Serbia - China sign agreement to establish flights

Serbia and China ink Agreement for the Establishment of Air Traffic

Serbia and China have signed an Agreement for the Establishment of Air Traffic between the two countries. The document was signed by Serbia’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Zorana Mihajlović, and the head of the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration, Li Jiaxiang, during last week’s third annual summit of Chinese and Central and Eastern European leaders in Belgrade. The agreement foresees the establishment of joint codeshare flights between Beijing, Shanghai and Belgrade by nominated carriers from each country. Talks between the two sides are set to continue early next year in Beijing, when concrete decisions on potential flights are set to be made.

The Chinese Premier, Li Keqiang, said during the summit that his government is committed to the establishment and smooth functioning of future flights. Premier Li noted that 2015 has been designated as a tourism year between China and Central and Eastern European countries, which is why the world’s most populous nation will work on strengthening air connectivity, as well as improving cooperation in infrastructure development, with a special focus on airports. Commenting on the signed aviation agreement, the Serbian Minister for Energy and Mining, and the country’s former Minister for Transport, Aleksandar Antić, said, “If Prague can be an aviation hub in central Europe offering flights to Asia, then Belgrade can do the same in the western Balkans”.

Air Serbia’s CEO, Dane Kondić, has previously said, “We are in the middle of concluding a codeshare partnership with Air China. We want to, they want to, and it is only a matter of finalising the details. We don't have wide-body aircraft in our fleet, so we are looking for an opportunity to work and partner up with a Chinese carrier”. The CEO of Serbia’s national airline confirmed that he will attend talks in China during the first quarter of 2015. Initial discussion of a possible air link between China and Serbia began in late 2013, which was followed by direct talks between both sides in Beijing in May 2014. In August, the Serbian Civil Aviation Directorate signed a Memorandum of Understanding with its Chinese counterpart following talks which were attended by both Air Serbia and Air China.


  1. Anonymous09:36

    Is it true that the majority of the Chinese living in Serbia are near the Shanghai region?

    1. Anonymous18:32

      According to an analysis done by Sabre the most popular long haul destination for people traveling from BEG in 2013 was Shanghai ahead of US and Australia. I kid you not. But there is catch. Sabre only calculates tickets bought through its GDS

    2. Is it possible to access this analysis?

  2. Anonymous09:38

    I don't know whether these flights will start but I know that the most Chinese use to fly with Aeroflot between Belgrade and China

    1. Anonymous09:41

      Serbs too. Currently svo is gateway to north chine, AUH south.

    2. Anonymous09:57

      You are forgetting one major player, Turkish Airlines.

    3. Anonymous18:29

      Majority of Chinese in Serbia are from Zhejiang province with capital Hangzhou.
      Shanghai is nearest to it.

  3. Anonymous09:39

    Well here goes another blow for Croatia Airlines

    1. Anonymous13:33

      Why? It's not like CTN is losing business over this. Current Air China's European routes like, per examle, ZRH or FRA aren't using CTN as a feeder airline. This is a win-win situation for everyone: Air China gets another European destination and and a number of cheaper connecting flights for its passangers, ASL gets better LFs, even Etihad profits here through Air Serbia. Cheaper flights from China to Croatia via BEG will bring more tourists. If you look at your economy as a whole, CTN loses from ASL competition are small in comparison with benefits from new tourist being flown in by ASL. In fact, you should be thanking Air Serbia.

    2. Anonymous16:38

      @AnonymousDecember 22, 2014 at 9:39 AM

      If this blog wasn't full of trolls and Croatia haters wouldn't be a blog about Ex-YU, would it ?

      No wonder most Croats stay clear off this blog, few that do visit are courageous and brave enough to post here ,but many are ridiculed by likes of you.

      If bloog admin was a really balanced he'd spot trolls from miles away, I guess he thinks or hopes add sense money that he gets from google is worth it, so what if trolls invade his blog and post utter nonsen, more traffic ey,

      @Blog admin, news flash, I use add blocker, have been since I know how to use the internet. I am sure many here use it too, all you do is get bad vibe and rep, and only a matter of time before blog is shut down by blogspot owners, for it perpetuates hatred/bigotry and violent content. Yep, there are actually EU and UK laws against Trolls.

