Belgrade and Zagreb growth slows

Belgrade and Zagreb airport’s double digit growth rate comes to an end

Passenger growth at the former Yugoslavia’s two busiest airports - Belgrade and Zagreb - slowed considerably during the month of April, with both recording modest figures. Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport welcomed 381.401 passengers through its doors, an increase of 3.6% compared to the same month last year. The growth was generated almost exclusively by Air Serbia with foreign carriers significantly reducing operations to the Serbian capital this summer. The number of flight operations increased by 1.3%, from 4.663 last year to 4.724 this April. The amount of processed commercial cargo fell slightly, by 0.2% to 897.289 kilograms. So far this year, Belgrade Airport has handled 1.269.878 travellers, a solid increase of 10.1% compared to the same period in 2014. The number of operated flights also increased, from 16.723 to 17.632, or by 5.4%. The figures represent the airport’s best performing April on record.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN308.381 13.8
FEB264.816 14.1
MAR315.283 11.6
APR381.401 3.6

Despite the strong start to the year, Belgrade estimates its annual growth will amount to 5%. A worrying development for the airport is the number of foreign carriers reducing their operations to the city. The trend began in 2014 but has intensified this year. Unlike last summer, Wizz Air, Lufthansa, Alitalia, Swiss International Air Lines, Vueling and easyJet have all reduced operations while the likes of TAP Portugal and Etihad Regional have suspended services all together. Germanwings will maintain flights from Stuttgart to the Serbian capital for just over a month, between late July and early September. Problems with charter flights also threaten to impact the airport’s passenger growth rate.

Top performing airlines in 2014:

AirlinePAXChange (%)
Air Serbia2.347.923 67.9
Wizz Air415.590 9.9
Lufthansa283.876 5.7
Montenegro Airlines258.841 1.9

Zagreb Airport has also had a slower than expected month. Croatia’s busiest airport handled 197.726 travellers, an increase of 2.7% compared to April last year. This is despite the number of operated flights increasing by a significant 14.3%, from 3.110 to 3.556 this year. The modest passenger growth came despite the arrival of Air Serbia, Flydubai and Swiss International Air Lines, which did not operate flights to the Croatian capital this time last year. Air Croatia, which launched and suspended services during the month, also provided a few hundred travellers. One of the contributing factors to the slow growth was Easter, which fell in early April, unlike mid-way through the month last year. As a result, a number of incoming travellers for the Easter break, particularly those from the diaspora, arrived in late March. Overall, Zagreb Airport has welcomed 675.919 passengers during the first four months of 2015, up 8.7% on last year. The number of operated flights stood at 12.400, an increase of 9.5% compared to 2014.

MonthPAXChange (%)
JAN150.667 11.0
FEB141.833 10.5
MAR185.693 12.3
APR197.726 2.7


  1. Anonymous09:04

    Very interested now to see how May will turn out for both airports.

  2. Beograd treba da se ugleda na Zagreb. Dok se Nikola Tesla trudi da kreira što veći monopol, Zagrebački aerodrom privlači nove avio kompanije. Na kraju ćemo imati aerodrom na kojim ce kompletni monopol imati Etihad alijansa - čim se to desi cene karata će postati astronomske kao što se to dešavalo i sa drugim aerodroma...

    1. ZAG has a bigger Star Alliance monopoly than Etihad will ever have at BEG.

    2. Purger09:33

      Is it?

      Star Alliance: 12,4 flights per day
      Lufthansa 4 flights per day
      Austrian 3 flights per day
      Swiss 1 flight per day
      Brussels 0,9 flights per day from September
      LOT 1 flight per day
      TAP 0,5 flights per day
      Turkish 2 flights per day

      SkyTeam 3,1 flights per day
      KLM 1 flight per day
      Aeroflot 1 flight per day
      Air France 1 flight per day
      Air Europa: 0,1 flights per day

      oneWorld: 2,5 flights per day
      Qatar 1 flight per day
      British 1 flight per day
      Iberia 0,5 flights per day

      others: 9,1 flights per day
      Air Serbia 2 flights per day
      ECA 1 flight per day
      Norwegian 0,4 flights per day
      SkyGreece 0,3 flights per day
      ElAl: 0,3 flights per day
      Trade Air: 0,8 flights per day
      Vueling: 0,4 flights per day
      flyDubai: 0,6 flights per day
      Germanwings: 3 flights per day
      Tunisair: 0,1 flights per day
      others: 0,2 flights per day

      so flights per day:
      Star Alliance (without Croatia): 12,4
      not Star Alliance: 14,7

      I thing that is more than good competition.

