New airline to set up Maribor base

FlyEth to inaugurate flights from Maribor in 2015

Start-up airline FlyEth plans to launch operations from Maribor Edvard Rusjan Airport, in Slovenia’s north-east, to Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Croatia. The airline intends to inaugurate flights on January 15, 2015 with a fleet of two Dornier 328 aircraft and two to three Bombardier CRJ200 jets. According to “Austrian Aviation”, the start-up will operate two daily flights from Maribor to both Amsterdam and Rome via Klagenfurt (with exception to Saturdays), as well as four weekly flights to Berlin via Linz. In addition, FlyEth will run six weekly flights from Maribor to Cologne and twice weekly to Split and Zadar. Finally, it plans to operate a one weekly service each to Brač and Linz.

FlyEth was set up by Fakete Shabani earlier this year with plans for the airline to be initially based in Klagenfurt in Austria. However, Mr. Shabani has now decided to move operations to Maribor. FlyEth will still offer one weekly flights from Vienna, Linz, Salzburg, Insburck and Munich to the Croatian island of Brač. Reportedly, the two Dornier aircraft will be acquired from the United States while the CRJ200s will be purchased from Lufthansa CityLine, which recently retired the type from its fleet. FlyEth currently operates in the lease and charter sector using a fleet of fifteen aircraft - seven A320s, four ATR 72-500s, two Dash 8-400s and two Do328-100s.

This is not the first time an airline has made plans to set up a base in Maribor. In 2011, the newly established Golden Air launched flights from the city to London Stansted Airport via Vienna. Headed by Harjinder Singh Sidhu, a British businessman of Indian decent, who had previously purchased Air Slovakia, Golden Air was grounded within a week of launching flights, citing problems with its aircraft leasing arrangement. Last year, German-operated Express Airways announced plans to resume services with a single Airbus A320, which was to be based in Maribor. However, the airline never took off. Maribor Airport has struggled to attract passengers over the years and relies predominantly on seasonal summer flights to the Greek islands and Turkey. The airport handled some 14.000 passengers last year.


  1. Anonymous09:05

    Great news for Maribor, glad to see Brac is getting a new route! Wish them all the best!

  2. they should fly to Belgrade and provide connecting flights for Bosnian, Serbian and Macedonian communities in Maribor and Graz.

  3. Anonymous10:51

    How much longer can Tivat handle this growth? It's a tiny airport and I am sure its almost at full capacity!

  4. Anonymous11:16

    Today there are 6 flights between TIV and BEG and not one empty seat.

  5. Jel imaju vebsajt? Ili ce karte prodavati na salterima? I da li ce u tom slucaju ista biti papirna ili kartonska?

  6. Anonymous11:21

    I will eat my Nike's if this ever sees the light of day... Neeeeever gonna happen

  7. Anonymous11:28

    Not to mention that Air Serbia's 13.45 flight to Tivat is operated either with the A320 or the high density B737-300! Crazy.

  8. Anonymous11:34

    EW. You wear Nike? :S

  9. Anonymous13:49

    I really hope this happens but I'm not holding my breath

  10. Anonymous13:50

    To me it seems like Brac would profit more from this airline than Maribor :D

  11. Anonymous17:10

    I hope so much for flights Brac-Belgrade...
    Fingers crossed!

  12. Anonymous18:04

    The aircraft type is right for such flights. Lets hope this gets off the ground. I don't have confidence in these shady businessmen trying to make a go of Maribor Airport

  13. Friday, 13 October 2006,

    No comment!

    1. Anonymous21:14

      His son, Riqbal 'Rocky' Singh, told the BBC News website that his father wants to transform the 60-employee Air Slovakia into a "Punjabi experience".

      hahahaha I guess that is why Air Slovakia was such a success.

  14. Anonymous08:17

    OMG what a joke!!!

  15. Dober dan EX-YU Aviation Fans,

    NICE... but only wishful thinking... 10 years ago my person worked for StyrianSpirit... an ambitious project and "Start_UP" located in a "prospering economic region" (Styria, Stajerska, Graz) - but "Euphoria" is now over.... it is definitely not easy for any Airport in the AlpeAdria Region to survive without support (from public Institutions or Authorities).

    MBX is definitely a small and easy overviewed airport, it have its strength definitely based in operational standards and Processes. But Paxes are even poor.... the competition situation is still "heavy" and Business models are changing the last decades....

    the Demand and "sensibility" of the Consumer concerning Frequencies and the Fare they want to pay for the Service changed rapidly .....

    Also the "Investors" and the Person sounds not very "serious and qualified". We had some "bloody experiences" in Austria here...... (Comtel, AirSylhet) - caused by this type of people.

    The Region is to weak to establish Start_Ups and keep them holding sustainable.....

    Understandable, that MBX Airport Management try to use every possibility they get... only to secure the infrastructure, that what they get paid for......

    Yes indeed, there could be demand for Ethnic Flights to EX-YU Destinations.....but also limited in frequencies and periodically...

    Also THY try to start services out of GRZ to IST 4 times weekly, this is also an important impact for the Region of Maribor and Stajerska.

    Thanx 4 yr statements, hvala lepa , adio


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