      Just a hint ;)

    3. @ Anonymous December 22, 2014 at 4:38 PM

      The number of readers from Croatia visiting this blog has been increasing each year, with visits up three times more this year compared to last. Croatian visitors are the fourth most populous after visitors from Serbia, US and Slovenia. In fact two of the five most read articles last week concern Croatia Airlines.

      I have said numerous times that this blog is moderated by one person and moderation is done to the best of its ability. The comment you have replied to cannot in any shape way or form offend anyone. Neither was there racial, religious are any other form of hate. Whether the statement is unfounded is entirely different, and the person who responded to his comment explained that well.

      This blog has been in existence more than six years and your claim that it "perpetuates hatred/bigotry and violent content" is beyond shameful as I have been unable to find a single article of the 2.243 items published in which I have ever written a hateful or bigoted comment towards any race, religion, minority, nationality or country.

      As far as your advertising revenue comment, if this blog was made to make money, it would have been shut down long ago.

    4. Anonymous18:38

      @EX-YU AviationDecember 22, 2014 at 5:13 PM

      Now you're playing dumb,

      U full well know what the original content was intended for, and when I said hateful, bigoted and so forth, I was indicating what part of the EU legislation this falls under.

      This blog is full of hateful and tallish comments, some very rude aimed at one nationality, the fact that many visitors from Croatia do visit, is mainly to laugh at some people post here, they can't believe the shit some people say.

      U should read between the lines when someone posts nonsense such as this is the end of Croatian airlines or Croatia. Sure there are many of us in Croatia who find current OU management corrupt, inept and political appointed, there's no secret that many of us would love to see OU privatized and run by someone like Lufthansa or BA, the fact is OU is a public company in state hands, State runs things as it sees fits for the benefit of all, just these benefits often are skewed in favor of few apparatchiks.

      May as it be, some Serbian well wishers consistently point out how OU will fail or is about to fail and how its the end of the OU yet the contrary is the case, is designed only to provoke Croats to respond, and than have a troll fest purely to gain some sort of sick satisfaction.

      And than you wonder why some Croats who after reading nonsense posted by these trolls on this blog react the way they do, as if Croatia and Zagreb can't be independent and free to create their own policy, some Serbs still think Croatia is their little fifdom and everything is decided from Belgrade, even the travel habbits of all Croats.

      A news flash, Croatia is in the EU, NATO, WTO and many other international organizations, was independent nation for over 25 years, has an army, national constitutions, it own laws and even a national airline, may as it be, it is ours and despite all its failings it is only one we've got.

      Some Serbian trolls should wake up to this fact, we are no longer part of Jugo Federation, thankfully, and never will be. Some Serbs here need at accept this fact and stop trolling about Croatia and how bad most Croats are, most Croats only respond to provocations and react when Serb Trolls post utter nonsense, hatred and often bigotry, all which under EU and UK laws are against laws.

    5. Anonymous18:57

      Pa bas se nezna ko stalno provocira kako je BEG provinciski aerodrom.

    6. Lol I want to show who is the hateful one here. I have saved lot of this clown's comments because they make my day a little brighter.

      I guess we know who the troll is around here!

    7. Anonymous19:09

      Your post is full of hateful remarks towards Serbia, Serbs and politics and you are calling me a troll?

    8. Anonymous19:11

      Anon 6:38 PM

      How about you try with one simple sentence about aviation? A-v-i-a-t-i-o-n. It would make much more sense than these political essays on cheap patriotism.

    9. @ Anonymous December 22, 2014 at 6:38 PM

      I think you personally have to read your two comments here once again as they contradict each other, accusing others of bigotry and hate and then exhibiting similar qualities. You are well aware that the majority of comments which do include any sort of hate on a national, religious and racial basis are deleted (or you might not have since they are usually deleted within an hour). But you also might have noticed that many posts often have over 100 comments and from time to time it does so happen that a comment could be overlooked, not on purpose but simply because I can't filter or ban users or moderate 24/7, and if such a situation does occur I have suggested for someone to point it out so I can act promptly. Yesterday and the day before and even today I have been accused of "heavy moderation" and "harsh moderation". I can't delete comments just because someone says the management of the company is bad, and that goes for each and every airline in the former Yugoslavia and neither can I delete a comment when someone gives their projection of how a company will fair in the future, just because you don't agree with their assessment. Like the person who responded to the original comment here, you can share your opinion with them as well. I think you will find that this blog has never indicated or even insinuated that the management of Croatia Airlines is bad or not doing their job. It is up to you or any other reader to make those sorts of conclusions. I also strongly urge you to click on the Croatia Airlines/Croatia tab on the left hand side to review news published on Croatia, Croatia Airlines and Croatian airports and then decide whather the news is filled with hatred.