    3. I don't understand. Did you exclude Croatia Airlines from your list?

    4. JATBEGMEL10:35

      Lets not forget we had a year where ~10 new airlines opened routes to BEG a couple years ago as Jat went towards bankruptcy. We saw Wizz open a base a quickly leaving 2 ac there, more frequencies from LH and TK...remember again that Jat was a weaker carrier to fight off, loosing to competition as it struggled to get ac in a state to fly. Massive debts for a continuously drop in numbers (pax and flights), all that is not there anymore and its a different story. What we saw in BEG is the same in ZAG imo.

    5. Sorry Purger but its silly to exclude Croatia from this list, in this context.
      When SS says Etihad Alliance, he means mostly AirSERBIA. Couple of others, but MAINLY AirSERBIA.
      So, how could you use alliance argument without Croatia?

      On the other hand, I totally agree with SS that we should try to get way more carriers to stay and bring more in, as I am too afraid of Etihad's monopoly.

    6. Anonymous11:33

      @9.10 Hrvatska je prvo privatizovala aerodrom a Srbija nacionalnog prevoznika. Nije isto i ne moze da bude isto. Obe drzave moraju da privatizuju i nacionalnu avio kompaniju i aerodrom, ali je za to potrebno vreme. Bice sve... gde zuriti?

    7. Anonymous12:02

      Belgrade Nikola Tesla needs to look to similarly sized Budapest (but twice the traffic) as an example. Read somewhere that China is building a high speed rail link between the two cities.

    8. Anonymous14:01

      So what is the share if you add OU to Star Alliance in ZAG - compared to the JU+AZ+EY share in BEG?

    9. Aэrologic15:21

      Belgrade is already the size of Budapest (except for the second runway) but that's totally irrelevant.

      I said it yesterday and many times before, if it aims to survive Air Serbia must undertake an expansion much similar to the one of Aegean and abandon once and for all the traditional 'Jat' and "регион" mindset i.e being an airline mostly focussed on 'Ex-Yu' which doesn't have any meaning left, both politically and economically.

      In order not to repeat myself all the time, which is inevitable since there is nothing else to add, it is enough to get back to the maps i posted here two years ago concerning the proposed roadmap for Air Serbia (ATR and A319/A320 proposed networks at their maximum extent), with the only modification that today i would place IKA instead of EBL and remove the Italian Atr destinations since the Alitalia takeover has taken place, as well as Moldovan/Romanian destinations now served with Tarom:

      1 -
      2 -

      Today, almost as a copy-paste, that is the international network Aegean has been developing, as well as UIA to some extent, companies dormant at that time.

      So, whether it'll end up being a great turnaround, a great failure or just another company on the state budget with mixed result, it is on Air Serbia to decide its faith while due to the redundancy of the topic, amongst other things, i'll be having less and less time to dedicate to this blog.

    10. Anonymous15:27

      Odlicna mapa destinacija :)
      Neke od tih destinacija sa vase mape bi se trebale desiti .

    11. Purger15:31

      National carrier is absolutely different story as they have different interest, price policy, strategy, than alliance as competition. And basically all those carriers, Star Alliance members including, are competition to Croatia in their hub as Lufthansa usually go dumping on Croatia direct routes. For example when price on ZAG-CDG-ZAG is fair 250 EUR by Croatia, Lufthansa will put 190 EUR via FRA or MUC. And question was not what competition to OU is in ZAG but does Star Alliance have huge share in ZAG. Of course we all know that OU is in Star Alliance, I don't think we have to point that.

      If you calculate LH in FRA, BA in LHR, AF in CDG than in all hubs in Europe you have huge share of just one alliance. And then discussion of presence of members of other alliances is pointless.

      OU + Star Alliance some 40 daily flights
      others 14,7 flights

      JU+AZ+EY+AB (in near future) 57 flights per day
      others 26 flights per day

    12. Aэrologic15:32

      Beirut was maybe the only destination launched following that logic and we can see its success today. Without enforcing it even further the 10 A320 Air Serbia is set to receive might end up being nails in its coffin instead of taking the 'New wings of Europe' any further.

    13. Aэrologic15:37


      Purger, those numbers are pointless and that is a completely childish and irrelevant discussion.

    14. Anonymous15:52

      Kad bi ASL letela za AMM to bi bilo odlicno posto OS rastura na toj ruti sa A321 i mislim da bi i ASL takodje . Ali pod hitno moraju nabaviti jedan A321 Ceo za takve destinacije ja barem mislim .

