL, ANW
    AT72 ALP, ALT (paintjob)

    1. Anonymous20:41

      YU-ANV has been flying for maybe a week now, if not longer.
      It's nice that it's back in the air. Those old girls are amazing. I love the B733.

  9. Anonymous21:49

    To the administrator: you should remove under the new routes section BEG-BEY and BEG-IEV, since Air Serbia is postponing them until further notice.......

    1. Anonymous01:56

      There is no BEG-IEV you idiot but BEG-KBP. Beirut is so far postoponed only according to Aviokarta and nobody else, so choose well who you're gonna trust. Kondic confirmed it last week BEY is going ahead.

    2. Anonymous04:09

      Can you use proper language and not call people idiots if they made a mistake. This is a public forum and I don;t want to see anybody insulting others. Thank you!!!


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