      In a similar way as you made an unfound conclusion that this blog is losing Croatian visitors, when quite the contrary is happening, or that I am excited by troll comments for additional revenue, which couldn't be further from the truth since this site has not been created nor is here to produce revenue, the majority of your arguments are false.

      I have nothing more to add and I don't intend on continuing this discussion. You can either return to the topic, which is aviation, or you can leave along with anyone else who has come here to compare who is superior, who has built more bridges, who has a higher GDP or anything else not related to aviation.

    10. Anonymous19:22

      Covece da li si ti realan??
      Pa procitaj svoj komentar jos jednom, i onda nazovi bilo koga ovde hejterom i trollom. A takve komentare pune jeftinog patriotizma i gluposti pisi na nekom bednom sajtu nekih novina, mozes na ili srpski
      Pokusaj da napises nesto vezano za aviijaciju ovde. Mozda ti i uspe. A ti Hrvati sto odgovaraju na gluposti koje neki Srbi ovde pisu su ocigledno nesigurni, da dobro znaju da to nije istina ne bi imali potrebu da se raspravljaju sa nekom budalom. Nadam se da vise ovakvih glupih komentara nevezanih za ono o cemu ovaj blog govori nece biti (iako sigurno hoce), ali eto, neki bas ne mogu da smire svoje frustracije. Bilo bi lepo da admin obrise celu ovu glupu diskusiju, jer nema nikakvu svrhu.

    11. Anonymous19:40

      Kad se ulazi i izlazi iz rasprave, to treba raditi dostojanstveno... Dzabe i tih 30 zemalja sto ste posetili...


    12. Anonymous20:28

      This is why I rarely post comments here because you can't even mention the word ''Serbia'' without some Croat writing insulting political monologues.

    13. Anonymous22:39

      Wow reading the posts kindly provided by aleksandar stojanovic, posts of the same person complaining of bigotry, this guy is a real sicko jesus he is wishing cancer to people in 2 posts lol what is this.?!

    14. Anonymous22:47

      It is serious mental ilness. Admin is wasting his time trying to explain things to a clear nutcase.

    15. Anonymous00:59

      +1 Aleksandar Stojanovic

      You can save his today's outburst of helplesness as well :D

    16. Anonymous22:25

      Shame on you Anonymous at 6:38 PM!

      How would you dare to give anybody here any lessons, your every comment here is full of wishful thinking, mixed with "patriotic" tirade novel style and that long approximately with very little points regarding aviation some of which Aleksandar reminded us above.
      I remember many more coming from you.
      I suggest admin to delete your toxic posts here in the future.

  4. Anonymous09:41

    Why is everything that Air Serbia does kept under a veil of secrecy. Like the flights to Zagreb, like this where something is obviously happening. I hope they realize that if they do go the US they won't be able to hide it since US administration publishes absolutely everything including who filed for flights.

    1. Anonymous11:17

      Nothing was secretive about Zagreb... It could be read on this blog about and also on Elevate magazine.