    15. INN-NSMay 7, 2015 at 3:27 PM

      Čekaj, toliko insistiraš na otvaranju destinacije Insbruck - Beograd i onda za Aerologicovu mapu destinacija, koja nema Insbruck, pišeš da je odlična...

    16. ignore insnsnnsn16:20

      Innsnsnnsnnsn regular fail

    17. Anonymous16:26

      Ja insistiram za INN ali imaju prece destinacije to sto je moja zelja ne znaci da mora biti .

    18. Anonymous16:35

      Purger, did you forget to put a conclusion under your numbers = that you was wrong?

      The result IS that Star has a much bigger presence in Zagreb than EY in Belgrade and that regardless of that, foreign carriers have a much bigger place in Belgrade than in Zagreb. End of the story. So, you've just proven yourself wrong and started an INN-level type discussion after writing him a kilometers post yesterday which really made me wonder about your sanity.

    19. Purger16:36

      Childish? Why you have to use this insult? It is not civilised way of conversation and for sure we don't want me to answer you with some insults? I am not raised on that way so I ask you to communicate on civilised way without insults or not to communicate with me in future.

      Anyhow I was just answering on statement of huge presence of Star Alliance in Zagreb. As one can see it is not so big.

    20. Purger16:41

      I never said that Star Alliance presence in Zagreb is not big. Where on earth you read this. I just mentioned that it is not monopoly or that Star Alliance push out all other alliances. There is big competition in Zagreb from all 3 alliances. That was my point. And I as passengers have opportunity to use BA, IB, KL, AF, SU or some other company instead of Star Alliance carrier. And I do that very often. What more since competition came I use ZAG much more than before when I have to use airports in 400 km range instead of Zagreb.

    21. Anonymous16:45

      Purger, you called INN childish a hundred of times and now you say it's an insult, how come? You're certainly not showing a good example and your behaviour strongly reminds me of his at times, despite your senior age.

    22. Anonymous16:51

      "tko sa "djetetom krene spavat popišan se ustaje". Well, if that is not an insult than i do not know what is. It just seems that you're not leaving leaving "the bed" at all anymore.

    23. Aэrologic16:54

      Ironically, one of the things that worries me the most about Air Serbia is their large Airbus order. Can it be deferred or changed for other types? Does anyone have any insight into the conditions or the agreement? Cause i simply don't see where the damn are they gonna send them to. We're talking about TEN mid-sized aircraft, which is a massive capacity on the market we're talking about. Hopefully future network developments with incrementally reflect such an upgrade in capacity. It is interesting to note, however, that the first A319's to be fitted with Wi-Fi are the ones owned by Etihad. Will Wi-Fi even be fitted on the other birds and in this case will Air Serbia benefit from the lessor discounts, since they invested in the aircraft? Ideally and with the right network expansion, that order should be changed to 2 A321, 5 A320 and 3 A319. In 2018 Air Serbia MUST have routes able to fill the A321 in both seasons and that'll be a major indicator of the overall airline's health and performance. I still however believe than an aircraft of A319 size will be required and although in smaller numbers i don't see it leaving the fleet.

    24. Anonymous17:01

      Ja mislim da moze a i bolje bi bilo da se promeni
      posto nmg sve sadasnje linije da napune A320
      Itrebalo bi minimum 3 A319 Neo ( cak ih je i QR narucio) 6 A320 Neo i 3 A321 Neo .

    25. "if it aims to survive Air Serbia must undertake an expansion much similar to the one of Aegean and abandon once and for all the traditional 'Jat' and "регион" mindset i.e being an airline mostly focussed on 'Ex-Yu' which doesn't have any meaning left, both politically and economically."

      Probably the best comment I read in years on this site. ASL will have to expand their horizons and start looking at destinations such as Tehran, Amman, Cairo, Yerevan, etc. Aegean is doing the same thing and personally I think that the only route that is a miss is RUH which even LH has trouble filling in winter. ( I traveled this route like 20 times with LH) Anyhow with those routes ASL does not need to be to aggressive and open 10 such lines at the same time, but step by step. So for start lets say start Amman and Tehran or Amman and Cairo.

    26. Aэrologic18:07

      The intra-European market is saturated and becoming more so by the day, with negative tendencies of growth, becoming increasinly shared between ultra low-costs on one side and huge alliances on the other. There is little place for Air Serbia in there, except for the business class product as i mentioned yesterday. In contrast, those markets are largely untapped and developping.

