Record traffic between Serbia and Montenegro


Montenegro Airlines and Air Serbia have registered record numbers on flights between Belgrade, Podgorica and Tivat during the first three quarters of the year. According to Belgrade Airport, the two carriers handled a combined total of 411.674 passengers, an increase of 2.7% on last year. Montenegro Airlines continued to maintain an edge against its larger counterpart by welcoming 209.958 travellers on board its aircraft on flights between the two countries, compared to Air Serbia's 201.716 passengers. The two airlines are set to finalise a wide-ranging codeshare agreement in the coming weeks, which would see Montenegro Airlines boost its operations to Belgrade and place its flight numbers on over thirty of Air Serbia's destinations.


  1. Anonymous20:40

    BEG-AUH, BEG-FCO and BEG-TXL will be amongst them for sure. But how will people from Crna Gora go to NYC if the flight leaves late from TGD and no connection from BEG to Amerika¿?


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