  5. Lepe vesti za prvi potencijalni redovni let sirokotrupnog aviona na pistu Beogradskog aerodroma u drzavi Srbiji.
    Jedini pravi redovan saobracaj na Beogradski aerodrome je obavljao moj QANTAS od sredine sedamdesetih pa do druge sredine osamdesetih sa B747-200. Leteo je oko 12 godina, pa zbog malg trzista je prestao. Naravno JAT-ovi DC10-30 obavljali saobracaj do 30 maja 1992 godine. Posle toga je nastupio vazdusni cunami. Kako bi se u nasem narodu reklo "bilo ne povratilo se". Pokusaja letenja iz Beograda sa waide body avionima biloje je vise. Mada kratak period BEG-PEK sa DC 10, i jos krcim vremenom Azerbejdzana sa njihovim B767-300 na liniji BKU-BEG-JFK. Veselje je kratko trajalo jer USA je prekinuo sletanje u Beogradu zbog nepostoja vazecih sporazuma sa Srbijom i ostalim nazivima kojima se kitila u proslim vremenima... Naravno od WB ponekada slece izraelski cargo B747 i drugi ad hok.ukljucujuci i Ruske. Duboko se nadam sa velikim ocekivanjem sirokog dela Srbije da ce aerodrome Nikola Tesla Beograd redovno prihvatati i otpracati A330, A350, B787... Kojom frekfrecom u kojem broju, cijih... Prepustimo vremenu, jer u sledecih pet godina bicemo svedoci ozbiljnog medjunarodnog saobracaja na iznad 50 destinacija. Sasvim prirodno ocekujem i jedno sletanje "of good will" Airbus-ovog A380. Dali neko deli nadu smnom?. Aerodrom Beograd ce morati biti veoma ozbiljan u efikasnosti, velicini prosirenja, Time fram!.
    Nadajmo se da ce odgovori za prosirenje aerodroma biti blagovremeni i ODGOVORNI...
    Gotovo izvesno je da ce mo uskoro u redovnom saobracaju gledati AIR CHINA A330-200. Rest to follow soon.
    Rodney Son & Co. Kraljevo /// Sydney.

    1. Anonymous10:51

      Svaka cast na tekstu Gospodine Radovane +1 =D

    2. Anonymous11:04

      At what time arrives the 747F today?

    3. Anonymous11:06

      Ako bude vise novca od AS glavnog korisnika i ubuduce bice i prosirenja aerodroma pa cak i novi terminal. Jednostavno. Sa sadasnjim profitom mogu da naprave 100-200 metara piste godisnje, premalo.

    4. Nikola11:15

      @ 11:04

      it's Silk Way Airlines 747F, arrives irregulary as a charter

    5. Anonymous12:07

      No, it's EK flight to Douala, or there are two?

    6. Anonymous15:52

      Rodney da vam odgovorim za A380: isporuka A380 Etihadu se oduzila a izgleda da je moralo da se pocne sa letovima za London ove godine. Sada imaju jos samo 5 dana da se uvezbaju za prvi let ali to realno nije dovoljno. Zato ce leteti od 27 decembra do naseg Bozica a od tada samo jednom nedeljno. Ostalim danima vezbace ostale posade i tada ce mozda biti neke male nade za let do Beograda, ali pre Bozica sigurno ne. Steta sto su sve tako zbrzali ali Airbus je izgleda dosta kasnio.

    7. Postovani Anon. PM at 3:52,
      veoma blagodaran na Vasem odgovoru . Zaista da samo slete, pa makar i vrlo kratko vreme. To je velika
      stvar za bilo koji aerodrome u svetu. Za Beogradski aerodrom po mojeim osecajima je zaista Blagoslov. Zaista, za bilo koga, ko i malo skromnosti ima. Pravi uspeh se zasniva kako pojedinca tako I kompanije na trudu, skromnosti sa dobrom voljom. Kao sto sam ranije na ovom portalu pisao da sam vec 7 puta leteo od septembra 2008, do prosle godine na QANTAS-ovim A380-800. Avion je velicanstven i verujem da ce se ljudi oduseviti ako Gospod podari, a Etihad Airways dobrom voljom sleti dobrim ljudima na aerodrom NIKOLA TESLA BEOGRAD. Jos jednom hvala Vam, sa ljudima naklonjeni putnickoj avijaciji bilo gde.
      Rod & Asociated . Kraljevo // Sydney

    8. Anonymous22:16

      Za sletanje A380 potrebita je kategorija 4F, a BEG ima 4E

    9. Anonymous00:27

      Looks like mostly TWY issue.

    10. JATBEGMEL11:58

      Azerbaijan never flew to Belgrade enroute to JFK, rather HY as TAS-BEG-JFK, codesharing with JU. The flight now goes via RIX.