      YYZ - Thank you for sharing my view. I also think the same about RUH but they were wise enough to launch it only as 2/w, in my opinion JED would have been a better option.

      Greetings from the Red sea.

    27. Purger23:50

      Postoji sitna razlika u činjenici kada maloljetniku koji se nezralo ponaša kažeš da se ponaša kao djete, i kada to netko kaže čovijeku od 46 godina. No, uvjeren sam da to znate i sami, zar ne?

  3. Anonymous09:17

    Ex Yu you forget Turkish which reduce number of flights for 33% and B&H airlines which suspended all flights from Belgrade.

  4. Anonymous09:47

    O.T.According to Skyliner ASL new ATR YU-ALV ferried yesterday from Toulouse to Ajaccio .

  5. What's happening in Belgrade is normal and shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone. This is a common phenomenon in cities/countries with limited O&D demand and a growing national carrier.
    Let's not forget that all these foreign airlines launched BEG flights right after the implementation of the Open Skies agreement. What's more important is that back then Jat Airways was an easy prey for them since JU was a mess of epic proportions.

    That said, the local market will remain competitive enough thanks to the presence of Wizz Air and other airlines. Furthermore, even though many airlines have left Belgrade, some have managed to position themselves despite JU's aggressive price dumping:

    1. Aegean to/from Athens.
    2. Lot to/from Warsaw
    3. Wizz Air to/from Larnaca
    4. Tarom to/from Bucharest
    5. Austrian Airlines to/from Vienna
    6. Pegasus to/from Sabiha (though they had to deal both with JU and TK)
    7. flydubai to/from Dubai (I bet they weren't too happy with AUH being double daily)

    Let's not forget that Serbia is, above anything else, a poor country with a limited local demand. Even this modest demand is more compatible with Wizz Air than Air Serbia. This is best portrayed by the fact that Wizz Air will be expanding in Nis this summer and that they will be keeping their flights even during the winter season. This will be an important development as it will 'steal' some passengers from BEG and its customers.

    Of course, as an aviation fan, I would love for BEG to be served by 50 airlines and to have transatlantic flights. However, being realistic, I know that none of this is possible/sustainable with the current economic climate and with the airport infrastructure we have now.

    1. Anonymous13:45

      +1 :) balanced, professional, based on facts, svaka ti je ka' u Njegosa :)

    2. Aэrologic16:57

      We have to note that both FlyDubai and Qatar Airways increased their flights as well.

  6. Anonymous10:26

    Off topic ... yesterday JU657 SVO - BEG early morning flight only 50-60 pax. It is true that the time of the day is not the best (4:20 AM departure) but this kind of LF is disturbing especially knowing that SU has all it's flights quite full.

    1. Anonymous10:32

      Yes, low LF on one single flight or one single lower performing route over some period of time are ultimate doomsday signs that should trigger all alarms and alert all employees to start frantically sending their CVs anywhere they can. The end is obviously near, all is lost, goodbye everyone.

    2. Anonymous10:48

      Comment full of wisdom and knowledge!!! Demonstrates that you have no clue related to aviation.

    3. Anonymous11:10

      Regarding LF this is some numbers on my flights .
      BEG-LJU (JU194) ~60px
      LJU-BEG (JU195 ) ~30 px

      BEG-ATH (A320) 100%
      ATH-BEG (A320) 75-80%

    4. Anonymous11:46

      AirSERBIA best routes in terms of CLF in April : Zurich 85%, Paris 83%, Istanbul 80%, Skopje 79%, Amsterdam 79%.

    5. Anonymous11:57

      That is great, as Zurich,Paris and Amsterdam are the lines with highest frequency and with largest planes. SVO is probably worse than last year.

    6. Anonymous12:48

      A kako stoji LRH?

    7. Anonymous13:32

      AirSerbia ne leti za la rochelle airport, naucite kodove

    8. Anonymous13:39

      LHR.. naravno, greska u kucanju.

    9. JATBEGMEL14:22

      AUH is picking up on numbers too. EY71/72 fills the best, but even JU800/801 is filling up. SJJ is another route that fills, the other day went without empty seats. Its interesting how many Danish, Swedish, Polish and Slovenian transit pax is seen in BEG, would be nice for some statistics

    10. Anonymous15:24

      Actually, Athens is one of the star performers. SKG is doing really well these days.

    11. Anonymous15:39

      Neke Destinacije koje su dobro/odlicno popunjene su :
      CDG,CPH,WAW nije los, ARN , ATH,FCO, IST i VIE.

    12. Anonymous15:41

      Варшава је и даље лоша а Беч је просечан. Остријан држи 72% тржишта.

