Adria - Singapore Airlines ink codeshare


Adria Airways and Singapore Airlines have launched a reciprocal codeshare agreement. The new partnership went into effect earlier this month according to "Routes Online". The Slovenian carrier has placed its designator code and numbers onto Singapore Airlines' flights from its Changi hub to Frankfurt and Zurich. In return, the Singaporean carrier will codeshare on Adria's services between Ljubljana, Frankfurt and Zurich. The agreement is Adria's second with an Asian carrier, after Air India. Both Adria Airways and Singapore Airlines are members of Star Alliance.


  1. Anonymous17:13

    It won't last long.... because Adria won't last very long ....

    1. Anonymous18:23

      I can hear you grinding that axe from here. Were you fired? Not hired? Which is it?

    2. Anonymous19:47

      none of the above ..... you on the other hand, probably need to wake up and smell the coffee

  2. Anonymous21:53

    I think Adria's picture is pretty clear, given all the publicity and zero response from the company.

    I also don't think this codeshare will last...


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