      As for the A380, I thought the airport was A380 capable but a little googling shows its not:

      Runway: min 60m width // BEG = 45m (12/30)
      RWY shoulders: 7.5m // BEG = 7.5m
      Category: 4F // BEG = 4E
      Taxiway: min 25m width // BEG = 25m (TWY A, B, C, D & E)
      Firefighting: min CAT9 // BEG = CAT 7

      Nothing too major to upgrade, other than the runway. We wont be seeing the A380 anytime soon.

      @ Rodney

      The A380 is by far the worst aircraft ever. The cabin might look great, but that aircraft ALWAYS has something not functioning with it. The crew space/galleys is HORRIBLE, cargo space is terrible, there is constantly some issue to something. For someone who worked with aircraft, im surprised you actually think greatly of the aircraft

      To compare the B77W and A388 in cargo:

      B77W - 44 LD3 containers
      A388 - 38 LD3 containers

      LD3 containers hold 4.50m3 volume

    11. Anonymous14:47

      Da se kladimo da A380 moze da sleti, taksi i poleti u BEG uz ogranicenja?

    12. JATBEGMEL06:22

      And what do we get with that? Most likely BEG doesnt have a tow bar for the aircraft, meaning itll park at one of the B stands except for B7 which wont be able to accomodate it. Without the tow bar = no push back, so to turn out for departure an adjacent stand will need to be free to enable this. Jet blast too from the A380 will be a problem as unlike the B747, the outer engine on the A380 is 5m further out. I honestly would like to know what type of restrictions you are talking about.

  6. Anonymous11:04

    Lufthansa has been sending its A321 to Belgrade quite a lot these days. Good to see them having good loads!

    By the way, has Beirut messed the schedule once again this morning? I hope they fix that God damn line.

  7. Anonymous12:36

    OT: Vueling od 12.7.2015. uspostavlja dvije linije iz Splita: za Palermo i Cataniju

    1. Anonymous13:41

      2015. će za Split biti fantastična sezona! Samo naprijed!

    2. Anonymous13:59

      To je super! Inace nam fale veze sa juznom Italijom! Bravo

    3. Anonymous14:46

      Ajmo Split!! Ja se nadam da ce preci 2 miliona putnika u sledecoj godini!

  8. Anonymous15:53

    YU-ANJ went to Sofia today. Is it safe to assume that SOF has been upgauged?

  9. Anonymous17:13

    Not too many posts about the main topic, potential codehare route (other than direct flights to BEG). If it's Air China, they are Star Alliance member. Unless they add a new destination in Europe, only two airports they serve from both PEK and PVG are FRA and MXP. If Air Serbia wants to place codeshare on Air China flights from FRA, Lufthansa will throw a hissy fit, and rightfully so.

    MXP on the other hand is going the opposite way, but BEG-MXP-PEK is still shorter than going through AUH. For Shanghai, not so much. Why bother when EY partner can already take you through AUH?

    Shortest way to PEK is through SVO, but PVG is not an option. Looks like there is no ideal codeshare candidate for Air Serbia for both PVG and PEK.

  10. Anonymous18:14

    Nadam se da ce cesto slati 77W za LYBE.

  11. Anonymous19:22

    Može li pitanje za sve na ovom blogu, da se vratimo na temu: hipotetski, tko će iz Kine koristiti ovu liniju?

    1. Anonymous19:23

      Turisti, radnici... za ceo region. Samo ih u Hrvatsku dolazi 60.000 godisnje

    2. Anonymous19:24

      60000 turista i isplativije im je ići preko Beograda nego direktno u Hrvatsku kao što to radi Korean Air?

    3. Purger19:25

      1. Brdo Kineza u Srbiji (legalno ih ima 15.000, a procjene su da ih ima oko 50.000), ne toliko ali još uvijek mnogo u Hrvatskoj, Sloveniji, BiH, Makedoniji, Crnoj Gori, Bugarskoj, Rumunjskoj, Albaniji;

      2. turisti (kao što je rečeno 60.000 samo u Hrvatskoj (a broj raste, i neovisno o možebitnim najavljenim charterima dio će putovati preko BEG), no i turisti iz regije koji će ići u Kinu (da ne zaboravimo i zdravstveni turizam u Kini)

      3. poslovni putnici iz regije (vrlo mnogo kompanija radi sa kineskim kompanijama i uvoze robu iz Kine)

      4. političari, umjetnici, sportaši, znanstvenici, vojna suradnja...