    13. Anonymous15:47

      WAW vadi solidan kargo teret .
      A VIE znam da OS im LF preko 90 vecinom meseca.

    14. Anonymous16:03

      Роба или не, у Варшави губимо паре што је један од разлога што се разматра њено укидање.

    15. Vaske16:08

      Warsaw is after Budapest and Tel Aviv the worst performing route. As for the other routes I agree, especially FCO since ASL reduced it from double daily to daily.

      It would also be nice if we could know how are foreign carriers doing in BEG? After ASL came there is almost no discussion about how are FZ, LH, LX, SU, and the rest doing in BEG. How is Belavia doing in BEG?

    16. Vaske16:14

      BUD is getting axed most likely ( no inside info, just some observation) since the flights ASL will be code sharing start in Vienna instead of Budapest. I am sure Air China is filling their flights just fine in Vienna, but not too sure about BUD. It is in Air China interest to push for a code share from Budapest.

    17. Anonymous16:25

      WAW nije bas najbolja po putnickima ali jeste po kargo teretu
      Ja znam da OS posljuje jako dobro .
      BUD neverujem da ce se ukinuti.

    18. Anonymous16:29

      BUD se ukida po nalogu Etihada, to jest tako su predlozili a nesposobenjakovici prihataju bez govora.

    19. Anonymous16:42

      U BUD jee prejaka konkurencija u vidu LCC a i obicnih kompanija.
      Ja bih umesto BUD leteo za INN posto INN nije u opste povezan dobro sa Balkanom.

    20. Vaske16:43

      As I said BUD is getting axed, but it would be pretty much a suicide when it comes to transfer pax if ASL reduced Istanbul from daily to 3 p/w. Also reducing Tivat to 5 p/w. After I read those two proposed changes I knew somebody is making up things on here or those people in Abu Dhabi are spineless.

    21. Anonymous16:48

      Ne smanjuje se IST ni TIV neke linije koje ne idu dobro bice samnjene. Samo ce se pojacivati Regionalne linije dolaskom ATR Aviona.

    22. Anonymous16:56

      Смањење Истанбула и Тивта је само предлог који је стига из Абу Дабија, ништа још није уклесано у камен.

      Доласком новог Атра не додају се регионалне учесталости већ се замењује Боинг на појединим линијама (Загреб, Љубљана и Подгорица).

    23. Anonymous17:15

      Nemjee, why you don't sign yourself?

    24. Because I didn't write it. Duh.

      But thanks for remembering me. <3

    25. Vaske17:23

      Anon 4:56, yes I know that those are only proposed changes, but still you have to be quite idiotic to propose some of those changes.
      ASL and Serbian government pretty much had a war with TK and Turkish government in order to return to IST with daily flights and after all that skirmish they propose to reduce those flights to 3 p/w. After all Istanbul LF has improved significantly after switch from SAW to IST.
      Also why would they want to cut BNX when they are getting subsidies?

    26. Anonymous17:41

      Nemjee we all know it's you and is not hard to remember you, you are here everyday as Nemjee or anonymous, why hiding yourself?

    27. Hmm... because I need the affection and attention of random anonymous posters on here.

      No h8 bro.

    28. Anonymous21:07

      Momci hvala vam što ovde delite sa nama jednu od najstrože čuvanih srpskih državnih tajni - load factore AirSERBIA letova. Živela sloboda govora.Prošle godine sam leteo sa JU na SAW u proleće i bili su tragično loši LF.

    29. Anonymous21:37

      I mene zanima za LHR ako zna neko da napise....i BEY- kada ide a320 je l' zbog dobre popunjenosti?

    30. Anonymous22:04

      LHR je jako dobro popunjen nije fer da se govori tacan procenat .
      A svugde gde se salje A320 to je zbog odlicne popunjenosti .

    31. Anonymous23:10

      a319 BEG-LHR 56Y 4J, LHR-BEG 105Y 3J.
      b737 BEG-BEY 52Y 0J, BEY-BEG 69Y, 3J.

    32. Anonymous23:51

      Wow, 737 to BEY, that's not a nice gift for those who booked J. How about Tel Aviv?

    33. Anonymous23:59

      Da nevjerovatno kako su informacije koje su se objavljivale o LF sasječene u korjenu jer nije legalno objavljivati podatke posebno kada se vidjelo kako su ti podaci loši, ali zato pojedini dobar let sa dobrim LF se kuje u nebesa. Iz onomad objavljenih podataka vidjeli smo koliko je LF loš i da su dobri letovi izuzetak. Ali tada se slika o idealnoj i "profitabilnoj" kompaniji koja je glavni promotivni alat vladajuće stranke ne bi više mogla plasirati u javnost.

