New Year charters to Belgrade


Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport will see a number of charter flights in the days leading up to and following the New Year holidays. Air Serbia's dedicated charter brand, Aviolet, will run the bulk of the leisure services. Destinations will include Barcelona, Malta, Lisbon and Cagliari. In addition, Spain's Air Nostrum will operate from Madrid. Tickets can already be purchased through holiday packages from local tour operators. Belgrade Airport estimates handling a record five million passengers by year's end.


  1. Anonymous10:48

    BCN is quite boring as a NY destination, they should've launched flights to Zanzibar, Phuket with a stop over somewhere. Or TCI, FUE, ACE, etc!
    Are they operating the 737-200?

    1. Anonymous10:56

      They are flying to these destinations because that's the destinations travel agents chartered them for. No, Aviolet has no 737-200. It has only B737-300s.

  2. Anonymous13:21

    Admin, odakle vam informacija za Air Nostrum ? Nigde nema takvog aranžmana ?! Pomozite, zvuči zanimljivo.

    1. Anonymous13:51

      Let planiran 21.12 koliko ja vidim.

  3. Anonymous06:57

    What happened to those charters they were supposed to run with the A332?


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