Slovenia and Austria implement air control project


Austro Control and Slovenia Control have successfully implemented the first cross-border “Free Route” Airspace without any vertical and time-based restrictions in Europe called SAXFRA (Slovenian Austrian Cross-border Free Route Airspace). SAXFRA offers airspace users the opportunity to fly between predefined entry and exit points using the most direct route possible. Airspace users will also be able to select the optimum route and vertical profile for their requirements via intermediate points. Enabling free route flying options in this complex and already highly optimised environment offers an estimated savings of 13.000 kilograms of fuel daily and helps to reduce CO2 emissions by 43.000 kg per day. Free route is due to be implemented in the whole of FAB CE airspace (Austria, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Bosnia and Herzegovina) by 2019. SAXFRA, with its cross-border concept, time and vertical availability, represents a major step forward for the European ATM Master Plan for free route operations and follows the roadmap to a successful implementation of a Single European Sky.


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  2. Anonymous18:05

    next month on DEC 8th Serbia, BH, Montenegro and Croatia will do the same !


  3. JU520 BEGLAX20:43

    Great. And good daily emission savings!

  4. Anonymous23:51

    All of Eurocontrol members have to implement this by 2022. For more info, search SESAR.


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