    34. Anonymous00:11

      They talk of bad loads to TLV, but who the hell is going to fly to Tel Aviv at 07:35 in the morning?!

    35. Anonymous00:17

      I really do not understand ASL LF anymore. On the same day we almost always see one decently filled flight on the way back, but then again one horrible filled flight their. I personally have experienced this last year. The load to TLV in August last year was 30-40 pax and 0 in J there and on the way back around 70-80 pax plus 3-4 in J. I guess this is because the "waves" are not evenly organized. On some flights there are many connecting options for Beirut and Tel Aviv pax and on the other flights only like 3-4 options to cities like Tirana or Moscow.

    36. Anonymous00:27

      Hell yeah, the waves aren't organized at all, just look at the Tel Aviv morning flight, there isn't absolutely anything to feed it. IMHO Budapest should be a night flight, at least on some days, same with Warsaw. It would both improve fleet utilization and make survive routes such as Tel Aviv and enable many others.

    37. Anonymous00:54

      LOF je na nekim linijama stvarno savrsen ovo sad nije nista pristrasno .
      Ja bi TLV zamenio sa AMM i leto kao OS oko 10-11 popodne mislim da bi bilo mnogo bolje ali bi trebao barem A321 Ceo.
      A na nekim linijama je stvarno potreban A321 Ceo npr LHR.CDG ,ZRH i SVO plus charteri .

    38. Anonymous02:07

      "LOF je na nekim linijama stvarno savrsen ovo sad nije nista pristrasno"
      80% in Y and 50% in C is good man, but not savrseno. Savrseno is like 95%+

    39. Anonymous02:24

      This comment has been removed by the author.

    40. Anonymous02:25

      LF je zaista na nekim routama ponekad savrsen
      Nema veze meni dali je savrseno ili dobro vazno je da se svakim danom poboljsava.

    41. Anonymous02:30

      Mali, kada ti spavas ako ides u skolu ako si ovde 24/24 ili imas mobilni uvek sa sobom?

    42. Anonymous10:46


  7. Coma11:01

    OT : Bulgaria Air with E190 on the way from FKB to BEG. I guess it is a charter, but does anyone have more info on that?

    1. Anonymous11:05

      Transport of illegal immigrants from southern Serbia. Bulgaria Air has the contract for both BEG and SKP flights.

    2. Coma11:06

      Interesting. Thank you! :)

    3. Anonymous11:09

      Welcome. :)

  8. Anonymous12:52

    O.T.: Thompson Airways this morning landed in Dubrovnik with 1200 pax on 6 flights. One of planes was 787 with 291 pax.

    1. Anonymous13:57

      Nice. LF=100% on 787 though I reckon I wouldn't like to be in DBV town when one of those massive cruise ships is docked.

    2. Anonymous13:59

      Nice video report from Dubrovnik:

    3. Anonymous14:12

      Cim udje u Sengen Rvatska ove ljude treba direktno sa aviona u autobuse pa na brod da ne prave guzvu po aerodromu.

    4. Anonymous16:33

      DBV, budući hrvatski hub, a i šire!

    5. Anonymous20:26

      Aj'oladi malo @4:33, kakav crni hub, pa zimi je Dubrovnik grad duhova a aerodrom ima 3 leta dnevno ako nema bure. Da, produzavace se sezona u HR, da DBV je prvi u HR sa aviomostovima, da, gradi se novi terminal, da povecavace se broj putnika, ali zao mi je, jedina 2 aerodroma u ex-Yu koja donekle imaju sanse i potencijala da postanu (regionalni)(mini) hubovi su BEG i ZAG. Toliko. No hard feelings. Caos!

    6. Anonymous00:02

      Da hub sa 30.000 putnika u zimskim mjesecima. Zasigurno.

    7. Anonymous08:21

      Pa postat ce hub, a samim tim ce se i rapidno povecat zimski broj putnika.

    8. Не мора постати чвориште али може постати, ја верујем, други најпрометнији аеродром у Хрватској (после Сплита).
      По мени и Сплит и Дубровник могу лако имати око 4 милиона путника, као Родос.

  9. Anonymous13:43

    April has always been a bad month to base any trends on, due to the sliding nature of the Easter holidays. I think the low figures for BEG and ZAG are more of an anomaly, than an indication of how figures will be for the rest of the year.