      5. cargo u prtljažnom dijelu aviona (ne treba spominjati koliki je uvoz iz Kine u regiji)

    4. Anonymous19:26

      Za letove od Srbije do Kine, ja mislim da ce Air Serbia najaviti let Beograd - Zadar a onda ce imati codeshare na letu Zadar - Chongqing o kome je pisano pre dva dana

    5. Anonymous19:28

      Kinezi u Kini, Kinezi iz Evrope koji ce preko BEG-a ici u Kinu...
      Ima i dosta turista iz Kine koji ce moci da koriste CA, odnosno ASL da dodju u Hrvatsku preko BEG-a...
      Ako ti je komentar pokusaj provokacije, bedan je i patetican. Ako nije, dobio si odgovor.
      BG | NIC

    6. Anonymous19:28

      Bolje imati stalnu bazu od 30.000 vrlo frekventnih (trgovačkih) putnika samo u Srbiji, nego 60.000 ljudi koji dolaze većinom preko leta. Plus Bosna, i ostale zemlje SFRJ. Plus kineski privrednici i investitori.

      Zapravo, populacije koja idu u Hrvatsku i ona koja bi putovala Peking-Beograd su toliko različite da ima dovoljno mesta i za one letove do Zadra i za Čajnine letove do Beograda..

    7. Anonymous19:29

      Pored trgovaca i turista, ozbiljan broj legalnih radnika se planira za gradnju novog bloka termoelektrane u Obrenovcu i pruge Beograd - Budimpesta a kasnije i Beograd - Skoplje...

    8. Anonymous19:35

      Ubrzo nakon otvaranja linije ce slati 77W ja se nadam a i celo leto

    9. Anonymous19:40

      Kada se otvara inija?

    10. Anonymous19:43

      Ja mislim da ce ovaj put biti pametnije da ne spominjem nikakve termine.

    11. Anonymous19:44

      Za te radnike je dovoljan carter jednom u dva meseca.

    12. Anonymous20:23

      @7:44, gornji postovi govore o potencijal u okruzenju, odakle ne samo radnici, nego trgovci, turisti, poslovnjaci, cargo...

    13. Anonymous20:42

      It seems you do not understand Chines "pecalbars" most of them will not travel home it is too far away. Similar to Balkan emigration to USA, Canada before WWII.

  12. AirCEO19:44

    OT: Something to cheer you up on a day like this. Air Serbia posted another youtube video about inaugural Zagreb flight. For those in the know, you may recognize yourself more than once if you were on this flight:


  13. Anonymous20:37

    Air Serbia lounge at Belgrade airport was mentioned months ago, but no updates on the progress have been announced. How long does it take to create a lounge?

    1. Anonymous21:43

      I applied for a position there, and was informed by their HR a few days ago that it selection has been postponed until further notice.
      So they are probably postponing it for some reason.

  14. Anonymous22:12

    OT: sa

    "Mi ne pokrivamo gubitke Er Srbija, jer Er Srbjia nije napravila gubitak, već Demokratska stranka upravljajući JAT-om i ti gubici su gubici države. Država je to samo konstatovala i mora da ih plati", kazao je Vučić.

    1. Anonymous08:01

      This is so true and I keep on saying it to people. It's not a problem if the government is taking over the debt since it created it. It would be unfair for Air Serbia to pay for the mistakes of the previous government(s).

    2. Anonymous08:44

      That can be said also for Luftnasa privious management, and for Air France, British... why they can not do that by European law?

  15. Anonymous23:17

    At what time arrived the Emirates 747F to Douala?

    1. IR 72000:32

      Tomorrow (today) at BEG:

      - EK 9331 747F to Douala EDT 0100 CEST
      - RU 9748 747F to Baghdad EDT 0830 CEST
      - EK 9315 747 to Douala EDT EDT 1700 CEST

    2. Anonymous00:38

      Wow, all that in one day!!! It is not written where they arrive from?

    3. Anonymous01:20

      The second one is AirBridgeCargo from Russia, it should already be there.

    4. Anonymous01:50

      The first one landed at 22:28 from Amsterdam.


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