    1. Could it be that the fact that Orthodox Easter was a week later actually helped BEG’s numbers. Or rather hurt them less as compared to ZAG ones.

    2. Anonymous20:51

      A ljudi inace putuju iz WE u BEG za Ortodox Easter?

  10. Anonymous15:18

    Mogu zamisliti kako ce tek biti od DEC-JAN kad krene sve sto je planirano i koliko ce tek onda biti Stranaca.

    1. Anonymous17:44

      A šta je planirano?

    2. Anonymous20:31

      6 novih ATR-ova serije 900, 4 nova iz fabrike A319neo-ultra-lr-500 i 4 nova A350 mega giga-700 To od flote. A od destinacija Peking,Sangaj,Bankok,Njujork,Toronto,LosAndjelos,Aman,Baku,Teheran,Kairo,Kijev,Uzice,Kraljevo,i naravno Inzbruk

    3. Ignore nnsnnsnnsnsnn20:34

      How can you ask him that?! That are "prijatelj mog prijatelja, moj kum od njegove drugarice mi rek'o" informations. He can not discuss that publicly...

    4. Anonymous21:51

      Ja lepo pitao.. glupo je da čekam decembar da bih dobio info iz medija.

    5. Anonymous22:06

      Evo jedna tajna ATR dolazi ovaj mesec a trebala bi jos 2 u toku godine .

    6. Anonymous23:19

      Za ovog prvog znam(o) a za ova dva bilo bi odlicno, aj videcemo.

    7. Anonymous01:00

      Ovo za prvi je 99 5 a ova ce isto doci tako kazu i trebalo je i nekoliko Airbus-a ali izgleda je samo prica za Airbus-eve bila :)

    8. Ер Србија је требала да узме Атрове од Дарвина, не Алиталија за њихове бесмислене летове из Рима за италијанска села.

    9. Anonymous11:40

      Vole italijanske tetke da lete ne da se voze iako je autom brze od Perudje do Rima.

  11. Anonymous15:53

    Terrible result, 2.^% growth for Zagreb is just terrible. I know Zagreb is on a roll and rest of the year will continue to grow fast, April should have been a lot better, no matter how March did, and March didn't do well either, only 12% growth.

  12. If I remember well, last year JU started Beirut, Budapest, Sofia and Varna late March and Warsaw late May. Other than that the only other additional destination they added was Zagreb in Q4 sometimes. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    So, if we take that ASL’s network is more or less the same and taking into account all those companies that stoped flying to BEG since then, 4% increase to me looks good and most likely means that ASL is doing much better job filling seats. Now, at what price, that’s questionable but probably can’t be much worse than last year.

    1. Anonymous17:16

      Beirut started in June!

    2. Anonymous17:17

      Prague and Bucharest also started in March , while Varna also like Beirut started in June. Somebody correct me if I am wrong!

    3. Anonymous17:18

      They added Tirana,plus additional frequency double daily on Ljubljana,three additional flight to AMS.
      They downgraded Banja Luka and Skopje (smaller plane plus night flight) and maybe Thessaloniki night flight.
      I would say that they added some capacity but not much more..

    4. Didn't Prague start in December 2013? If I recall correctly it was among the first new routes along with Ljubljana, Banja Luka and was it Bucharest?

  13. Anonymous17:33

    PRG, LJU, BNX and OTP started in DEC13, BUD and SOF in APR14, VAR in MAY14, WAW and BEY in JUN 14, TIA in SEP14 and ZAG in DEC14. Compared to APR14, ASL increased capacity to LJU, AMS, PRG, TGD and SKP, while cut capacity to TLV, BNX and LCA. During peak summer season ASL will add more capacity to TIV, while cutting capacity to SKG and FCO.

  14. AirCEO18:39

    Is it hard to read simple charts use spredsheet tools to assess trends? Taking into account statistical fluctuations for Feb-Jun passenger numbers at BEG for 2014, BEG growth for April 2015 should look more like 12%. Actual May 2015 YoY growth will look much better that this month since May 2014 underperformed.

    Discussion on WAW, VIE etc... it's ALL about ASL getting approval to fly transatlantic. Once they start flying happens, OS and LO marketshare on BEG-VIE and BEG-WAW will drop.

    Oh, and Danas finally had a more balanced article on "charter row", pointing out that foreign carriers want to have 80% of Belgrade charter marketshare while their countries are now blocking Air Serbia. Articles appearing at some other outlets and web sites have failed to publish that critical piece of info. But the best part goes to Argus Tours for their explanation why they need exactly 188 seats in a plane to lower ticket price: "Naša delatnost je masovni turizam, što znači da moramo da obezbedimo najnižu cenu". Wow. They should call airlines operating 777-300 and 747-400 to Antalya and tell them they are doing it all wrong, 188 pax is the way to go:

    I guess Argus will say ASL's A330 is too big when it starts flying occasional charter to Turkey in the future!

    1. Anonymous18:48

      I think its all about the price that the Turkish or Egyptian side offers. Its the same as when I travel, the first thing I look at is the price that each company is offering. I do not really care whether the flight will be operated by LH, ASL or TK. Obviously if the prices are same I will chose the better company.

    2. Anonymous19:46

      One way to gain more marketshare is to lower the price. Is that what Turkish and Egyptian side did this season?

    3. Anonymous21:00

      Nekada je JAT leteo sa DC-10 za Monastir, Tivat, pa sto ne bi ASL jednog lepog dana sa A330 za Antaliju ili gde vec bude trebalo?

    4. Anonymous21:34

      DC-10 in Tivat and Monastir? Hmmm, I doubt. But even if it happened, it was definitely not JAT (Jugoslovenski Aerotransport), but Jat (Airways). The difference between the 2 is nebo i zemlja

    5. Anonymous22:07

      Correct, Jat Airways, not JAT-Yugoslav Airlines. Sorry for mistake. But I flew once from Tivat and once to Monastir on JU scheduled flights about 10-12 years ago...

    6. Anonymous23:29

      Me too, from TIV on DC-10. I can still hear the engines' roaring!

  15. Anonymous20:43

    OT: Another super star of croatian startup :)

    1. Anonymous21:29

      At least they are trying, unlike some other countries. Let me remind you that at the moment there are 3 fully operational airlines in Croatia, with AOC. Those are Croatia Airlines, Trade Air and European Coastal. Limitless Airways has the first plane in Zagreb, and is expected to obtain an AOC in a week or so. Air Croatia (temporarily) suspended operations, to be restarted in a month time. Tickets on sale. Let me remind you, too, that Croatia had fully functional airlines Dubrovnik Airline and Air Adriatic for long long years, till recently. Anic Airways in some more distant past. So, please don't try to be funny with the super star startup comments, as no single ex-yu country cannot compete with all these. Cheers!

    2. Anonymous21:34

      It just says how easy it is to get an AOC there..

    3. Anonymous21:58

      Hahahahahahaha!!!!! Right, that's why precisely the mentioned Sea-Air, and Air Croatia, and Dalmatian in future are using foreign AOC's/operators. That's why European Coastal waited SIX years to obtain AOC. That's why Limitless's plane has been on ZAG apron for a month now, and has to perform SIX EMPTY flights (among other stuff) in order to obtain AOC, that's why Air Adriatic AOC was REVOKED the very second it messed up, and finally that's because EU doesn't control its members at all!!!

    4. Anonymous22:28

      Yeah, so much success...

  16. Anonymous21:56

    For those of us old enough, I can confirm that JAT DC10 operated charters to Monastir, Antalya, Tivat (scheduled peak season) and Bodrum among others. This beauty also saw flights to Zurich and Paris on a number of occasions as JAT - not Jat Airways...

    1. Anonymous22:06

      I'm old enough to remember the time when DC-10 operated for JAT. And I'm not trying to argue, I just don't remember such flights you mention. Could you please be more precise and tell me what years are you talking about. Thanks!

    2. Anonymous22:40

      Jat Airways YU-AMB flights:
      14/08/2003 BEG-MIR v.v.
      19/06/2004 BEG-TIV v.v.

    3. Anonymous23:14

      Not familiar with exact dates when JAT Jugoslovenski Aerotransport became Jat Airways formally, but what I consider JAT, for me factically, stopped existing back in 1991/1992, together with ex-country. JAT I remember and the time I was talking about are times of glory, when JAT had +35 planes, 5 DC-10's, and operated to 5 continents, and when using it on flights to TIV and MIR would represent waste of resurses and money. Also, the times of our aviation that would never be back, globally and locally. Best regards!

    4. Anonymous23:38

      Jat Airways from 08/08/2003

    5. Anonymous01:52

      I flew once on JAT DC 10 on May 10th 1996 from BEG to Bergamo (BGY) which had flight number JU4024 as a regular charter on the route since at that time they did not fly to Malpensa. Usualy I flew a lot that route but always with DC9 or B727.

    6. The DC-10 was a regular visitor to Larnaca at some point, I think it was in the second half of the 1990s.


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